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  • Hans Sachs and the Meistersingers
  • Schlaraffenland, or "The Glutton's Paradise", a poem by Hans Sachs
  • Schlaraffenland Steins
  • The Schlaraffia Society
  • Schlaraffia Chapter Steins
  • Rubbing a Salamander
  • Paragraph 11 and the Schweningerkur

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The stein seen directly below is an etched, ivory stoneware piece that is marked HR #407. It was manufactured for Hauber & Reuther by Merkelbach & Wick.
Below we see a panorama of the scene on this stein. Note the abundance of food and drink in this scene, the stein full of beer ready to fly into the man's hand, the duck flying over the man's head and the pig walking toward the table, both with eating implements already in place! Referring to "The Glutton's Paradise" by Hans Sachs:
The Hogs you meet on every side
Are sleek and fat and crisply fried:
They carry knives - it's very nice -
And stand by while you carve your slice!

The next stein (below) is salt glazed stoneware, or steinzeug, done in relief, with transfer and enamel décor. Actually, we're going to look at two examples of the same stein.

The stein shown above features a painted scene on a body which is decorated in relief above and below the scene. A second version of this stein is shown below, this time with a large owl dominating the lid. Both of these steins (above and below) are marked LB&C, have no model number and they were manufactured by Hauber & Reuther, as evidenced by the miniscule "gesetzlich geschützt" on the base and the HR capacity mark. Both steins employ a lizard, or salamander, as the handle, and the stein below features a large (and original) figural inlay of an owl.

To the best of my knowledge Hauber & Reuther was the only manufacturer to produce, or have produced for them, steins with the Schlaraffenland theme. The bases of all three of these steins are similar, but of course, the first is etched and the others are in relief.

Neither the salamander nor the owl have anything to do with the poem, so their presence on the stein, was somewhat of a mystery until I learned about the Schlaraffia Society.

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