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  • Schlaraffenland, or "The Glutton's Paradise", a poem by Hans Sachs
  • Schlaraffenland Steins
  • The Schlaraffia Society
  • Schlaraffia Chapter Steins
  • Rubbing a Salamander
  • Paragraph 11 and the Schweningerkur

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The stein seen above is from an actual chapter of the Schlaraffia Society. The inscription, in Bavarian dialect, reads:
Wenn's letzte Tr�pferl von da Pip'm rinnt,
wenn koana mehr zur Haust�r aussifindt,
wenn da Spielhahn balzt und da Gockl schreit,
na is f�r d'Uhu erest zum Hoamg� Zeit.
When the last drop runs from the tap,
when no-one can find his way to the door,
when the wood-cock (grouse) performs
the courtship dance and the cocks crow,
only then is it time for the Eagle Owl to go home.

Around the front half of the base is a dedication:
Die Activen i/l (ihrer lieben) Oberuhu "Zollkare" zum 26.10.03. (From) the Members (to) i/l (their dear) Chief Eagle Owl "Zollkare" on October 26, 1903.

The use of "zum" before the date tells us the date is an anniversary of some kind. There are two exclamations, one on either side, Aha! and Uhu! Aha! is the positive exclamation of "I told you so! Eureka! and Yes!" all rolled into one word and of course Uhu! is simply, but maybe a bit more than simply in this case, the German word for Eagle Owl. The lid is engraved with a monogram of the owner's initials and the names of 16 chapter members. This 1.0 liter steingut stein is marked E.D.& C. and was manufactured by Ernst Dorfner.

This second stein, seen above, is a 1.0 liter, salt glaze piece by Reinhold Merkelbach. It has a silver plated lid with an "Uhu" mounted top-center reading a book. The thumblift is a bust of a man holding a shield and dressed in renaissance style. It has an engraved inscription around the lid which reads:

Schlaraffia Monachia i/l Damian zum 50 Geburtstag (From) Schlaraffia Monachia (to) i/l (their dear) Damian on his 50th birthday."

All in all, a very nice stein. Another view of the massive silver finial and the Wappen of Schlaraffia Monachia are seen below.


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