Stein Collectors International

~ A Tongue-In-Cheek Glossary ~
Terms Sometimes Used To Describe Items For Sale

a brief compilation by Walt Vogdes

Following are some of the terms which have recently come into widespread use in describing steins for sale. The definitions are offered with tongue-in-cheek, and we hope they give you a chuckle.
Very old
Old, old
These terms actually have multiple meanings:
      My father brought it back from Germany
      Dusty and dirty
      I can't remember when I bought it
      Sticky label on the bottom finally fell off
      It's always been in my family
      Marked Western Germany (pre-reunification)
Early Best viewed before you've had your coffee
18th century Has a 4-digit form number starting with 17
Beautiful Bold, brilliant colors (one step away from fluorescent)
Pretty Painted with an impressionist touch, best viewed from a distance
The primary meaning of these terms is "Won't someone please bid on this thing?" The last two terms, "unbelievable" and "breathtaking", actually retain some of their standard dictionary meaning.
Unique I can't explain it
I've only got two of them
Unusual A Christmas gift from my mother-in-law
Stays carefully hidden behind the hot water heater
Figural I figured that would catch your eye.
Silver Polished pewter
Gesetzlich Geschutzt The second most desirable stein manufacturer (after Mattlock)
Stein ...or maybe it's a mug
Has handle, lid and spout
German Even though marked "Made in Japan"
Perfect condition
Excellent shape
...for as old as it is
Hairline on inside, very little light comes through
Base chips don't show when displayed
Simple repair to reattach the lid
Super glue is invisible except under a magnifying glass