December 2015 Author
Two Patriotic Postcards by Fritz Quidenus George Schamberger
Photos from the Road Ron Fox
Finding the Inspiration for the Scenes on Your Stein Ron Gray
Uncle Remus Pitcher Jack Strand
A Unique and Rare Ocupational Stein Ken Etheridge
Translations – Literal or Lyrical? Walt Vogdes
Patriotic or What? Don Franz
A Romanian Tankard Martin Kiely
Two More Rare HR Steins Marty Cameli
St. Florian: The Rest of the Story Ken Fahrendorf
Pan-American Exposition Beer Stein Harry Magee
Steins Come Home! John Kelly
A Stein's Meaning is Open to Interpretation Steve Breuning
A Pewter Stein by Anton Schreiner Ron Gray
September 2015 Author
The Bocce Ball Stein Marty Cameli
A Military Jubilee Stein George Schamberger
The Black Man Logo of Tucher Beer Rich Cress
Brussels Faience Martin Kiely
Philadelphia 1876 Jack Strand
Photos from the Road Ron Fox
A Christmas Stein from German SW Africa Peter Meinlschmidt
Highlighting Medieval Delft Mark Rossman
Just and Ulan Reservist Pipe George Schamberger
In Remembrance – Lester Hopper editor
The Johann Danner Story Denny Matheney
The Menu for the Kaiser's Recruits George Schamberger
A Puzzling Regimental Stein Variant Peter Meinlschmidt
Blue Incised Mugs Jack Strand
Elks Club Steins Jack Strand
June 2015 Author
JW Remy Masquerading as a Mettlach Lyn Ayers
More Postcard Stein Go-Withs Dave Lowry
Another Stein with a Story to Tell John Strassberger
A Namenstags Stein Gifted from Son to Father Ron Hartmann
Rare Poppelsdorf Faience Stein Ron Fox
Photos from the Road Ron Fox
Manning-Bowman Company Rich Howard
Faberge Drinking Vessels Martin Kiely
One More Navy Stein with the Kaiser's Bust Peter Meinlschmidt
Aboard SMS Pfeil Ron Hartmann
The Erb Tankard Catherine Sawinski
German Tankard and Steins Catherine Sawinski
A Very Lazy Stein Maker Wendel Barney
The Reinhold Merkelbach Company Jerry Berg
How Old is this Stein? Walt Vogdes
Old New Orleans Jack Strand
March 2015 Author
More on Knodgen Ron Fox
A Stein Go-Withs Dave Lowry
A Unique Reinhold Merkelbach Stein Ronald Olson
Early Stein Ads Ron Fox
Photos from the Road Ron Fox
No Place for a Minister's Son Sein Dennis Hunsinger
The Last of the Heerfuhren Terry Hil
A Rare Find Marty Cameli
Schlitt and the Family Stein Jack Sullivan
Historic Overview of Lowenbräu Walter Swett
Myths, Superstitions and Symbols Jim Sauer
December 2014 Author
Beer Stein Legacy of Hugo Theumler Jack Sullivan
Nice ü¼mler & Breiden “Go-Withs” Dave Lowry
Diesinger: Handled with Care Phil Masenheimer
Successful Collecting John Adams-Graf
Removing Grime from Litho Lines Joe Christensen
Photos from the Road Ron Fox
White Gold from Durlach Günter Widmann
A Navy Stein with the Emperor's Bust Peter Meinlschmidt
More on Fritz Quidenus Terry Hill
Steins with the Other Funnel Jerry Berg
The Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection Urban W. Boresch
September 2014 Author
Manufacturer Discovered Arvid Frende
The Language of Bowling and Steins John Strassberger
Bacchus, the Original Party Animal Ron Hartmann
Washington Pokal Ron Fox
A Prized Fritz Quidenus Design Terry Hill
Photos From the Road Ron Fox
Prussia Field Artillery No. 79 Ron Hartmann
Character Stein “Go-withs” David Harr
Faience Steins Robert W. Lenker
The Musical Beer Stein Dr Casey J. Hayes
SCI Library Lyn Ayers
Special Reichswehr Stein Peter Meinlschmidt
Mettlach Drummer Boy Figure Ammelounx, DeSelms & Wilson
Pittsburgh Jack Strand
Beer Stein Book III Review
June 2014 Author
Executive Director Message Dave Lowry
A Book Review Spencer Wessling
Shoulder Board Study on Regimental Steins Peter Meinischmidt
Operation Vittles, Cold War Steins Phil Masenheimer
Meet Bartmann Alias Bearded Man Dave Lowry
Factory Mismatched Character Steins Les Paul
Photos From the Road Ron Fox
Were Steins PC, Political Correct ? Les Paul
Rare Character in Full Color Dave Lowry
A Wedgewood Stein ? – But No Lyn Ayers
Show and Tell, or Show and Learn Ralph Joyce
Diesinger Design Mileage Arvid Frende
St Hubert's Representation on Steins Steve Breuning
The Silver Beaker Marty Cameli
Adolf Lochner Prisoner of War Joe Christensen
March 2014 Author
Sanitätsgefreiter Krämer John Schaefer
Believe it or Not Phil Masenheimer
Adolf Lochner at the Siege of Tsingtau Joe Christensen
Steins from Amberg / Hirschau Roy De Selms
Osborn Hall, Yale University Jack Strand
Photos From the Road Ron Fox
Who Done it? Les Paul
Character Stein “Go Withs” David Harr
Pauson in Munich John Strassberger
Why I Collect Cold War Steins Mario Pancino
Last Call, Last Round Brent Laswell
Enterle's Machine Gun Regimental Stein Richard L. Dorner
A Bavarian Raupenhelm Regimental Stein Ron Heiligenstein
A History of Lidded Rookwood Steins George Hibben
SCI Library Update Lyn Ayers
Nippon Porcelain Martin Kiely
Wim Mühlendyke Mark E. Rossman
December 2013 Author
Grandpa Would be Happy Ron Hartmann
Sgraffito Tankards Ron Fox
German Stein Body Names Ron Fox
Budapest Visit Ron Fox
Photos from the Road Ron Fox
A Perfect Drinking Vessel John A. Ey Jr
A German Wedding Celebrated Dave Lowry
A Tailor's Desent to Hell George Schamberger
A Dragoon Regiment Ron Hartmann
Mettlach Hunter Steins Steve Breuning
The Mace Missile Ron Fox
Identifying Faience William Hamer
Oldest Church Tower Lyn Ayers
Karl Korff Grenadier Richard Dorner
Nice Little Big Apple Stein Don Strack
A Greek Goddess Fights the Cold War Mario Pancino
Rare & Unusual HR Steins Marty Cameli
September 2013 Author
Photos from the Road Ron Fox
How Beeer Influenced English Martin Kiely
Beer steins and Mark Twain John Strassberger
Tricycle Stein Steve Johnston
Wooden Stahlhelm Stein Rich Howard
Fritz Quidenus.. Or Not? Terry Hill
A Roman Frog?? Dave Lowry
Convention Photos Martin Estep
LA Convention Photo Booth Sue Fox
Robert & Colette Wilson Mettlach Collection Roy De Selms and Sharon Cooley
The Beer Stein Book !! Istvan & Zsuzsa Szemere
The “Melusine” Stein Dr. Casey Hayes
A Trip to Cleveland Ohio Jack Strand
Chalkware Tankards and Statues Martin Kiely
The Lure of “Greentown” Glass Steins Joe Beard
Des Kriegers Heimkehr Beer Stein John Aschenbrenner
How Drunk Am I? Lorraine Merz
June 2013 Author
My Thoughts on this Stein Karl Lofthouse
If this Stein could Talk Stan Kaslusky
Weber's Dragoon Stein Richard Dorner
Mettlach #2530 & the Calydonian Boar Hunt Steve Breuning
Identifying Faience Willaim Hamer
Photos from the Road Ron Fox
A Barenjager Bear Hunting on Horseback Dave Lowry
SCI Library Books Lyn Ayers
Mystery Men on Copper Stein George Schamberger
Mettlach Commemorative Plaques George Schamberger
An Interesting Munich Stein Jim Fredholm
Ethics on bidding on Ebay Steve Johnston
A New SCI Chapter in Germany Wolfgang Gult
Plaster Tankards by Plasta Crafts Company Martin Kiely
Beer Mugs from Baltimore Barbara and Ken Beem
Otto von Bismark & Helmuth von Moltke Lorraine Merz
March 2013 Author
JW Remy American Steins Lyn Ayers
More about the SCI Library Lyn Ayers SCI Librarian
Photos from the Road Ron Fox
Identifying Faience William Hamer
The Cuban Connection Mario Pancino
Pre-Prohibition Brewery Steins of the West Gary Flynn
A Special Pewter Stein George Schamberger
Caterpillars, Frogs & Comradeship Ron Hartmann
Hinneberg's Railroad Stein Richard L. Dorner
The Story Behind the Bed Bug Stein Stephen Lee Smith
Unusual Harvard Stein Richard Evans
Dumler, Breiden & Holbein Dave Lowry
Unusual Stein Makers Ron Fox
Peabody Hotel, Memphis, Tennessee Jack Strand
And Now the Rest of the Story Les Paul
First SCI Convention Tom McClelland
Schafer & Vater Porcelain Peter P Spirito
Definitive Proof of Martini's Porcelain Steins Steve R Johnston
Los Angeles SCI Convention June 26-28 Sue Fox
December 2012 Author
Message From Executive Director David Lowry
Board of Trustees Actions Dave Lowry
Identifying Faience Steins Part 6 Bill Hamer
Photos from the Road Ron Fox
The Jahreskrüge of Konigsbacher Brauerei Walt Vogdes
The Last Husaren Regiment Raised Brian Sanders
Convention Photos Martin Estep
Make Room for the Einheitsfuhrer Dave Lowry
Jugendstil – What's it all about? Walt Vogdes
Faience or Historismus? Jim Fredholm and Roy De Selms
Mystery Mark Walt Vogdes
Blow Hole Resolved Roy De Selms
American Mugs the “tion” Series Jack Strand
Talking About Glass Steins Jim Sauer
Martin Pauson, A Family Story John Strassberger
Three Mettlach Steins for a Chicago Brewer Bernard Gould
2013 SCI Convention Announcement Sue Fox
September 2012 Author
Münchner Kindle and Painter Alf Schwartz Steve Morris
Grandpa's Strongbox Discovery Ron Hartmann
Chicago World's Fair 1933 Jack Strand
Identifying Faience Steins William Hamer
Photos from the Road Ron Fox
Schweniger Steins Bill Gee
Getting Schooled on the College Inn Joe Christensen
Skat! No, Don't Leave the Room Dave Lowry
ASKOS Martin Kiely
Comic Strip Elden Tetzlaff
Another Interesting Occupational Stein George Schamberger
Unusual Stein Makers Ron Fox
A Bavarian Medic's Regimental Stein Ron Heiligenstein
HR Mermaid Stein Marty Cantwell
The Big Red — Black one? Joe Christensen
What's in a name? Apparently Quite a Bit Roy DeSelms and Walt Vogdes
The Jugenstil Bookshelf Walt Vogdes
ü¼mler & Breiden Characters Dave Lowry
June 2012 Author
A message from the E D David Bruha
The Battle of New Orleans Jack Strand
Choral Society and Beer Dave Lowry
Unique Motor Transport Corps Stein Peter Meinlschmidt
How to use the SCI Website Lyn Ayers
There's more to a repair Claudia Lawrence
Royal Bavarian 14 Inft.Hartmann Regt Ron Hartmann
Paulaner To Leave Munich William Sullivan
Regimental Poem Don Strack
A Real Odd HR Stein Marty Cameli
Bohemian & Bavarian Copper Steins Stephen Lee Smith
Photos from the Road Ron Fox
A Patiotic German Slogan Jim Riley
Unusual Stein Makers Ron Fox
Identifying Faience Steins William Hamer
A Gander at the Salamander Steve Johnston
The Tyrolean Revolution Jim Fredholm
What's a Stiftungsfest? Bill Pasco
March 2012 Author
Identifying Faience Part 3 William Hamer
New Stein Resource Paul van Eck
The Old Fisherman Bernard Gould
Edward Maurer Philip Cahoy
Another Came Home Marty Cameli
Photos From the Road Ron Fox
Brewing in Chicago Jack Strand
Proud Germania Dave Lowry
Stein Book Review Walt Vogdes
Stoneware from Rhineland part 3 Gerd Kessler
Stoneware from Rhineland part 4 Gerd Kessler
Historical Diesinger Stein Arvid Frende
Battle of Trenton Bernard Gould
World War I Stein Jim Gasowski
Cute Porcelain Stein George Schamberger
Occupational Stein George Schamberger
Unusual Stein Makers Ron Fox
Talking about Glass Steins James Sauer
100 jährige Jubilaüm Stein John Harrell
December 2011 Author
V & B, Mettlach, or Look-Alike? Walt Vogdes
The Night that Changed History Leonard Englert
Photos from the Road Ron Fox
Proskau Factory (1769-1793) William Hamer
1 Garde Ulanen Regiment, Potsdam John Harrell
Another Schierholz Mystery Resolved Steve Morris
Unusual Stein Makers Ron Fox
Wingender Bros. Indian King Ron Fox
Small Munich Child Steins by Diesinger Arvid Frende
Legend of St Hubertus Ron Heiligenstein
Annapolis, Maryland 2012 SCI Convention Richard Strom
Another “Watch on the Rhein” Inlay Ron Hartmann
Patriotic Pewter Beaker Ron Hartmann
French Foreign Legion Stein Peter Meinlschmidt
Potters of Eisnach Steve Johnston
Heil Studenten!! Dave Lowry
Kriegsweihnachten 1940 George Schamberger
Some Simple Beer Stein Cognates Roy DeSelms
September 2011 Author
What is a Fahrradmelder Regimental Stein? Ron Heiligenstein
Identifying Faience Steins William Hamer
The Hoosac Tunnel and Herman Haupt Bernard Gould
Die Meister Klebstoffer Rich Cress
ü¼mler & Breiden Steins Frank Loevi
Photos from the Road Ron Fox
Good Beer, Good Friends and a Display Jeff Arduini
Humbser Beer Steins by Mettlach Robert Wilson
Student Steins with Family Coats of Arms Roy DeSelms and Hans Joachim Loose
Villeroy & Boch, Mettlach, or a Look-Alike? Robert Wilson
Wedding Cups Martin Kiely
Wooden Tankards Martin Kiely
Testing the Advanced Mettlach Collector Bernard Gould
The Liberal Emperor !! Dave Lowry
Mystery Man Breindl Marty Cameli
Prost Blume Frank Loevi
June 2011 Author
HR 170 Tapestry Stein w/Silver Repoussé Lid Walt Vogdes
Karoline vs. Caroline (AKA Kathi) Frank Loevi
Photos From the Road Ron Fox
The August Saeltzer Studio Porcelain Steins Steve Johnston
F. W. Kleukens Rich Cress
White's Utica Custom Made Steins Ron Fox
Announcing “Thewalt 1893” Announcing “Germany pre-1918”
2010 Index to Prosit
Providence, RI Jack Strand
Newport, RI Jack Strand
SCI's Honor Roll of Master Steinologists
Pschorr-Bräurosl Walter Swett
Collector's Guide to ü¼mler & Breiden Steins Frank Loevi
Letters to the Editor
Animal Character Steins by JW Remy Lyn Ayers
Don't Overlook Etched Steins by Gerz István Szemere
March 2011 Author
More HR Bicycle Steins Marty Cameli
The August Saeltzer Studio and Transfer Decorating of Louis Martini Steve Johnston
The 2011 SCI Convention in Providence, RI New England Steiners
A Student Stein with Krupp Provenance Roy DeSelms and Achim Loose
The Covenant Stein or Boer War Stein Roy DeSelms
The God who made iron did not want slaves Walt Vogdes
The Cologne Dancing Bear Joe Beard
Stoneware from the Rhineland in the Renaissance and Baroque Gerd Kessler
A Special Railroad Occupational Stein George Schamberger and Walt Vogdes
The Lighter Side (Cartoon) Elden Tetzlaff
Photos from the Road Ron Fox
Jaeger Battalions and the Kurhess. Jäger Batl. No. 11 George Schamberger
Collector's Guide to ü¼mler & Breiden Steins Frank Loevi
Papa's Stein, Filled with Love (I saw it on eBay)
Reservist Siegert's Heligoland Stein Ron Heiligenstein
A Very Unusual Mettlach Paint-Over-Glaze (I saw it on eBay)
History Revealed in a Beautiful Inlay (I saw it on eBay)
Die Wacht am Rhine Max Schneckenberger
An Early 20th Century Reproduction of an Altenberg Perlhumpen Walt Vogdes
December 2010 Author
2009 SCI Financial Summary Ravi Patel
2010 Convention Photos Martin Estep
2010 SCI Convention Wrap-Up Ginger Gehres
2011 SCI Convention: Providence, RI
A Great Meissen Porcelain Tankard
A Regimental Thumblift Don Strack
Aircraft in the French Army During World War I George Schamberger
Albert Jacob Thewalt GmbH Ron Gray
Deja Vu, Bavarian Style Denny Matheney
Der Masskrug and Capacity Marks Roy DeSelms
Glass Regimental Steins Ron Heiligenstein
Glass Steins with Set-On Lids Norm Paratore
How Much Beer Is Enough
Introducing the World's Largest Beer Stein George Schamberger
König Pilsener Brewery Joe Beard
More on So-Called Early Mettlach Steins Martyn Brown and Roy DeSelms
Photos From the Road – 18 Ron Fox
The Lighter Side (cartoon) Elden Tetzlaff
Two Rare Saxon Regimental Steins Ron Heiligenstein
Using the Mercury Mark to Date Your Mettlach Steins Robert Wilson
September 2010 Author
A Haberfeldtreiben Stein Roy DeSelms and André Ammelounx
A Hungarian Glass Stein István Szemere
A Visit to San Francisco Jack Strand
Albert Jacob Thewalt GmbH Ron Gray
An Undecorated Mettlach Student Stein Walt Vogdes
Anna and Liese John Harrell and Wolfgang Gult
Die Jugendwehr Jens-Uwe Benthin
Guard Foot Artillery Regimental Beer Stein Ron Heiligenstein
Mettlach BAVARIA Steins and Beakers Steve Steigerwald
Pan and Syrinx (Incolay) George Schamberger
Photos From the Road – 17 Ron Fox
The Oktoberfest Annuals (Jahreskrüge) Walter Swett
The Youth Defense Corps Roy DeSelms
William Tell Stein with Anheuser-Busch Logo John Mann
Winker Josef Zankl's Regimental Stein Ron Hoffmann
June 2010 Author
A Gardekorps Bekleidungsamt Regimental Stein Ron Heiligenstein
A Rare Hauber & Reuther Stein István Szemere
A Scarce Occupational Don Strack
A Unique US MP Custom Pewter Stein George Schamberger
Factual Inconsistencies on Some High Priced Regimental Steins John Harrell
Here's a First for SCI – Sister Chapters
Index to Prosit – 2009
Letters to the Editor
Mettlach's Bavaria Wares – The Decorations Steve Steigerwald
Military Baker Detachments Peter Meinlschmidt
Milwaukee Jack Strand
Obituary – Johannes Vogt – 1959-2009
Oktoberfest Beer Prices Rise
Preciosa, the Beautiful Gypsy Girl George Schamberger
Schierholtz Can-Can Dancers – A Powder Jar Character Stein Andre Ammelounx and Roy DeSelms
Smaller Collections Count, Too! Stan Kaslusky
The Character Steins of Ernst Bohne Söhne Book Review
The Evolution and Variations of Ludwig Foltz II Designed Villeroy & Boch 328 Steins Roy DeSelms and Robert Wilson
The Lighter Side (cartoon) Elden Tetzlaff
The Oktoberfest Jahreskrüge Walter Swett
What About Those HR Marks John McGregor
March 2010 Author
A German-American Schützenverein Stein Roy DeSelms
A Rare and Unusual Artillery Regimental Stein Ron Heiligenstein
A St. Hubert's Copper Stein Martin Kiely
Chester Cathedral Choir Stalls Martin Kiely
I Saw It On eBay… A Student Skull Stein
Ireland's Mead Wine Martin Kiely
Letters to the Editor
Mettlach's American Flag and Eagle Robert Wilson
Mettlach's BAVARIA Stein for Quilmes Robert Wilson
Mettlach's BAVARIA Wares Steve Steigerwald
New Membership Contests Carolyn Estep
Olympia, Bellingham Bay and Salem Breweries Phil Masenheimer
Photos from a side street Walt Vogdes
Photos from the Road -16 Ron Fox
Prosit Reaches 5,000th Page!
Relief Steins and Their Stories #5 and #6 Craig Zimmerman
SCI 2010 Convention Carolina Steiners
SCI's Web Site
Show & Tell – A Cartoon Elden Tetzlaff
The Caterpillar Yields to the Spike Bill Bosworth
The Hungarian Schlitt Collection István Szemere
The Stories Behind Double Unit Regimental Steins Peter Meinlschmidt
der Gemütlichkeit… The Very First Page
December 2009 Author
A Stein I Truly Get a Kick Out Of Jerry Berg
Meeting a Stein's Owner Ron Hartmann
A Very Rare Civil War Stein Roy DeSelms
A Pair of Chinese Tankards at Auction Editor
A Norwegian Brich Peg Tankard Editor
Another Rare Regimental Ron Heiligenstein
Flowers of the Three Emperors Geoge Schamberger
Who Did It? A Challenge (Ringer) Editor
An eBay Discovery Bob Groebner
The von Seckendorf Arms George Schamberger
Mettlach's BAVARIA Wares Steve Steigerwald
Photos from the Road Ron Fox
SCI's 2009 Convention – Unforgettable
Relief Steins and Stories #3 C. Zimmerman
Relief Steins and Stories #4 C. Zimmerman
Early Mettlach Roy DeSelms and Bob Wilson
What Are the Odds Ron Hatmann
Hoch lebe die Eisenbahn George Schamberger
Who Did IIt? The Answers (Ringer) Editor
The A-Y-P Exposition of 1909 Jack Strand
An Unusual Bismarck Stein Editor
September 2009 Author
A Mystery Stein Jim Fredholm
A Silver-Plated Beaker by Berndorfer Metalwaren Fabrik (BMF) Martin Kiely
A Stein Depicting Legends and History of Switzerland Bruce Martin
A Triple Student Association Stein Walt Vogdes
A letter to the editor Richard Stattler
Announcing a New SCI Member Directory
Arsch mit Ohren!
Beer in Metal Casks Martin Kiely
Butterflies on Beer Steins Are A Rare and Gentle Thing Joann Ellis
Can you help with this mystery
Don't Forget the 2009 SCI Convention
E. Goldman & Co. Jack Strand
He's Baack..David Harr, that is!
Legendary U.S. Restaurants Jack Strand
Letter to the Editor: A Student Stein?
Letters to Fred Ellis (ref: CAC Belleek Stein)
Mettlach Print Under Glaze Steins Keith Lyle
My Favorite Stein Johann Kegler
Photos from the Road 14 Ron Fox
Prominent American Hotels Jack Strand
Relief Steins and Their Stories Craig Zimmerman
Seminar Steins – Teacher's Occupational Steins Roy DeSelms
Steins for Pre-WWI Flying Machines Roy DeSelms
That is Not a Girmscheid Mark Walt Vogdes
The John Kress Brewery Stein Jack Strand
The Student Bookshelf
Wanted: Photos of Steins with this Mark
Which Country Consumes the Most Beer
June 2009 Author
A Bavarian Horse Shoeing School Regimental Stein Ron Heiligenstein
A Follow-up on Pauson's Red Stripes John Strassberger
A Humorous German Military Beer Stein Serguei Artiouchkov
A Magnificent Bowle Set, Site of a Happy Marriage Phil Masenheimer
A WW I US Military Stein and a Circus Jim Riley
A Whimsical Look at Drinking Customs and Vessels Martin Kiely
An Interview with Antique Beer Stein Collector Frank Loevi Frank Loevi
Cameo Sulphides Rich Cress
Conjectures About Stein Price Trends Bruce Martin
From the Editor Walt Vogdes
Gebrüder Allmann Chris Wheeler
Green Mill Gardens Jack Strand
How Rare Is It Fred Ellis
I Saw it on eBay (Really!)
Ivan Stepanovich Mazeppa John Harrell
Joseph Victor von Scheffel George Schamberger
Mettlach Quinn & Nolan Brewery Stein Bernie Gould
Munich Maid Surprise Fred Ellis
Music on the Symphonia Stein John Staral
Paul Seelgen's Pewter Foundry in Höhr Grenzhausen Harald Busse
Photos From the Road #13 Ron Fox
Russian Fairy Tales – The Tale of Ivan Tsarevich, the
Firebird, and the Gray
Walt Vogdes
Story on the Symphonia Stein Walt Vogdes
The Kaiser Wilhelm II Standard on Naval Regimental Steins Roy DeSelms
The Löwenbräu Special Event Steins William Sullivan
The Pillow Fight That Changed History Kurt Sommerich
Winning in Las Vegas! SCI Convention
March 2009 Author
4-F and FFST Steins – The Socialist Connection Roy DeSelms and Ralph Markus
A Brief History of the Luftschiffe (Lighter-than-air Ships)
and their Steins
Roy DeSelms
A Little Stein with a Big Song to Sing John Strassberger
A Nice Stein with a (Previously) Unknown Mark Walt Vogdes and Chris Wheeler
Andreas Hofer – Patriot Michael Tremblay
Announcing: 2011 SCI Convention
Bismarck Gardens and Old Heidelberg Restaurant Jack Strand
Index to Prosit – 2008 editor
Letters to the Editor
Man's Best Friend – The Beer Steins Frank Loevi
More on Otto Hupp and the Münchener Kalender Walt Vogdes
Poppelsdorf Faience William Hamer
Relief Steins and Their Stories Craig Zimmerman
Religious Symbolism on Beer Steins Steve Johnston
Russian Fairy Tales – The Red Knight, or Vasilissa the
Walt Vogdes
The Pretzel – Die Brezel George Schamberger
Winning in Las Vegas, 2009 Convention Golden Gate Zecher
December 2008 Author
2007 SCI Treasurer's Report
2009 SCI Convention Photos Martin Estep
A Better Than Average Münchner Kindl Stein Walt Vogdes
A Double Unit Regimental Stein with Unusual Stacked Bullet Lid Ron Heiligenstein
A Johann Maresch Beer Stein George Schamberger
A Presentation Pipe Bowl from a Soldier to His Uncle George Schamberger
Albert Hauber and the Freising Factory John McGregor
An Unusual Copper and Brass Pouring Stein
An Unusual Schierholz Frog Stein
Announcement: Prosit editor resigns
Centerfold: Munich Brewery Trademarks by Otto Hupp
Civil War Regimentals Bernie Gould
Digital Photo Corrrection – It's a Picnik Walt Vogdes
Extraordinary American Arts and Crafts Stein David Kornacki
M. Hein and Mettlach Americana Steins Robert Wilson
Martin Pauson's Red Striped Handles John Strassberger
Mettlach #2331, Seidel Science Bernie Gould
Mettlach 1502 – The Crown Princes Wilhelm and Rupprecht Terry Hill
Midway Gardens Chicago Jack Strand
Munich's Storied Breweries Tom McClelland
Nice Stein, Who Made It
On the Subject of Handles – A Correction Charlotte Whitham
Otto Hupp. Breweries and Eagles Walt Vogdes
Photos From the Road #12 Ron Fox
Pipe Bowl of Sergeant Karl Kolb George Schamberger
Super Bowl Stein Marty Cameli
Survival of the Sudsiest George Will
The Mettlach Stoneware of Otto Hupp Walt Vogdes
Württembergische MetallwarenFabrik (WMF) Walt Vogdes
Yes, but it is signed Heinrich Schlitt Floyd Dietlein
September 2008 Author
A Miniature Bastion Justin Pimentel
A Stein Tribute to John O'Connor Erin Carrier
An Extraordinary Bohemian Engraved Pokal Walt Vogdes
Chicago/Milwaukee Mini-Convention Roy Alexander and Jack Strand
Der Münchener Kalender (The Munich Calendars) Walt Vogdes
Did Vikings Really Have Horns on Their Helmets Stephen Lee Smith
Die Deutschen Staatenwappen by Otto Hupp Otto Hupp
Frank Pociadlo on Safari! (photo)
Have You Checked Your Stein Handles Lately Charlotte Whitham
I Wish You Beer Stein Collectors Could Learn This One Easy
Stephen Lee Smith
I am on the lookout for
It Dates From Around the Turn of the Century Al Hoch
Membership Drive Contest William Hamer
Photos From the Road #11 Ron Fox
Prinzregent Luitpold von Bayern Frequently Seen on Regimental
Ron Heiligenstein
Seattle Jack Strand and Walt Vogdes
The GOP Elephant and the Dem Donkey (Photo) David Harr
The Innkeepers Ten Commandments Steve Johnston
The North German Lloyd and its Steins Roy DeSelms
The Russian Fairy Tales Walt Vogdes
The Snow Maiden, or Lel and Snegurochka Walt Vogdes
What to Collect Chris Wheeler
June 2008 Author
A Cute Nürnberg Souvenir George Schamberger
A Generic Regimental Stein Roy DeSelms
A Rare Mettlach Electric Lamp Body Robert Wilson
A Trip to the Beach Jack Strand
An Acanthus Regimental Stein John Harrell
An Alpine Club Stein Lyn Ayers
Ernst Moritz Arndt Serguei Artiouchkov
Karl Liebknecht George Schamberger
Manüvers and Heimfahrt George Schamberger
Mettlach and Mettlach(question mark) Print Under Glaze Steins Keith Lyle
Military Police Steins Louis Foster
Nagel Auktionen William Hamer
October Mini-Convention in Skokie, IL
Photos From the Road #10 Ron Fox
Regimental Beer Steins Named to the Imperial German
Ron Heiligenstein
Spokane, Washington Kent Aggers
Springfield, Ohio – Home, Sweet Home Jack Strand
The 1899 Teardrop Regimental Steins Roy DeSelms
The Character Steins of Schierholz – Review Rich Cress
The Legend of the Edelweiss
The Siegestor in Munich Jim Fredholm
The Stirrings of German Nationalism
Tiffany Tankard from the Gore Collection
What is the German's fatherland?
March 2008 Author
$250,000 just doesn't buy what it used to
A Very Rare Regimental Beer Stein Ron Heiligenstein
Bavaria and Her Lion Stewart Eastman
Berlin's City Palace Seen on Regimental Steins Ron Heiligenstein
Blatz Brewing Co. – A Trip Down Memory Lane
Chief Hollow Horn Bear George Schamberger
Cold War Steins – Off Duty Activities Louis Foster
Dornröschen, or Sleeping Beauty Stephen Lee Smith
In Memoriam – Mike Wald Neil Barton
Index to Prosit – 2007
L. Bauernfreund – Confirmation Received
Mettlach 1502 – The Dual Alliance Leaders Terry Hill
More Rare HR Steins Marty Camelli and Frank Francese
More… Old Sleepy Eye Terry Hogan
New Stein Release – Ugly Angels Peter Kroll
Niagara Falls Jack Strand
Old Sleepy Eye Rick Borth
Photos from the Road #9 Ron Fox
Rare Schlitt Plaques Robert Wilson
Snow White Revisited
Talking About Glass James Sauer
The Beerhall Experience in 19th Century Munich
Two American Souvenir Steins
Who Was A.R. (August Roeseler) Lyn Ayers
December 2007 Author
2008 SCI Convention Information
A Bronze Nautilus Cup Martin Kiely
A Priest's Occupational Stein Walt Vogdes
About the A-A-A-O Article John Harrell
Air Weapons Unit Mug Martin Kiely
American Souvenir Steins – Thewalt Barry Toussaint
An Interesting Trophy Lyn Ayers
An Update – Mary Gregory Type Glass Elaine Pandl
Diesinger Go-Withs Arvid Frende
Dr. Karl Lueger Stein Ron Fox
Faience Artists William Hamer
First Heavy Cavalry Rgt., Prince Carl of Bavaria John Strassberger
Hampshire Pottery Jack Strand
Military Souvenir Pipe Bowls Depicting the Soldier's Civilian
George Schamberger
My First Stein Collectors Convention Pat Zimmerman
On eBay – The Stürmritter Walt Vogdes
Organic Designs of the Jugendstil Era Walt Vogdes
Photos From the Road #8 Ron Fox
Research Resources Lyn Ayers
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Sneewittchen) Stephen Lee Smith
Spokane, Washington Ron Fox
The Cave Homes of Limburg, Netherlands Norm Paratore
The Hundepauker (Dog Drum) John Harrell
The Verse on HR #153 George Schamberger
What is the Significance William Schemel
September 2007 Author
2007 SCI Convention Photos John Mertz
A Lost Stein Returns George Schamberger
A-A-A-O Louis Foster
An Affordable Go-With Collection Marie Stevenson
An American Rarity – A Handel Stein Frank Pociadlo
An August Saeltzer Stein Chris Wheeler
Further to Sarreguemines Stoneware Steins Peter Zirpke
Little Red Riding Hood (Rotkäppchen) Stephen Lee Smith
Ludwig Foltz II Premiere Designer of Mettlach Steins Roy DeSelms
My First Stein John Piet
Photos From the Road #7 Ron Fox
Reserist Arp Onboard the Imperial Yacht Hohenzollern 1911-14 Roy DeSelms
Stein Release – Homer Simpson and the Biker Hog
The 2007 SCI Convention Auction Gary Kirsner
The Big Boys by Adolf Diesinger Walt Vogdes
The Clown Duo David Harr
The Dual Alliance Military Leaders As Depicted on Mettlach
Set #1502
Terry Hill
Trink was klar ist (Drink what is clear) Jerry Berg
Türkenlouis and Infanterie-Regiment Markgraf Ludwig Wilhelm
(3. Badischer)
No. 111
John Harrell
Washington Crossing the Delaware Walt Vogdes
Whites Utica Ron Fox and David Roche
June 2007 Author
A Celebration of Anheuser Busch Achievements Don Franz
A Modern Rookwood Stein George Hibben
A Religious Westerwald William Hamer
A Russian Boar David Harr
An Odd Stein Ron Fox
Best of Enemies (Marian Nixon)
Chicago's Riverview Park Bob Groebner, Sr.
German Stein Candy Containers – Coin Banks for Children Ken Etheridge
Miniature Steins – Charms Les Paul
My First Stein… the beginning of a fantastic journey Jason Pimental
Other Kuznetsov Wares Walt Vogdes
Pewter Beer Stein Collector's Newsletter Proves to be a
Stephen Lee Smith
Photos From the Road #6 Ron Fox
Religious and Friendship Symbols on German-Bohemian Glass
Beakers and Steins
Stephen Lee Smith
Schierholz Form 144, the odd duck or black sheep, or what Steve Morris
Shakespeare In Love – 1564-1616 Neil Barton
Stein Release – The Clown Duo David Harr
Stein Release – The Gator Golfer
Steins Belonging to Paratroopers Louis Foster
Steins from Rudolstadt Jorg Unger
Stoneware Steins and Wares from the Sarreguemines Factory John Lamb
March 2007 Author
A Grotesque Kind Of Love Ginger Gehres
A.J. Thewalt and R. Hanke Steins with HR Markings John McGregor
Bad Kissingen, Germany Charlotte Whitham
Call Me a Doctor… or at Least a Medic! Louis Foster
Correction – The Word Mutter
Haakon VII King of Norway Lyn Ayers
Hans Sebald Beham John Strassberger
Heligoland Chris Wheeler
Inf. Regt. Alt Württemberg (3. Württemb.) Nr. 121 John Harrell
Mettlach 1698 – Alte Fink Walt Vogdes
My First Creussen Stein William Hamer
Mystery Marks.. No More! LB&C and LBCM Walt Vogdes
Photos From the Road #5 Ron Fox
Simon Peter Gerz I John McGregor
The Dual Alliance of 1879 Chris Wheeler
This Cup Has a Story That Runneth Over Jerry Berg
When is an August Saeltzer Stein NOT an August Saeltzer Stein John McGregor
December 2006 Author
A Marzi & Remy Alligator Ron Fox and Walt Vogdes
A New Era of Steins Jon Hoffmann
A Puzzle George Schamberger
Berghoff Gone, But Never Forgotten Bob Groebner
Book Review – The Mettlach Book Walt Vogdes
Brewmaster Convention Stein William Sullivan
Charles Stewart Parnell Irish National Leader Martin Kiely
Hampshire Pottery Martin Kiely
Holiday Greetings from John O'Connor Charlotte Whitham
Let Freedom Ring Don Franz
Made In America Neil Barton
Marks on HR Porcelain Steins John McGregor
Mason Stein Update Bruce Pruitt
Military-Tross Military-Train George Schamberger
My Favorite Stein Larry Peters
Photos from the Road Ron Fox
Seelbach Hotel Jack Strand
Steins Unlimited Series, History of Steins Jerry Berg
The Old Man of the Mountain Steins Jack Strand
The Stein Reference Chris Wheeler
Unusual Cold War Steins Louis Foster
Unusual Materials – Basket Weave Steins Judy Stuart
Unusual Materials – Serpentine Ron Fox
September 2006 Author
2006 Convention Award Photos 2005
2006 Convention Photos John Mertz
Amended Board Meeting Minutes 2006
American State Capitals Jack Strand
Benjamin Franklin's Thoughts on Beer Mugs John Strassberger
Convention Report John Strassberger
HR Freising Factory: The Type 4 HR Logo by Gerz John McGregor
Heinrich Schlitt – The issing Years Mike Hunt
Ladies with Bustles Charlotte Whitham
Letter to the Editor – Troubles in Steinland Jo and Ginger Gehres
Magdeburg Faience Factory (1754-1785) William Hamer
My First Stein – The Stein That Keeps on Giving Marty Cameli
Photos From the Road Ron Fox
Plastic – The Perfect Collectible Sue Fox
President's Message Phil Masenheimer
The Lighter Side (cartoons)
To sell or not to sell, that is the question Peter Zirpke
US Military Steins of the Cold War Louis Foster
June 2006 Author
Update from the SCI Library Lyn Ayers
A Revolutioonary Convention - Update Keysteiner Hosts
The German Fireman Sam Brainard
Royal Vienna Type Steins Rick Grunin
Einjährige Freiwillige & Staats-Einjährige George Schamberger
News Release - Uncle Sam Pete Kroll
The Seven Swabians Ridge Scott
My First Stein Lyn Ayers
Hauber & Reuther Late Period John McGregor
Early Philadelphia Steins Jack Strand
Character Steins from N. American Breweries Jerry Berg
Photos From the Road Ron Fox
Idar-Oberstein Agate Stein Ron Fox
An Interesting Miniature Walt Vogdes
Women in the Military Louis Foster
The Rhine River Patrol Louis Foster
The Chicago Germania Club Al Schafer
Lewis & Clark Centennial Exposition Lyn Ayers
Midwest Stein Convention - St. Louis Gateway Steiner Hosts
7th Regiment.: West Point of the National Guard Don Franz
Faience Factories and Their Subject Matter William Hamer
March 2006 Author
My First Stein John Strassberger
Rudolf Ditmar Majolica Steins Ron Fox
My Military Home Louis Foster
Photos From the Road Ron Fox
Review: Early Stoneware Steins Walt Vogdes
Hauber & Reuther: Early Era John McGregor
Beer Stein Ceramics Simplified John McGregor
How We Joined SCI Herb and Bea Taus
The Everleigh Club Stein Bob Groebner
More on Defregger Steins Marty Cameli
A Revolutionary Convention Keysteiners Hosts
Three Famous Cities on HR Steins Marty Cameli
Budweiser and Ceramarte Arvid Frende
An Unusual Mason Stein Ron Fox
These Leuchterweibchen Stuart Weiss
The U.S. Constabulary Loouis Foster
Schultz & Dooley Steins Don DiPetro
Glass Coloring Techniques Ron Fox
Renaissance or Re-Renaissance Martyn Brown
A Historical Pipe George Schamberger
The SS President Lincoln Walt Vogdes
Maximilian the Knight Beer Stein
The Legend that is Lilttle Julian Jerry Berg
Museum Library News Lyn Ayers
Another National Guard Trophy John Strassberger
A Collector's Dream Ralph Joyce
December 2005 Author
Castles and Other Buildings Charlotte Whitham
Return to the Queen Marie Stevenson
Munich in Las Vegas Marty Cameli
Wriggle Out of That! Floyd Dietlein
Munich Rathskeller Stein Frank Loevi
Early Japanese Tankards Ron Fox
Eureka! The Hunt is Over John Strassberger
The Diesinger That Wasn't Arvid Frende
HR and the Freising Factory Revisited John McGregor
German Naval Regimentals Art Hechler
Old Stein Photo Jon Hoffmann
Another Stein Pipe Bob Groebner
The Aquarium Stein Bob Groebner
Balanced Rock Stein Ron Fox
American Patriotic Steins Don Franz
Terra Cotta Stein Marion Kelley
Pewter Collectors, Unite! Stephen Lee Smith
Cavalry Regimental Steins Ron Heiligenstein
Germany's Lourdes Bob Groebner, Sr.
Celtic Art John McGregor
Merkelbach & Wick Event Stein John McGregor
American Missile Steins Ron Fox
German-Belgian Stein Walt Vogdes
September 2005 Author
Cavalry Regimental Steins Ron Heiligenstein
University of California Football Stein Ron Fox
Porcelain — A Short History John McGregor
Majolica Philadelphia Souvenir Steins Ron Fox
Kiatschou & Tsingtau Regimentals Art Hechler
Ahh… Collecting Peter Zirpke
You Can Smoke This Stein Michael Tremblay
Teddy Roosevelt, The Rough Rider Bob Groebner
The Legend of William Tell Rich Cress
Nixon Agnew Inauguration Stein Ron Fox
Freising Marty Cameli
A NY National Guard Pewter Presentation Stein Walt Vogdes
An Alphabetical List of German Occupations Phil Masenheimer and Walt Vogdes
The Firm of Reinhold Merkelbach, Jugendstil Designer Paul
Wynand, and
Jugendstil Glaze Treatments
Walt Vogdes
St. Louis World's Fair Jack Strand
Heinrich Schlitt The Author Mark Durban
The HR Logos and Decorator Marks John McGregor
A Chinese Drinking Horn Martin Kiely
A Volunteer Chalice Trophy Martin Kiely
Made in Germany George Schamberger
June 2005 Author
American Souvenir Steins Barry Toussaint
Environmental Protection Agents Neil Barton
Type #1 Series Steins Barry Toussaint
KPM Porcelain Steins Ron Fox and Dan Cipriano
In Search of a JW Remy Anthony Belpulsi
Miniature Steins Les Paul
Captain Otto Weddigen Stein Ron Fox
The Limoges Game Bird Series Stephen Lee Smith
Athens Premier Olympic Stein
A Rare Double Unit Regimental Stein with an Interesting Story
to Tell
Ron Heiligenstein
Sydney 2000 Olympic Stein
A Chicago Story Jack Strand
HR and the Freising Factory Revisited John McGregor
A Quick Update John McGregor
Argentia Stein Jim Henderson
German Sud West Afrika Steins and ‘Go-With's' Art Hechler
A Cork Beer Stein Stephen Lee Smith
Unteroffiziersvorschule — Pre-school for Corporals George Schamberger
Another Wheelock Stein Ron Fox
Blind King John of Bohemia Walt Vogdes
The Making of a Pewter Finial David Harr
My First Stein Walt Vogdes
March 2005 Author
Salt Glaze John McGregor
Who Say's You Can't Go Home Again? Marie Stevenson
The Bavaria Statue in Munich Marc Lang
Wheelock China Souvenir Steins Ron Fox
The half-liter stein that started SCI Tom McClelland
The McKinley Era Jack Strand
Friedr. van Hauten of Bonn Walt Vogdes
Occupational Steins: Part 2, Characteristics and Grading Phil Masenheimer
My First Collectable Stein Bruce Pruitt
Mettlach Chromolith and Etched from Same Mold Robert Wilson
An Original Gamsbart Marc Lang
More Than Meets The Eye Mark Durban
Stein of the Issue Contest
Arbeitsdienst (Labor Service) Steins George Schamberger
The Intoxication Stein Marty Cameli
A “Speculative” Tile Layer's Occupational Beer Stein Stephen Lee Smith
My “Souvenir” Stein Collection Steve Steigerwald
Sarreguemines Barrel Stein Marc Lang
Oktoberfest Marc Lang
HR and the Freising Factory Revisited (Sixth Installment) John McGregor
Mission San Luis Rey Ron Fox
Falstaff Marc Lang
Ludwig Foltz II — Premier Designer of Mettlach Drinking
Vessels Part II —
Signatures and Trademarks
Roy DeSelms and Robert Wilson
Correction — John the Blind King of Bohemia Walt Vogdes and Martyn Brown
Large Castle Stein Bill Bosworth
A Visit With Marzi & Remy Ken Etheridge
My Steins Are Gone! Jim Henderson
December 2004 Author
Occupational Steins — Part I Phil Masenheimer
Alchemist? No Way! Walt Vogdes
Mettlach Plaques vs. Steins Robert Wilson
Copper Wheel-cut Engraved Glass Ron Fox
Prohibition and American Beer Steins Jack Strand
Regimentals, E-bay & SPAM Art Hechler
An American Regimental II Neil Barton
American Naval Stein Ron Fox
Mission San Jose Stein Lawrence Beckendorff
HR and the Freising Factory Revisited John McGregor
Mettlach Percent (%) Mark Explained Robert Wilson
In Memory of Thomas Thetcher 1764 Martin Kiely
The Merkelbach Cat Stein (poem) Sam Brainard
Reservist Reproduction Steins Stephen Lee Smith
Schlaraffenland (Glutton's or Fool's Paradise) John McGregor
Ludwig Foltz II, Part Ib. More Proto-Mettlach Drinking Vessels Roy DeSelms and Robert Wilson
The Wonderful World of Johann Maresch Gene Manusov
The Beer Stein Museum Research Library and Archives Lyn Ayers
Talking About Glass Steins Flutes James Sauer
September 2004 Author
Royal Bonn Steins John Lamb
HR and the Freising Factory Revisited — Part 4 John McGregor
Miniature Steins Les Paul
A Giant Error Marty Cameli
One Weird Stein Les Paul
A Fair Measure Martyn Brown
Castles and Other Buildings Charlotte Whitham
The Count von Spee Stein Richard Strom
Stein of the Issue Contest
It Was Like Finding a ‘Needle in the Haystack' Ron Heiligenstein
Paulaner, From Humble Origins to the Biggest of Munich's Big
Six Breweries
William Sullivan
Emperors, Orders and Awards George Schamberger
Two More Flew Home Marty Cameli
Mettlach Simplified Redesign and Price Reductions Robert Wilson
Mettlach PUG 715(1909), What a Rowdy Crowd! Anthony Belpulsi
News Release — The Houdini Character Stein Peter Kroll
Wildmen, Savages of Germany Stephen Lee Smith
A Beer Stein Rarity Scale from 1 to 10 Stephen Lee Smith and Norm Paratore
Owen China Company & The St. Louis World's Fair Martin Kiely
My First Stein Roy DeSelms
American Porcelain Insert Steins Jack Strand
June 2004 Author
American Spas Jack Strand
Just One More Irene Groebner
Going to Kansas City Rich Cress
Pan American Exposition Stein Michael Slutskin and Ron Fox
Boxing History on a V&B Stein Mark Durban
The Mysterious Mettlach Form #675 Robert Wilson
A Green Vaults Beer Stein Stephen Lee Smith
Do Mettlachs Fade in Sunlight? Robert Wilson
Original Schlitt V&B Design Found Mark Durban
My Service Stein Denny Matheney
Another Very Rare and Unusual Regimental Beer Stein Ron Heiligenstein
Marzi & Remy Etched Steins — a poem Sam Brainard
Ludwig Foltz II, Premier Designer of Mettlach Steins Roy DeSelms and Robert Wilson
St. Joseph's Academy Ron Fox
HR and the Freising Factory Revisited John McGregor
Glass Decorating Techniques: Marquetry Ron Fox
The Imperial Sailing Yacht ‘Meteor' Mark Fiebrandt
German Student Societies, History and Traditions: A
Walt Vogdes
Irish Beleek's Influence and Walter Lenox, the Early Years Stuart Steggall
Mettlach Made for Orivit Robert Wilson
A Beer Stein, Tobacco Jar or Mustard Pot? Bob Groebner, Jr.
The Schierholz Student Boxer Stein Hank Naetzker
The Dog in Student Life Walt Vogdes
Stein of the Issue Contest
March 2004 Author
Heraldry on Steins and Glasses Richard Strom
Obituary — Lester E. Hopper, SCI Master Steinologist
Introduction to Collecting Regimental Steins Ron Heiligenstein
Phillips Academy, Andover Ron Fox
Mettlach Crystalline Glazes Robert Wilson
Early Steins: The rare blue Annaberg steins Les Paul
Miniature Steins Les Paul
Hans im Glück David Harr
Las Vegas Importing the Munich Tradition Floyd Dietlein
RARE Tiffany Stein Ron Fox
Stanhopes Ron Fox
HR and the Freising Factory Revisited John McGregor
A Fable of Long, Long Ago Ed Weimer
More HR Inlaid Lids Marty Cameli
A Stein Depicting the Battle Between Good and Evil Jim Fredholm
The Beehive Steins Les Paul
Stein of the Issue Contest
The Multiple Molds of Thewalt Stein #1273 Jerry Berg
Mettlach Earlyware Louis Foster
Castles and Other Buildings: The Beautiful Churches of Munich Charlotte Whitham
Coloring the Glass Ron Fox
American City and Other American Souvenir Steins Jack Strand
St. Peter's Church Walt Vogdes
The Martin Luther Stein Sam Brainard
V&B Mettlach Beakers: German Tourist Sites Frank Pociadlo
FFST Turner Steins Walt Vogdes and Roy DeSelms
Wanted: Photos of Base Marks Walt Vogdes
Mystery Piece Steve Morris
Announcement of the formation of Black Forest Collectors

December 2003 Author
Biedermeier Cut and Engraved Glass Steins James Sauer
Going to Kansas City
Made in the USA Ron Fox
Just One More! David Harr
Steinzeugwerke and Steinzeug-Industrie Coblenz Walt Vogdes
An Interesting Student Stein Walt Vogdes
Double Unit Regimental Beer Steins Ron Heiligenstein
My Favorite Castle Stein Charlotte Whitham
HR and the Freising Factory Revisited John McGregor
Ein Prosit, Ein Prosit, der Gemütlichkeit Jim Fredholm
The Pewter Factory of August Weygang Ron Fox
Two Very Unusual Lid Attachments David Harr
History on Beer Steins — The Zeidler Story George Schamberger
Heinrich Schlitt Postcards Floyd Dietlein
Stein of the Issue Contest
King Ludwig II Character Stein Floyd Dietlein
Unlocking the Mystery of Two Military Commemorative Steins Walt Vogdes
My Favorite Stein Al Kleindienst
My Military Service Stein Bob Trovato
The Tale of a Fayence-Stoneware Stein Lotti Lopez
Political Steins V. Socialist Stein Motifs Roy DeSelms
September 2003 Author
Lenox Steins and the History of Beleek Stuart Steggall
A Stein Hunt Lotti & Victor Lopez
American Patriotic Steins Mark Fiebrandt
An Extremely Rare 1600's Silver German Hexagonal Beaker Stephen Lee Smith
Thanks, Mom David Harr
Castle Drachenfels Charlotte Whitham
An Imperial German Navy Reservist's Stein with an American
Edward Voss
Steins Produced by the Firm of JW Remy Lyn Ayers
The Billiken Stein David Harr
Proof That Diesinger Manufactured Threaded Steins Phil Masenheimer
Early Steins: An Altenburg Pearl Stein Les Paul
Manning Bowman & Co., American Beer Stein Manufacturer Frank Pociadlo
A Student Stein from the Freiberg School of Mining John McGregor
A Jugendstil Pouring Stein by Johann Peter Thewalt Walt Vogdes
Fun Stein Quiz
My First Stein Norm Paratore
SCI Salutes Rich Cress Walt Vogdes on behalf of SCI
Select Items from the John Stuart Collection (for sale)
Miniature Steins Les Paul
Stein of the Issue Contest
June 2003 Author
United States Military Steins Andre Ammelounx
Secrets to Finding Beer Steins Milt Schnitzlein
My GI Stein Jim DeMars
Steins by Freidrich van Hauten Ron Fox and John Lamb
The Fritz Thenn Regensburg Steinzeug Factory John McGregor
A Military Presentation Pipe — Christmas in France George Schamberger
Guard Stars on Regimental Beer Steins Ron Heiligenstein
A Hungarian Beer Mug Martin Kiely
Variations on a Theme: Girmscheid, Mettlach and Rodenstein Frank Loevi
Variations on Mettlach Plaques Neil Barton
Corrections –
What does Panier mean, and what can you tell me about my
student stein?
My First Stein(s) Martyn Brown
An Addendum to Martyn Brown's Article — ‘de ja vu' (all over
Arthur Maethner
Three Devil Steins Sam Brainard
Steins in Alsace and Lorraine Christian Aracheloff
Ewer: The Greatest! Robert Fisher
March 2003 Author
The Greatest Spectacle in Stein Collecting: Indianapolis 2003 Host Chapter for the 2003 Convention
Mettlach's Chicago Stein Form 3156 Andre Ammelounx
More on Regimental Beer Steins Named to Regiments with
Unusual Nicknames
Ron Heiligenstein
Still Water Runs Deep Walt Vogdes
Die Reservistenpfeifen — The Reservist Pipes — Regimental
Pipes — Part
10, More Special Messages on Bowls
Les Hopper
Mettlach's Hand Engraved Items Robert Wilson
This Imperial German Navy Stein Has an Outstanding Story to
Edward Voss
Royalty, The First Real Collectors Don Birschel
Ewer: The Greatest! Martyn Brown
This Bud is For You Sam Brainard
The Cologne Cathedral, V&B-Mettlach and Politics — Part
III: The
Missing Verse, the Shield Transitions & the Signature of Ludwig
Foltz II
Roy DeSelms and Robert Wilson
Fake Mettlach Marks and Lithopanes Ron Gray
Albrecht ü¼rer Marty Cameli
December 2002 Author
An Unusual Jugendstil Pouring Stein Walt Vogdes
A Winter Warmer Martyn Brown
Jakob Julius Scharvogel and Munich Art Pottery Walt Vogdes
Web site review — The Beer Stein Library Gene Manusov
Understanding and Identifying Regimental Steins and
Researching a Rarity
Roy DeSelms
Budweiser Holiday Steins Sam Brainard
A Rare and Unusual Regimental Beer Stein Ron Heiligenstein
Political Steins IV: WWI German POW in USA Mug Roy DeSelms
Symbolism of Character Steins: What Do They Mean? David Harr
The Man in the Moon David Harr
A Special Christmas Present Les and Charlotte Whitham
Patriotic Steins: Remembering 9-11 Frank Loevi
History on Beer Steins: Prince Eugen v. Savoyen George Schamberger
September 2002 Author
Return of the KING and Other Recent Happenings in Schultz
& Dooley
Frank Loevi
Let's Dance — Bavarian Style! Dick Platt
A Student Society Tin Toffee Stein Martin Kiely
Two Mettlach Plaques Walt Vogdes
Die Reservistenpfeifen — The Reservist Pipe — Regimental
Pipes, Part 9,
Special Messages on Bowls
Les Hopper
The Cologne Cathedral, V&B-Mettlach and Politics Roy DeSelms and Robert Wilson
A Royal Student Stein Stephen Lee Smith and Walt Vogdes
An Unusual Regimental Beer Stein Named To The Body Guard
Squadron Of The
Regiment Garde Du Corps, Potsdam 1912-1915
Edward Voss
Do You Believe in Coincidence? Oskar Roick Linked to Mettlach! Walt Vogdes
Pigeon Steins and Pigeons in the Military Marty Cameli
Noah and the Ark (The Mural vs. The Punch Bowl) Arthur Maethner
The Lure of the Lorelei, A Fable from the Romantic Rhine Jeff Langstaff
Regimental Beer Steins Named to Units with Unusual Nicknames Ron Heiligenstein
Marks on Porcelain Regimental and Occupational Steins Roy DeSelms
June 2002 Author
Germania on Regimental Beer Steins Louis Foster
Die Reservistenpfeiffen — The Reservist Pipe — Regimental
Pipes — Part 8,
Civilian and Military Occupations Shown on Bowls
Les Hopper
Die Kunstgewerbemuseum (Applied Art Museum, Berlin) Walt Vogdes
Schlitt's Drunken Judges Stein, A Misunderstood Mettlach Frank Loevi
Political Steins III. The Socialist Movement in Steins (ref.
Roy DeSelms
Another Faust Stein Frank Loevi
A Further Analysis of Auction Stein Sales Walt Vogdes
A Character Stein for the Collector Who Has It All Ron Gray
Napoleon's Stein: A Regimental Wannabe? Martin Kiely
Für Kaiser und Vaterland! Jeff Langstaff
A Stein from Hollywood Marty Cameli
History on Beer Steins — The Red Baron of Germany George Schamberger
A regimental Question Answered George Schamberger
Rabbits and Beer Steins C. J. Lowes
Gymnastic/Weightlifting Steins Bill Bosworth
No More Steins in Munich? Bill Bosworth
Heinrich Schlitt's Murals in the Cellar of Munich's Town Hall Arthur Maethner
March 2002 Author
Munich Child Character Steins Louis Foster
A Variation on a Schlitt Design (Several Replies)
A Question for Stein Collectors Harvey Murphy
Down in the Auerbach Keller Brent Laswell
Harvey Murphy's Memories of SCI Convention No. 1 Marty Cameli
Political Steins I:Die Deutsche Burschenschaft (The
German Students'
Roy DeSelms
How Many Dekkers Worked for Girmscheid? Les Hopper
Pollitical Steins II: The 1809 Norway-Denmark Alliance Wooden
Roy DeSelms
All That Does Not Glitter May Be Gold Neil Barton
Flowers and the Three Kaisers of 1888 George Schamberger
A “Burg Hohenzollern” Regimental Beer Stein? Ron Heiligenstein
Die Reservistenpfeifen, Part 7 — Bowls, Lids and
Their Components
Les Hopper
The Character Steins of Matthias Girmscheid Jerry Berg
The Cologne Cathedral, V&B-Mettlach and Politics Roy DeSelms and Robert Wilson
Chapter & Verse –
December 2001 Author
2002 Convention the 2002 Convention Hosts
Nobody Asked Me… But Marty Cameli
An Analysis of the Sales of Popular Steins During the Decade
of the 90's
Walt Vogdes
My First Stein David Bruha
An Introduction to Schierholz Character Steins Frank Loevi
Die Reservistenpfeiffen — The Reservist Pipes — Part 6,
Additional Bowls
and Their Components
Les Hopper
Book Review — “Die Reservistenpfeife Les Hopper
A Regimental Question (A Reply) Steven Wessling
Who are they? (Several Replies)
A Variation on a Schlitt Design Martyn Brown
My First Stein Jeff Langstaff
September 2001 Author
The Steins of E. Bohne Söhne: An Introduction Frank Loevi
Start 'em Young Lawrence Beckendorff
SCI's Master Pewterer Charlotte Whitham
An American Regimental??? Neil Barton
Die Reservistenpfeiffen — The Reservist Pipes — Part 5,
Additional Bowls
and Their Components
Les Hopper
A Regimental Question George Schamberger
The Stein Inn, The Oldest Inn on Skye Chris Dodd
Who Was Chas. Haas of Blue Island, Illinois Bernard Harrison
An A-B Barrel Character Stein Louis Foster
Who are these guys? John Gaustad
Stein Hunting in Eastern Europe Walt Vogdes
Artist Bob Benard Recreates Work of Christian Warth –
A Stein Collector's Profile Marty Cameli
June 2001 Author
HR Steins With Inlaid Lids Marty Cameli
A Pile of Penny Material Earl Christy
The KING-Werk “Limität” Series: Marzi & Remy Reincarnated Frank Loevi
The Glass Gallery: Victoria and Albert Museum, London, England Bernard Harrison
Book Report — Das Münchner Kindl Walt Vogdes
Die Reservistenpfeiffen — The Reservist Pipes, Part
IV — Bowl
Les Hopper
Book Review — “The Beer Drinker's Bible, Lore, Trivia and
Chapter and Verse
Martin Kiely
The Rheinstein Castle John Hawks
Knitted Beer Markers Ron Gray
My First Beer Stein Sam Brainard
A Regimental Beer Stein named to a German Bicycle Company Alte Germanen Chapter
My First Stein Louis Foster
March 2001 Author
2001: A Thirsty Knight Stein Odyssey the 2001 Convention Host Chapter
Evolution of a New Convention Tradition Marie Stevenson
The Kaiser Prize for Marksmanship William Sullivan
Gaudeamus Igitur and the Kommersbuch Walt Vogdes
Editor's Note on the Zirkel
The Mis-Matched Character Steinman, Sam Brainard Tom Seitz
Everybody Loves Heinrich Schlitt John Gaustad
Der Reservistenpfeiffen — The Reservist Pipes, Part
II —
Les Hopper
New Stein (Great Dane) Peter Kroll
Book Review — “The Beer Stein Book, Third Edition, A 400
Walt Vogdes
Three Pipe Smokers Sam Brainard
Trivia from the Past Bob Edwards
Der Reservistenpfeiffen — The Reservist Pipes, Part
Decorations and Unit Cubes
Les Hopper
December 2000 Author
American Indians on German Beer Steins Pat Manusov
Die Reservistenpfeifen –The Reservist Regimental Pipes Les Hopper
Two Unusual Steins, The Wilhelm Kagel Pottery Franz Hassmann
Impressions of a Convention Sharon Bruha
The Murals of Heinrich Schlitt in the Wiesbaden Ratskeller
(Part III) (a
Arthur Maethner
The Dracula Stein Sam Brainard
HR Bicycle Steins Marty Cameli
Girmscheid Salt-Glazed Steins Les Hopper
Aviation History on a Beer Mug John Gaustad
September 2000 Author
Mary Gregory Type Glassware Jack Pandl
Rare and Unusual Hauber & Reuther Steins Marty Cameli
The Murals of Heinrich Schlitt in the Wiesbaden Ratskeller
(Part II)
Arthur Maethner
The History of Stein Collectors International John Kelly and Earl and Vera Christy
Der Scharfrichter George Schamberger
Drinking Vessels on Stamps George Schamberger
The Glass of Karlsbad, Bohemia John Hawks
The Ron Fox Dwarf Stein Sam Brainard
Two Unusual Steins John Gaustad
June 2000 Author
Glassware of the Royal Families of Europe Don Birschel
New Leinenkugel Brewery Character Stein Announced Peter Kroll
Stein Magicians Leonce Miller
Avon Steins Sam Brainard
The Murals of Heinrich Schlitt in the Wiesbaden Ratskeller Arthur Maethner
PKT: German's Newest Stein Maker Frank Loevi
Mike Wald Stein Slide Collection Donated to SCI
Avon Calling Heiner Kiessling
Thewalt Steins Sam Brainard
Richard Wagner, Titan of 19th Century Opera Jim Fredholm
A Historical Beer Stein George Schamberger
More Mystery Marks Russell Stadt
Richard Wagner on Steins and Plaques Harry van Beurden
First It Was Elvis, Then Gustav Thinwebel, Now Joe Jefferson! Harry van Beurden
Free Translations Arthur Maethner
Mettlach Plaque (A Reply) Therese Thomas
Mettlach Plaque (A Reply) Marianne Gruskin
Fake Pewter Vessels Inscribed Kaufbeuren Martin Kiely
On the Subject of Translations Walt Vogdes
Solved Mystery “Unsolved” Les Hopper
The SCI Song Arthur Maethner
March 2000 Author
Convention 2000 the 2000 Convention Host Chapter
And They Came Tumbling Down Charlotte Whitham
Mettlach “Rookwood” Walt Vogdes
Heinrich Schlitt Remembered Arthur Maethner
An English Münchner Kindl? (A Reply)
World War II Commemorative (A Reply)
M&W Frogs Rich Cress
Mettlach Decoration #1014 Arlen Anderson
A Splendid Little War — Spanish-American War Beer Steins Sheldon Lewis
Character Handles on Mettlach Steins Arlen Anderson
Gustav Thinwebel, The Most Recent Sighting Walt Vogdes
The Christmas Stein Leonard Englert
SCI on the Internet Walt Vogdes
December 1999 Author
A Civil War Stein Jim Gasowski
München Mystery Charlotte Whitham
Sanitätsfeldwebel Siebert George Schamberger
The Miller Girl Made It! Leonce Miller
Steins for the Milennium Frank Loevi
Regimental Stein for DM 5.50 George Schamberger
What is it — German or Chinese Frank Loevi
Master Relief Pewterers of the Seventeenth Century —
Francois Briot, Isaac
Faust and Caspar Enderlein
Martin Kiely
The Ugly Munich Child Stein Sam Brainard
Another Etched GT John Gaustad
These Mettlach Items Now Have a Father Therese Thomas
An English Münchner Kindl? Walt Vogdes
World War II Commemorative by Mettlach Ed Hamlin
World War II Commemorative by Mettlach (A Reply) Robert Wilson
Further Observations about Till Eulenspiegel Carolyn Place
Who or What is this J.G. Mark? Russell Stadt
Tannhäuser in Venusberg Rich Cress
Diesinger Takes a Bath at Mount Clemens, Michigan Les Hopper
A Tale of Two Rookwood Steins Walt Vogdes
Götz von Berlichingen John Gaustad
September 1999 Author
Bohne Skull Steins Frank Loevi
The Double Skull Stein Sam Brainard
A Modern Twist to Antique Stein Collecting Jody Wyse
Artists of the Westerwald, Number 7 in a Series (Final
Installment) — J.W.
Pat Manusov
Regimental Presentation Beaker Robert Laier
Colonial Troops in German Southwest Africa Harald Busse
Contemporary Stein Collector #10 –The Last Gerz Beer
SteinSchultz &
Frank Loevi
Contemporary Stein Collector #10 — Winning on the Internet Frank Loevi
The Romans Called Her Diana, The Greeks Called Her Artemis, I
Call Her An
Interesting Stein Subject
Les Hopper
June 1999 Author
A Regimental Beer Stein from German Harald Busse
Eyrich, Another Mettlach Artist Identified Roy DeSelms, George Schamberger and Robert Wilson
Contemporary Stein Collector — No. 9 — Pewter Banded Steins
from Thewalt
Frank Loevi
Contemporary Stein Collector — No. 9 — A-B's Expanding
Stein Horizons
Frank Loevi
One of a Kind Leonce Miller
Artists of the Westerwald — Number 6 in a Series — Reinhold
Pat Manusov
How I Got Started Joe Stephany
Till Eulenspiegel (the third and last part) Walt Vogdes
Regimental Beer Steins — a book review David Walsh
The Poppie Legacy Joann Ellis
Defregger, Artist of the People Marshall Smith
The Iguana Stein Sam Brainard
Who Did It Robert Fisher
The Black Whale at Ascalon — One More Time Charles Washburne
The Jester on Steins Walt Vogdes
March 1999 Author
“Experience the Rockies” The 33rd Annual SCI Convention 1999 Convention Host Chapter
Artists of the Westerwald — Number 5 in a Series — Marzi
& Remy
Pat Manusov
The Utica Brewery Bartender Sam Brainard
Die Gartenlaube and Beer Steins George Schamberger
The J.M. Davis Museum in Claremore, Oklahoma Ron Heiligenstein
Till Eulenspiegel — Part 2 Walt Vogdes
Till Eulenspiegel — An Enigmatic Character Walt Vogdes
Trink und Rauch Joe Horowitz
Perfection Personified Leonce Miller
December 1998 Author
“Knockout” Punch Bowl. A Leonce Miller
Artist of the Westerwald, Number 4 in a Series Pat Manusov
Artists of the Westerwald, Number 3 in a Series Pat Manusov
August Saelzer Factory, The Ron Fox
Beer Fit for a Czar?, A Brent Laswell
Bulldog, The Sam Brainard
Double Take, A Jim Fredholm
Get A Horse – a call often heard David Bausch
Hindenburg Program, The, or “How our steins lost their lids” George Schamberger
How It All Started Ray Hubert
Midwest Mini-Convention – Cincinnati, OH – Plans Kister, H.
Midwest Mini-Convention – St. Louis, MO – Report Editor
My Father and Hussar Regimental Steins Karl Heinze
Rare and Unusual Pair, A Jim Fredholm
Ready for Another War Story? John Gaustad
SCI – 1998-1999 SCI Committees and Special Appointments Les Hopper
SCI – Convention – 33 – Denver, CO – Plans Editor
SCI – Executive Director, From The Scheer, G.
SCI – Financial Report – 1997 Kuntz, K.
Student Prince Stein, The Sam Brainard and Ray Patten
Tale of Two Steins, A. Steve Steigerwald
Two Pair Les Hopper
September 1998 Author
Artists of the Westerwald, Number 2 in a Series Pat Manusov
Contemporary Stein Collector – No. 8 Frank Loevi
French Group Studying the German Empire Offers Periodical in Editor
Fruit Salad Pie Editor
Health Tip For You, A Ron Heiligenstein
Internet Collectors Guide to German Stoneware, 1500-1800 Editor
Is It English, German…Or Possibly American? Bernard Harrison
Is You Is, Or Is You Ain't – You Know Who Leonce Miller
Michael Wald, Master Steinologist Sam Brainard
Midwest Mini-Convention – St. Louis, MO – Plans Kirchgessner, J.
Salvation Army Purchase, A Robert Wehner
SCI – Convention – 32 – Boston, MA – Photo Montage John Mertz
SCI – Convention – 32 – Boston, MA – Pictures Editor
SCI – Convention – 33 – Denver, CO – Plans Editor
SCI – Executive Director, From The Scheer, G.
SCI – Minutes of Board Of Trustee Meeting, 1998 Talley, J.
SCI – Minutes of Executive Committee Meeting, 1998 Talley, J.
SCI – Minutes of General Membership Meeting, 1998 Talley, J.
Snowbirds Kuntz, K.
Some Say Prosit – Some Say L'Chaim, The Kiddush Cup – The Manusov, E.
Thank you, Walt! John Gaustad
Till Eulenspiegel John Gaustad
Till Eulenspiegel Walt Vogdes
Unique Diesinger Vase, A Bill Bosworth
What Are These Marks About? Leonard Englert
Who, What, Where, When, Why, How… Walt Vogdes
June 1998 Author
All About Steins: Collector John Stuart to Appear in Toledo Donar, A.
Animals on Mettlach Stoneware Therese Thomas
Artists of the Westerwald, Number 1 in a Series Pat Manusov
Charmed By Three-Dimensional Steins Paul Clark
Collecting Beer Steins via the Internet Bent, J.
Ende Gut – Alles Gut (All's Well That End's Well) Peter Zirpke
Ernst Bohne & Soehne Odds & Ends Editor
Gentleman Skull, The Sam Brainard
Here's Another “Story Behind the Stein” Ron Heiligenstein
In the Black Whale at Ascalon, or… The Egyptian Stein Al Hoch
Lanzenknecht – A Comparison Les Hopper
Midwest Mini-Convention – St. Louis, MO – Plans Editor
Notes to Contributors Editor
Restoration of St. Louis Silver Co. Steins Schintzlein, M.
SCI – Chapter Calendar Editor
SCI – Convention – 32 – Boston, MA – Plans Pasco, J.
SCI – Executive Director, From The Scheer, G.
St. Louis Silver Company Steins Walt Vogdes
State of The Art Combination Leonce Miller
State of The Art Combination Leonce Miller
Tribute to Col. John Ey, Jr. Sam Brainard
Trio of Mettlach Drinkers, A Leonce Miller
What's This Parian Stuff? Jim Henderson
Who, What, Where, When, Why, How…? Walt Vogdes
WW Team Frank Loevi
March 1998 Author
Bavarians Drink More Beer Than Milk, Study Finds Ron Heiligenstein
Blacksmith's Story, The – A Masonic Legend Martin Kiely
Contemporary Stein Collector – No. 7 Frank Loevi
Diesinger Punch Bowl, A Les Hopper
EuroEnglish Editor
Ever See a Giraffe Stein? Manusov, E.
Friendship Rekindled Gruskin, M.
Gesture For The Jester Fred Ellis
Hannah Dustin Tankard, The William Burkle
Index To Prosit Volume 2, Numbers 25 -28, 1998 Les Hopper
Is It English, German.. Or Possibly American? Neil Barton
It All Starts With One Fred Ellis
Lion Stein, The Sam Brainard
Regimental Beer Stein With a Story, A Ron Heiligenstein
SCI – Award Nominations Editor
SCI – Convention – 32 – Boston, MA – Plans Maguire, T.
SCI – Executive Director, From The Scheer, G.
Trumpeter von Saeckingen, Der “A song from the Upper Rhine” Dagmar Rives
Who, What, Where, When Why, How…? Walt Vogdes
December 1997 Author
Another New Mettlach Record Price Steve Elliott
Cats Off Broadway Leonce Miller
Contemporary Stein Collector – No. 6 Frank Loevi
General Tilly and His Diesinger Steins Les Hopper
Heinrich Schlitt and Diesinger Les Hopper
Inflation and Notgeld and How They Relate to Stein John McGregor
Marzi and Remy Redux John Gaustad
New Bohne Owl, The Sam Brainard
Orivit and Mettlach? An Unusual Beer Pitcher Walt Vogdes
Potpourri of Silver Basics, A Boresch, U.
Regimental Stein Associated With The Red Baron?, A Ron Heiligenstein
SCI – 1997-1998 Committee and Special Appointments Les Hopper
SCI – Award – Thank You Pat Jahn
SCI – Convention – 31 – Seattle, WA – Photo Montage John Mertz
SCI – Convention – 31 – Seattle, WA – Report Editor
SCI – Convention – 32 – Boston, MA – Plans Maguire, K.
SCI – Executive Director, From The Scheer, G.
SCI – Minutes of Board of Trustees Meeting, 1997 Talley, J.
SCI – Minutes of General Membership Meeting Talley, J.
SCI – New Director for the Research Museum/Library Pat Manusov
SCI – Notes to Prosit Contributors Editor
SCI – St. Louis Mini-Convention Scheduled Editor
Trip to Australia Just One Bid Away!! Paul Rohe
Who, What, Where, When, How….? Requesting Your Stein Walt Vogdes
Who, What, Where, When. Why, How…? Who Is This Guy and Walt Vogdes
September 1997 Author
An In-depth Look at the Firm of Johann Maresch Pat Manusov
Announcing: Assistance For Prosit Authors Walt Vogdes
Contemporary Stein Collector – No. 5 Frank Loevi
Festivals are Contagious Worldwide Bringing Joy to Many Leonce Miller
Glass Seminar Editor
How I Started Collecting Steins Marty Cameli
Moon Man Stein, The Sam Brainard
New Brewery Editor
Origin of the Term “Siderolith” Pat Manusov
Schussenrieder Bierkrugmuseum, Every Stein in its Place Walt Vogdes
SCI – Convention – 31 -Seattle, WA – Poem Sam Brainard
SCI – Executive Director, From The Scheer, G.
Seeking New Authors Walt Vogdes
Stein Night at our Local German Lodge Dick Platt
U.S. Military Steins Louis Foster
Utzschneider of Sarreguemines John Gaustad
Who is this Guy and What Happened on April 11, 1889? Walt Vogdes
Who, What, Where, When, Why, How…? Walt Vogdes
Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese Tavern Martin Kiely
June 1997 Author
Bud Man Reunion Leonce Miller
Contemporary Stein Collector – No. 4 Frank Loevi
English Bellarmine Jugs Martin Kiely
Girmscheid's Sutler Les Hopper
In Pursuit of Munich Maid Character Steins Louis Foster
Littlest Alligator, The Les Hopper
Mysterious and Elusive Paragraph 11, The, And What Now? A John Aschenbrenner
Navy Regimental Stein Named to the Kaiser's Yacht, A Ron Heiligenstein
Picnic Anyone? Editor
SCI – Convention – 31 – Seattle, WA – Plans Lyn Ayers
SCI – Executive Director, From The Scheer, G.
Sherlock Holmes Steins Sam Brainard
Update from the SCI Research Library and Archives Pat Manusov
Watchers on the Rhine, A Flight of Fancy John McGregor
March 1997 Author
Albrecht Duerer of the German Renaissance: His Artistry John Aschenbrenner
Alt Heidelberg Du Feine Sam Brainard
Contemporary Stein Collector – No. 3 Frank Loevi
Crocodile in Lederhosen, A Sam Brainard
Gerz GmbH – Regimentals Too! Don Birschel
Grafenwoehr Remembered John Gaustad
Hand Painted Steins Marty Cameli
Index to Prosit, Volume 2, Numbers 17 – 20, 1997 Les Hopper
Just Another “Wise Guy” Leonce Miller
Land's End Extends Reach with Center in Germany Editor
New All-Time Record Mettlach Price Editor
Royal Moment, A Leonce Miller
SCI – 1996-1997 Committee and Special Appointments Les Hopper
SCI – Awards Editor
SCI – Convention – 31 – Seattle, WA – Plans Lyn Ayers
SCI – Executive Director, From The Scheer, G.
SCI – Letter to the Membership Marie Stevenson
Serial Regimental Stein, A Ron Heiligenstein
Stein Reflections Ed Culbreth
There Ain't No Alligators in Germany! Les Hopper
Thirsty Knights Word Search, The Editor
Three Hundred Candles John Gaustad
To Be (Genuine), Or Not (Genuine), That is the Question John McGregor
December 1996 Author
And Then There Were Four John McGregor
Contemporary Stein Collector – No. 2 Frank Loevi
Faience Stein from the Little Known Factory in Amberg, Now a John Aschenbrenner
Gerz Part III, Back to the Future Don Birschel
It Takes Two To Tango Leonce Miller
Little Nostalgia, A Charlotte Whitham
Mettlach Tapestry Steins, The Steve Steigerwald
New Videos Available Editor
Pewterer Identified, A John McGregor
SCI – Convention – 31 – Seattle, WA – Plans Editor
SCI – Executive Director, From The Scheer, G.
SCI – Letters to the Editor Sippel, E.
SCI – Minutes of Board of Trustee Meeting, 1996 Talley, J.
SCI – Minutes of General Membership Meeting, 1996 Talley, J.
USA President – A “Part Time” Government Job Leonce Miller
September 1996 Author
Brueder Thannhauser Andre Ammelounx
Contemporary Stein Collector Frank Loevi
Corona Parrot, The Sam Brainard
Gambrinus: King, Saint or Sinner? John Aschenbrenner
Monumental Stein, A – Made in Mettlach Therese Thomas
New Magazine Editor
Pewter Fittings Through The Ages, An Update John McGregor
Portuguese Folk Art Martin Kiely
SCI – Convention – 30 – Harrisburg, PA – Photo Montage John Mertz
SCI – Convention – 30 – Harrisburg, PA – Poetry Patton, R. and Sam Brainard
SCI – Convention – 32 – Seattle, WA – Tour Plans Editor
SCI – Executive Director, From The Scheer, G.
SCI – Financial Report – 1995 Norm Paratore
SCI – Midwest Mini-Convention – 1996 – Plans Editor
Ultimate Character Stein Book, The Editor
June 1996 Author
Big Question, The Sam Brainard
Big Steins = Fun Times Roland Henschen
Caveat Emptor: A Note About Gerz “Limitat” Series Miniatures Frank Loevi
Confessions of a Dilatory Researcher John Gaustad
Different Drummer, A John Gaustad
Economic Slump Affecting Stein Makers of Kannerbaeckerland Roland Henschen
Forever Amber Neil Barton
Girmscheid Handles and Mettlach Marks, Of Les Hopper
Index to Prosit, Volume 2, Numbers 13-16, 1995 Les Hopper
Lovely Pair, A Sam Brainard
Mettlach Steins and Their Prices Floyd Dietlein
Museum to Feature Steins Editor
SCI – Convention – 30 – Harrisburg, PA – Plans Editor
SCI – Convention – 30 – Harrisburg, PA – Poem Sam Brainard
SCI – Executive Director, From The Pat Jahn
SCI – Letters to the Editor Roland Henschen
SCI – SCI Calendar – 1996 Pat Jahn
United State, A Leonce Miller
V & B Rosetta Stone, The Mark Durban
Valuable Documents of a Member of the Guard Corps Around the Schneider, L.
Very Concise History of Faience and a Listing of German John McGregor
Video on Modern Steins – Worthy Collectibles Editor
Wanted: A Few Good Men People Les Hopper
Westerwald Steinzeug 1600-1914 John McGregor
March 1996 Author
Carolingian Kings, The Martin Kiely
First Ever SCI “Meeting” in Hungary Ron Heiligenstein
Gerz Etched Steins – Part II: A Closer Look at the Artists Don Birschel
Happy Ending To “A Mettlach Fairytale” Leonce Miller
Made For Each Other Leonce Miller
Mini Sailor Steins Sam Brainard
Mini-Beer Stein Cottage Industry, A Poppie, F.
New Schlitt Ceiling, A Pat Manusov
Now There's “RD”, And Les Hopper
Schultz and Dooley, et al. A Collectors Guide Frank Loevi
SCI – Convention – 30 – Harrisburg, PA – Plans Editor
SCI – Executive Director, From the Pat Jahn
SCI – SCI Calendar – 1997 Pat Jahn
SCI – Thanks From Your SCI Museum/Research Library Pat Manusov
Skeletons, The Sam Brainard
Spirit of SCI, The Pat Jahn
Stanley Cup Rarity, A Leonce Miller
Stein Collecting Makes You Horny Judy Stuart
December 1995 Author
$50 Reward Offered Pat Manusov
Battle of Gettysburg, The Jack Rives
Elfriede Balzar-Kopp Roland Henschen
Etched in Stone Editor
Gerz Etched Steins, A Closer Look – Part 1 Don Birschel
Happy Holidays! O'connor, J.
Hey! You Never Know Leonce Miller
If German Beer Is So Great, Why Doesn't It Sell Abroad? Editor
Menu: Gripes and Grumblings Kurt Sommerich
Modern Steins – Worthy Collectibles Dave Lowry
Needed by the SCI Museum Research Library and Archives Pat Manusov
One of a Kind? Les Hopper
Santa Claus Haus, The Sam Brainard
SCI – Calendar – 1995/96 Pat Jahn
SCI – Convention – 29 – Milwaukee, WI – Report John Mertz
SCI – Convention – 29 – Milwaukee, WI – Videos Mcmane, N.
SCI – Executive Director, From The Pat Jahn
Thaler for Your Thoughts, A John Stuart
Thanks! Les Hopper
Two Important Yearly Events Norm Paratore
Unique SCI Convention Stein, A Johnsen, I.
Very Unusual Character Stein From Mettlach at Art Museum, Therese Thomas
September 1995 Author
All Alone? Leonce Miller
Birth of the Germans, The Dave Lowry
Desert Steiner's First, A Editor
Four Mugs and a Jug John Gaustad
Give 'em the Boot John Stuart
Go With's Neil Barton
History is Where You Find It – Chapter Five Pepe, R.
History With a Twist Orrock, R.
In Praise of Pottery Relief Brent Laswell
Karl Beuler's Figural Lids – Part 3 Les Hopper
Museums – A Source of Great Learning Pat Manusov
New Berlin Bear, The Sam Brainard
New Stein Releases – Part 2 Dave Lowry
New Stein Releases Dave Lowry
Notes to Prosit Contributors Editor
SCI – Attention New Stein Collectors and Scholars!, We Need Dave Lowry
SCI – Convention – 29 – Milwaukee, WI – Report John Mertz
SCI – Executive Director, From The Pat Jahn
SCI – The 1994 Springfield Stein Weekend — A Delayed Editor
SCI's Newest Member Les Hopper
What a Find! Pat Manusov
What is a Keferloh Regimental Stein? Ron Heiligenstein
Who Were They? Brent Laswell
June 1995 Author
“Anniversary” Regimental Beer Steins Ron Heiligenstein
Attending the SCI Convention for the First Time? Editor
Book Review: Gary Kirsner, The Mettlach Book, 3rd edition, Therese Thomas
But It's A Mettlach! Leonce Miller
Closer Look at Character Stein ECS 189, A Steve Morris
Come in Late? Editor
Eugene Henri Paul Gauguin (1848-1903) Martin Kiely
History is Where You Find It – Chapter Four John Gaustad
Karl Beuler's Figural Lids – Part 2 Les Hopper
Mettlach Fairy Tale?, A Leonce Miller
Mettlach's 1/2 Liter Etched Bowling Stein Steve Steigerwald
Modern Steins – Some Reference Tools Dave Lowry
More on Diesinger Steins Jack Rives
SCI – Convention – 28 -New Orleans, LA – Report Les Hopper
SCI – Executive Director, From The Pat Jahn
SCI Stein History Continues….. Dave Lowry
Strange Friends Jack Lowenstein
March 1995 Author
Ancients Had a Taste for Beer, Scientists Find Wilford, J.
Bit of German Humor, A Les Hopper
Buyer Beware!!! Neil Barton
Devil's Grandmother, The Sam Brainard
Driver Steins, The Sam Brainard
Etched Diesingers? Jack Rives
Franz von Defregger, His Work Immortalized on Porcelain John Aschenbrenner
Gruss Aus… Brent Laswell
Identifying and Pricing Post World War II Steins Les Paul
Kaisers, The Dave Lowry
Karl Beuler's Figural Lids – Part 1 Les Hopper
Meet a Fellow SCI Member Editor
New Monk Stein, The Sam Brainard
New Stein Releases Dave Lowry
Newest Project for the SCI Museum Research Library Pat Manusov
Public Stein Displays Scheer, T. and Pat Manusov
Regimental Beer Stein of the Dual Monarchy, A Ron Heiligenstein
SCI – Executive Director, From The Pat Jahn
Walk in the Park With “GK”, A Les Hopper
What Do They Call a Beer Stein in Germany? John McGregor
Who Done It? Les Paul
Wow! Who “Wudda Thunk” It? Leonce Miller
December 1994 Author
“Saint George” Dave Lowry
American Cut Glass Steins Cantwell, D.
Bawdy House Steins, The Widener, J.
Contemporary Christmas Steins Frank Loevi
Diesinger Visits New Orleans Les Hopper
Disney Steins, The Sam Brainard
Fiddler Stein, The Trainer, D.
Gerz “Limitaet” Steins Revisited Frank Loevi
Medieval Jester, The, The Lighter Side of Humor, Mettlach John Aschenbrenner
Mettlach Book Steins, The Steve Steigerwald and John Lamb
More Jesting John Aschenbrenner
Musical Magic Dave Lowry
Native New Yorkers Leonce Miller
New Stein Releases Dave Lowry
On the “Square Side” Leonce Miller
Pig Stein, The Sam Brainard
Regimental Beer Stein of the Imperial German Army's 1st Ron Heiligenstein
Santa Claus Steins Sam Brainard
SCI – Executive Director, From the Pat Jahn
SCI – Financial Report – 1994 Frank Pociadlo
SCI – Minutes of Board Meeting, 1994 Gruskin, M.
SCI – Minutes of General Membership Meeting, 1994 Gruskin, M.
SCI – Museum Research Library and Archives – Thanks to Pat Manusov
SCI – Museum Research Library and Archives – Update Pat Manusov
SCI – New Videos Available Pat Manusov
Where Are They Now? Floyd Dietlein
Who-o-o Am I? Leonce Miller
September 1994 Author
“Bohne on a Book” or Music Box Bases on Character Steins Les Paul
Artistic Contribution of Otto Hupp to the Manufacture of Therese Thomas
Bibliography for The Story Behind The Coat of Arms Dave Lowry
Bismarck on the Rocks Les Paul
Brief History of Bicycle Manufacturing, A Very Rich Cress
Brief History of the “Lustigen Steinjaeger von Wisconsin” Kurt Sommerich
Civil War Beer Stein Battles Frank Loevi
Going Goofy for Beer Steins Editor
History and Evolution of Regimental Beer Steins, The Ron Heiligenstein
New Stein Releases Dave Lowry
Picturesque Stein, The, Entitled Kurt Sommerich and Al Hoch
Regensburg or Westerwald? John McGregor
SCI – 1994-1995 Chapter Meetings Pat Jahn
SCI – Appointments Editor
SCI – Convention – 28 – New Orleans – Photographs and John Mertz
SCI – Convention – 28 – New Orleans – Report Johnsen, I.
SCI – Convention – 28 – New Orleans – Report Sam Brainard
SCI – Convention – Springfield, MA – November 1994 Editor
SCI – Executive Director, From The Pat Jahn
The Butcher, Baker, Brewer and Farmer: Beginning a John Aschenbrenner
Unusual Regimental, An Jack Rives
Unusual White's Stein, An Jack Rives
June 1994 Author
A Stein – Plutarch – A Tradition Boresch, U.
Additional Information on “The War in the Woods” Stein John McGregor
All 1214's Are Not Equal Les Hopper
Attention New Stein Collectors Dave Lowry
Bavarian Connection, The Dave Lowry
Come In Late? Editor
Crosseyed Man, The Sam Brainard
Herman Gradl – Designer of V&B Plaques “The Four Seasons” Lotti Lopez
New Stein Releases Dave Lowry
October Magic in September Kurt Sommerich
SCI – 1994-1995 Chapter Meetings Pat Jahn
SCI – Convention – 28 – New Orleans – Plans Les Hopper
SCI – Convention – Springfield, MA – November 1994 Editor
SCI – Executive Director, From the Pat Jahn
SCI – Letter From The Editor Rich Cress
SCI – Letter To The Editor Smarzowski, W.
Story Behind the Coat-of-Arms, The Dave Lowry
Subject Matter of Faience Steins Les Paul
Unmarked Steins, Now Inseparable In The Emotional Experience John Aschenbrenner
Untitled “Questions” John Gaustad
Westerwald Bird Asleep for 200 Years, A, or Longer John Aschenbrenner
What is a Crest? John Ey Jr.
March 1994 Author
Beer Hunter, The Jack Lowenstein
Characteristic Vessels from the Neolithic, Copper and Roman Breznyaek, D.
Dual Purpose Stein, A Jack Rives
First of A Kind?, The Keith Lyle
History of Indianapolis Brewing Company Talley, J.
Index to Prosit, 1993 Les Hopper
Let Them Drink Beer Editor
Lohengrin in a Light Vein Kurt Sommerich
Miniature Brewery Mugs – A Modern Collection Described Kempski, S.
Miniature Souvenirs from Munich's Hofbrauhaus Jack Lowenstein
Moegelsdorf Stein, The John McGregor
Moon Stein, The Sam Brainard
New Stein Releases Dave Lowry
Recreating History – A Way to Preserve Our Past Steve Morris
Saint Florian and His Second Dousing of the Flames, The John Aschenbrenner
SCI – 1994-1995 Chapter Meetings Pat Jahn
SCI – Awards Editor
SCI – Convention – 27 – Minneapolis/ St. Paul – Videos Editor
SCI – Convention – 28 – New Orleans, LA – Plans Les Hopper
SCI – Convention – 5th Florida Mid-Winter – Report Editor
SCI – Executive Director, From the Pat Jahn
SCI – Jack Heimann Service Award Christy, V.
SCI – Museum Research Library and Archives – Update Pat Manusov
Some Answers Found, Some Not John McGregor
Tales of Two Cities Jack Lowenstein
Two Of A Kind, But Different John McGregor
Wanted: More New SCI Chapters Ron Heiligenstein
Waste Not … Want Not Les Hopper
December 1993 Author
All The Gold-In (Southern) California Editor
Birthplace of the Works of Karl Beuler and Unknown Artist Les Hopper
Book Review: Collectors Information Bureau's Collectibles Dave Lowry
Christmas Tree Stein, The Sam Brainard
Corzelius Nutcrackers Sam Brainard
Frank Lambertus Collection Recently Presented to The Editor
Gambrinus Pokal, The Finke, U.
German Rhine Walt Vogdes
Gerz “Limitaet” Steins Frank Loevi
How Many are Enough? Jack Rives
Letter to the Editor of Prosit Pat Manusov
Little Quiz, A John McGregor
Lohengrin Martin Kiely
Lohengrin and the Holy Grail Legend John Aschenbrenner
Lowenstein Collection Addition to the SCI Research Library Pat Manusov
Most Expensive Mettlach, The Robert Wilson
Mystery Pieces Photographed John McGregor
New Stein Releases Dave Lowry
Pass Cups, Unusual Drinking Vessels Eden, W.
Patron Saint for Stein Collectors?, A Fahrendorf, P.
Saint Eligius Stein, The Fahrendorf, P.
SCI – Awards Editor
SCI – Convention – 27 – Minneapolis, MN – Report John Mertz
SCI – Convention – 28 – New Orleans, LA – Plans Les Hopper
SCI – Convention – Fifth Florida Mid Winter – Plans Editor
SCI – Executive Director, From the Pat Jahn
SCI – Minutes of Board Meeting, 1993 Riley, C.
SCI – Minutes of General Membership Meeting, 1993 Riley, C.
SCI-1993-1994 SCI Chapter Meetings Pat Jahn
SCI-Committee Assignments Ron Heiligenstein
Telltale Names-The Distributors of Regimental Steins Meinlschmidt, P.
Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU! Jack Lowenstein
Thewalt Firm…100th Anniversary, The Stein Makers Roland Henschen
Visit to the Keramikmuseum in Frechen, A Fry, R.
When Bacchus and Gambrinus Met Jack Lowenstein
September 1993 Author
“Bauerntanz” – “Peasants' Dance” Jack Lowenstein
ABA Honors Jack Lowenstein Editor
Ah, Mettlach, Wonder-filled Mettlach! Anderson, J.
Another “Tidbit” for Collectors of Brewery Items Leonce Miller
Another Computerized Method of Maintaining a Stein Inventory Dietrich, M.
Articles for Prosit Editor
Cardinal Stein, The Sam Brainard
Corning Museum Exhibit Editor
E.C.B.A. – N.A.B.A. Joint Trade Show Editor
Editor Resigns Editor
Glass Purity Law Stein, The Dave Lowry
Hunter or Forester – A Point of View Lotti Lopez
Modern Brewery Steins Kutz, G.
Mug Shot Leonce Miller
Pewter Fittings Through the Ages John McGregor
SCI – Convention – 28 – New Orleans, LA – Plans Les Hopper
SCI – Convention – Fifth Florida Mid Winter – Plans Editor
SCI – Executive Director, From the Pat Jahn
SCI – Financial Report – 1992 Walt Vogdes
SCI Salutes Jack Lowenstein Editor
SCI-1993-1994 SCI Chapter Meetings Pat Jahn
Stein Display in Arkansas Editor
Supplement to Prosit Index Available Les Hopper
Tribute to Jack Lowenstein, A Sam Brainard
Turn Schule in Ostafrika Walt Vogdes
Video Tape Rentals, From the SCI Museum, Research Library Pat Manusov
Volkgeist, German Nationalism, Turnvater Jahn, and 4F Beer Walt Vogdes
June 1993 Author
“Classical” Hunter's Stein, A John McGregor
A Little Fun With Franz Schubert Kurt Sommerich
Antique Steins Wagner, R.
Change at the Top of Rastal, Hoehr-Grenzhausen, A Editor
Characteristic Wine Jugs from Hungary Breznyaek, D.
Collectors of New Steins Attention Dave Lowry
Early English Lustre Ware Frog Mug Les Hopper
Ehring's Closes Doors after 83 Years Editor
Give The Kids A Hand Anderson, J.
Hunter Mountain Summer Festivals '93 Editor
Is Source of Mystery Mark Revealed? Editor
It's Official: The Mettlach Ceramic Museum Remains at Castle Therese Thomas
Manufacturers' “Go With” Signs Les Hopper
Mysterious Nazi-Era Mug, A Eden, W.
Note to all SCI Members, A Ron Heiligenstein
Owl Character Steins Lotti Lopez
Pigeon Steins Marty Cameli
Regimental Stein of Reservist Beutel Svboda, K.
Regimental Stein of Reservist Hertlein Metz, M.
Regimental Stein of Reservist Vollrath Svboda, K.
Regimental Stein of Reservist-Gefreiter Haegele Metz, M.
Sailor's Dream, A Leonce Miller
SCI – Chapter Directory Editor
SCI – Convention – 27 – Minneapolis, MN – Plans Editor
SCI – Convention – Fifth Florida Mid-Winter – Plans Editor
SCI – Executive Director, From the Pat Jahn
SCI-1993-1994 SCI Chapter Meetings Pat Jahn
Sherlock Holmes Stein, The Sam Brainard
Signed Glass Stein, A John McGregor
Special Invitation to Members of SCI, A Editor
Status of the SCI Research Library and Archives Pat Manusov
Thank You! Jack Lowenstein
Untitled Cartoon Editor
Who Really Wrote the Music? Kurt Sommerich
World's Oldest Beer Steins Editor
Your New Associate Editor Dave Lowry
March 1993 Author
Anheuser-Busch Announces Editor
Another Stein Mystery: Who was “GK”? Les Hopper
Book Review: Directory to Secondary Market Retailers Jack Lowenstein
Book Review: Kovels' Antiques and Collectibles Price List, Jack Lowenstein
Corning Mini-Convention, The Rickard, L.
Dukatenmann, The, An Update: Scherff, R.
East Coast Antique Shows Editor
Factory Marks, More Burchardt, R.
German Terms on Antiques Jack Lowenstein
Gilt Cup of the St. Martin's or Brewer's Guild Editor
Guess Who is Selling Beer Steins? Editor
How Much? Editor
Index to Prosit, 1992 Les Hopper
Is it an “HR” Lid On an Early Stoneware Stein? John McGregor
Jack Rives, Master Pewterer Jack Lowenstein
Melchisedech Stein, A Les Hopper
Multi-Dimensional Designs Jack Lowenstein
Pickled Few, The Mcgeorge, J.
Rich and Fascinating German Language, The Dave Lowry
SCI – Address Correction Pat Jahn
SCI – Convention – 27 – Minneapolis/St. Paul – Plans Rickard, L.
SCI – Executive Director, From the Pat Jahn
SCI – First Computer Bulletin Board SCI Chapter, The Anderson, J.
SCI – Help Wanted Pat Jahn
SCI – SCI Museum Research Library Pat Manusov
SCI – Video Tapes Available Mcmane, N.
St. Hubert Motif in German Ceramic Art, The Draghi, P.
Still a Mystery Mark Editor
To Err is Human Les Paul
Twenty Centuries Ago: The War in the Woods John Gaustad
Unusual Stoneware Stein, An John McGregor
What Won't They Think of Next? Department Jack Lowenstein
Where's the Honey? Leonce Miller
December 1992 Author
Anheuser-Busch and Stein Manufacturer Gerz Sign Landmark Editor
Another “Whodunit” Leonce Miller
Another Admiral George Dewey – The Hero of Manila Editor
Attention All Chapters: Annual Certification, Chapter Editor
Blueprint for the 90's, A Ron Heiligenstein
Deck the Halls … Editor
Diesinger Visits San Francisco Les Hopper
Different View, A Kurt Sommerich
Final Confessions of a Stein Collector Joshpe, G.
Freedom Stein, The Boller, J.
Historical Chalice, A John McGregor
Is at a Stein? Or is it a Bottle? Les Paul
Kinder and Other Small Steins by Diesinger Les Hopper
Last Laugh, The Editor
Mettlach Stein #406, Another Marty Cameli
Minnesotans Announces Contest Winners Delzoppo, C.
Most Interesting Stein, A John McGregor
New SCI Research Library and Archive, The Pat Manusov
Our First Beer Stein Pat Manusov
Painting of Mary Magdalene by Carlo Crivelli Martin Kiely
Photo Essay, A: Accessories Mitchell, B. and Jack Lowenstein
Pilsener Stadtbraeu Celebrates 150th Anniversary Werner Sahm
Regimental Stein “Go-Withs” Ron Heiligenstein
SCI – Chapter Reporters, Please Take Note Editor
SCI – Convention – 26 – San Francisco – Photographs John Mertz
SCI – Executive Director, From the Pat Jahn
SCI – Minutes of Board Meeting, 1992 Pat Jahn
SCI – Minutes of General Meeting, 1992 Pat Jahn
SCI – SCI 1992/93 Committees Editor
SCI – SCI Awards Pat Jahn
SCI – SCI Wants You … To Pay Your Dues Walt Vogdes
SCI – SCI Wants You … To Pay Your Dues Walt Vogdes
SCI Speakers Bureau, Special Announcement Ron Heiligenstein
Stained Glass SCI Logo Window Les Hopper
Tale of Hurricane Andrew and Two Sun Steiners in South Hogan, D.
Teddy Roosevelt Update, A … And Some Little-Known Facts Trainer, D.
Two Alpine Steins Hansen, J.
Unique Robert E. Lee Stein, A. Dave Lowry
When Bad Things Happen to Good Writers Kilpatrich, J.
September 1992 Author
A Stein is a Stein … Except When it is a Candle Holder Leonce Miller
African Blueprint for a Beer Stein, An J. Joseph Hersh
Authoritative Look at Hauber & Reuther, An Endres, W.
Beer Stein Collector's Festival Editor
Burgwardt Bicycle Museum Features Collection of Bicycle Burgwardt, C.
Civil War, The, Another A-B Series: Editor
Collector's Plate Now Available Editor
Computerized Method of Keeping Up With Steins, A Les Hopper
Diesinger “Greetings from Munich” Leonce Miller
Four Fabulous Collections Editor
Glass Steins from Mettlach, More Les Paul
Help Needed to Establish New Chapters Les Hopper
HR Steins Reprint Editor
Jason and the Argonauts Myers, A.
Martin Pauson Andre Ammelounx
Mettlach Stein #406, “Im Krug Zum Gruenen Kranze” John Aschenbrenner
New York's Thirsty Knights Announce a Mini-Convention Editor
Non-Computerized Inventory Method, … And a Jack Lowenstein
Old Article Answers Stein Question Les Hopper
Regimental Bands Ron Heiligenstein
SCI – Convention – 26 – San Francisco, CA – Report Editor
SCI – Convention – 26 – San Francisco, CA – Stein Les Paul
SCI – Convention – Future Dates Editor
SCI – Executive Director, From the Pat Jahn
SCI – Financial Report – 1991 Walt Vogdes
SCI – SCI moves back to the Mid-West Editor
Slight Correction, A Editor
Special Computer Program? Editor
Square Stein?, A Jack Lowenstein
Stein World Exchange Editor
Teddy Roosevelt – In the Velt and on Beer Steins Les Hopper and Jessup, J.
Trumpeter of Sackingen On a Anheuser-Busch Plaque, The Schrope, R.
Utica Brewery Cuties Sam Brainard
June 1992 Author
Anheuser-Busch Beer Steins Editor
Black-Handled Steins Les Hopper
Buyer and Sellers Directory Now Available Editor
Colossal Show & Sale Editor
Commemorative Munich Plaque Editor
Dietrich of Bern Myers, A.
From Beer Steins to Tobacco Jars Editor
German Renaissance – 17th Century, An 1879 Print Kriegel, B.
Hauber & Reuther … What I Believe Lotti Lopez
Hunter Mountain Summer Festivals '92 Editor
Kannenburg, Die Jack Lowenstein
Leopold F. Schmidt of Olympia Brewery and the Wendell August Martin Kiely
Long-Lost Heinrich Schlitt Stein?, A John McGregor
Military Stein with a Music Box, A Meinlschmidt, P.
Multi-Category Stein, A John McGregor
Odd Omission, An Jack Lowenstein
On Wings of Song Leonce Miller
Rastal Celebration, A Editor
SCI – Convention – 25 – Chicago, IL – Video Tapes Editor
SCI – Convention – 26 – San Francisco, CA – Plans Faussner, B.
SCI – Convention – 26 – San Francisco, CA – Plans Sam Brainard
SCI – Executive Perspective, The Pat Manusov
Stein “Pairs” Sigle, G.
Stellar Students Stud Stoneware Scene Kurt Sommerich
Undocumented Musterschutz Stein, An Eden, W.
Wandering Spirit Locked Within the Beerstein, The, The Ghost John Aschenbrenner
Westerwald Artistry Editor
Westerwald News Editor
World of Beer, The Editor
Year of Columbus, The Editor
March 1992 Author
Additional Hauber & Reuther Information, The Quest
Jack Lowenstein
Book Report: Diesinger Steins – A Collector's Guide Les Paul
East Coast Antique Shows Editor
Examining New Information About Hauber & Reuther Mike Wald
Explosion of New Beer Steins, An Editor
German Alps Festival, Hunter Mountain Summer Festival Editor
Historical Salt-Glazed Stoneware From Central Germany Finke, U.
Index To Prosit, 1991 Les Hopper
Non-Diesinger D.R.G.M. Stein, A John McGregor
Plus ca Change … Editor
Quiet Little Table in the Corner, A Leonce Miller
Quilmes Brewery Stein, The: V&B #2900 Details Les Paul
Regimental Tells a Story, An Update Meinlschmidt, P.
Ripley's Believe it or Not! Editor
SCI – Convention – 26 – San Francisco, CA – Plans Editor
SCI – Convention – 26 – San Francisco, CA – Plans Editor
SCI – Dues Editor
SCI – Executive Perspective, The Pat Manusov
Stags Sam Brainard
Ulmer Spatz, Die – A Rare Bird Walt Vogdes
Unusual Munich Child Stein, An, And Here is More Lotti Lopez
Unusual Munich Child Stein, An, Here's the Answer to the Walt Vogdes
Very Rare American Jug, A John McGregor
December 1991 Author
Additional Comments on the Bavarian (and Prussian) Stein Meinlschmidt, P.
American Pub in Miniature, An Leonce Miller and Roland Henschen
Charge of the Light Brigade, The Editor
Coelln – Cologne Connection, The Floyd Dietlein and Roland Henschen
Frank Poppie Has Lost, His … What?, His … Wax?, Get Poppie, F.
Fritz Quidenus – His Designs Are Not Just On Mettlach Steins Les Paul
Home, Sweet Home Leonce Miller
How Did Salt-Glazing Start? Phil Masenheimer
Ivory Stein Brings $850! Editor
Legend of the Bowling Gnome, The: Some Personal Observations Scherff, R.
Lucky Find, A: An Interesting Westerwald Star Jug John McGregor
Mate' – A Brew from South America Way John Ey Jr.
Prosit 1911 Editor
Quintet of New Bohne Steins, A Sam Brainard
Regimental Stein and its Decorator Are Brought Together Meinischmidt, P.
SCI – Convention – 25 – Chicago, IL – Report Jim DeMars
SCI – Convention – 26 – San Francisco, CA – Plans Faussner, B.
SCI – Dues, SCI Wants You … To Pay Your Dues! Walt Vogdes
SCI – Dues, SCI Wants You … to Pay Your Dues! Walt Vogdes
SCI – Executive Perspective, The Pat Manusov
SCI – Minutes of Board Meeting, 1991 Pat Jahn
SCI – Minutes of General Meeting – 1991 Pat Jahn
SCI – Past Prosits Les Paul
SCI – Searching for a Christmas Idea?, How About an SCI Walt Vogdes
Unusual Munich Child Stein, An … And Here's Another One Les Hopper
Unusual Munich Child Stein, An John McGregor
Westerwald Party To Be Remembered, A Personal Observations Editor
September 1991 Author
Attention, Beer Connoisseurs! Editor
Attention, Researchers Pat Manusov
Balloon Steins Sam Brainard
Bon Voyage! Leonce Miller
Book Report: Decorative Golf Collectibles Jack Lowenstein
Cherchez La Femme Leonce Miller
Compleat Imbiber, The Martin Kiely
Congratulations!: You Have Been Appointed to SCI's Les Hopper
Every Stein Tells a Story Les Paul
History Is Where You Find It: Another Chapter Gruskin, M.
Index to Prosit, Volumes 1 – 100 Editor
Introducing: Sam May … and Krafts and Kollectors Jack Lowenstein
Jim Roehm: Stein Collector and Stein Designer Jack Lowenstein
Legend of The Bowling Gnome, The: A Sequel! Roy DeSelms
Major Event, A: Exhibit of Historic Drinking Vessels Editor
Major New York and New Jersey Antique Shows Editor
New Steins Editor
Quilmes Brewery and V&B Stein #2900 Gruskin, M.
Regimental Tells a Story Eden, W.
SCI – Board of Directors Approves Dues Increase Editor
SCI – Convention – 25 – Chicago, IL – Report Jack Lowenstein
SCI – Convention – 26 – San Francisco, CA – Plans Faussner, B.
SCI – Executive Perspective, The Pat Manusov
SCI – Financial Report – 1990 Walt Vogdes
Small Treasure, A Jim Fredholm
Souvenir of a Pigboat: The S.S. Christopher Columbus Stein Lotti Lopez
Space Exploration Commemoratives, Update: Jack Lowenstein
Totenritt, Der (The Death Ride) Reilly, J.
Who's In The News … Editor
June 1991 Author
Albert Jac. Thewalt of Hoehr-Grenzhausen, The Firm of Roland Henschen
Ardmore Stein Club Mystery Solved Les Hopper
Attention, Coincidence Fans! Kurt Sommerich
Auction Estimates vs. Realized Prices: A Second Analysis Robert Wilson
Collector's Bookshelf, Book Review: There's a Fortune in Jack Lowenstein
Collectors' Software Available Editor
Early Westerwald Tankard with Applied Decor, An Lotti Lopez
Festivals – Hunter Mountain German Alps Festival Editor
First Bud Man, The – Dauntless Defender of Quality Les Hopper
George and Helen Gardiner Collection, The: George R. Adler, B.
Happy Birthday SCI!, Birthday Thoughts by a Master Stephen Lee Smith
Hazard Alert (We're not kidding) Editor
How It All Began: The Master Steinologist Award Misch, G.
Italian-Bavarian Stein Mystery Continues Meinlschmidt, P.
June Nobelists Jack Lowenstein
Mid-West Brewery Tours Editor
Poison and Superstition John Ey Jr.
Pre-SCI Collection, A Fry, B.
Rebuttal, A: Heinzelmaennchen Roland Henschen
SCI – Convention – 25 – Chicago, IL – Plans Editor
SCI – Convention – 25 – Chicago, IL – Plans Sam Brainard
SCI – Convention – 27 – Bloomington, MN – Plans Editor
SCI – Executive Perspective, The Pat Manusov
SCI – Membership Report Jim DeMars
Smoker's Stein, A Les Paul
Unique Franz Ringer Stein, A John McGregor
Unusual Brewer's Occupational Stein Les Hopper
We Have Led You Astray Pat Manusov
What do Beer Steins Have in Common with “Iron Annie”? Les Hopper
What's New … Editor
Which Worcester Tankard? Spero, S.
Who Won the Austro-Prussian War of 1866?: But Don't Believe John Aschenbrenner
With Ron Fox Through Europe: Fling #4 Floyd Dietlein
March 1991 Author
Ardmore Stein Club??? Les Hopper
Best of the Brightest, The Ron Heiligenstein
George and Helen Gardiner Collection, The: George R. Adler, B.
Guess Whose Mugs… Leonce Miller
History Is Where You Find It Les Hopper
Index to Prosit, 1990 Les Hopper
Model Bartender, A Leonce Miller
More New Steins Announced Editor
Not So Handy Handicup, The Les Hopper
Optical Illusion Leonce Miller
Raeren Stoneware Portrayed in Paintings and Graphic Art as Erlhofer, E.
Rare Creussen, A Unger, P.
Reflections on German Folklore, Some Kurt Sommerich
Schierholz Look-Alikes, The Pat Manusov
SCI – Back Issues of Prosit Editor
SCI – Convention – 25 – Chicago, IL – Plans Smith, R.
SCI – Directory, 1990 SCI Membership Pat Manusov
SCI – Executive Perspective, The Pat Manusov
SCI – Museum Committee News Bosworth, J.
Steps in the Development of Ceramics Manufacture in the Land Editor
That's Alotta Volapuek! Roy DeSelms
Urgently Needed: Convention Memories Editor
W.M.F. Beer Steins with Removable Drums Stephen Lee Smith
Whitetails Unlimited Collectors Stein Editor
December 1990 Author
Anheuser-Busch's Missionary Steins: Budweiser Holiday Steins Les Hopper
Another Point of View: What is it Worth? Bell, R.
Another Zsolnay Stein Floyd Dietlein
Believe It Or Not: A Beer Stein Rarity Close to Home John Ey Jr. and Manusov, E.
Book Review: Heinrich Schlitt, 1849-1923 Floyd Dietlein
Book Review: Kovels' Antiques & Collectibles Fix-it Source Editor
Book Review: Kovels' Guide to Selling Your Antiques & Editor
Bowling Gnomes or Bowling Heinzelmaennchen? Roy DeSelms
Call of the Wild, The: New Steins with Animal Motifs Editor
Congratulations: Pandl's Celebrates 75th Anniversary Strong, N.
Dwarfs and Gnomes on Ceramics Editor
Elegant Limited Edition Steins Editor
Fair Deal, A Joe Christensen
George and Helen Gardiner Collection, The: George R. Adler, B.
Happy New Year Sam Brainard
International “As Is” Museum, An Leonce Miller
It's Not the Stein, It's the Lid That's Unique Fahnestock, K.
Last Wish Editor
News Release: Steins of Distinction Editor
SCI – Additional Video Tapes Now Available Editor
SCI – Awards Editor
SCI – Awards, Awards, Awards Jim DeMars
SCI – Convention – 24 – Germany – Photos John Mertz
SCI – Convention – 24 – Germany – Stein Editor
SCI – Convention – 25 – Chicago, IL – Plans Editor
SCI – Executive Perspective, The Pat Manusov
SCI – Financial Report – 1990 Walt Vogdes
SCI – Minutes of Board Meeting, 1990 Pat Jahn
SCI – Minutes of General Membership Meeting, 1990 Pat Jahn
SCI – Now is the Time … To Pay Your Dues Walt Vogdes
SCI – Now is the Time … To Pay Your Dues Walt Vogdes
SCI – Publication Deadlines Editor
SCI Museum Update Bosworth, J.
Smoking Steins Sam Brainard
Untitled Photograph of “GI” Drinking from a Stein Blum, P.
Your Assistance is Requested: Dorothy Schardin
September 1990 Author
80th Anniversary, An Jack Lowenstein
Czeck Beer Drinkers Establish Party Editor
Dominion of Canada Mugs Martin Kiely
Elegant Jugendstil Pfaff, R.
Four Steins of Rather Significant Interest Stephen Lee Smith
Heinzelmaennchen Floyd Dietlein and Roland Henschen
Interesting Invitation, An Bergstrom, E.
Italian-Bavarian Regimental Stein, An Meinlschmidt, P.
Ivory Steins – A Moral Dilemma John Ey Jr.
New From Merkelbach Editor
SCI – Convention – 24 – Germany – Report Jack Lowenstein
SCI – Convention – 25 – Chicago, IL-Plans Loula, S.
SCI – Executive Perspective, The Pat Manusov
SCI – Membership Committee Report Jim DeMars
SCI – Museum Committee Report Bosworth, J.
Spanish-American War Stein Bergstrom, E.
Stein Celebration of Space Exploration, A Jack Lowenstein
Stein Collector from Down Under, A Editor
Treaty of Portsmouth, The – Part 2 Jim Fredholm
Two Big Heads (Are Better Than One?) Sam Brainard
Wat Dat Say? Les Hopper
What Is The True Value? Ron Fox
June 1990 Author
Ba-Kuba Beakers: Interesting and Unique Art Items Therese Thomas
Beer-Tails Editor
Black Prince Finds a Fancy Trophy, The Kurt Sommerich
Centennial Edition of Prosit, The Sam Brainard
From My Perspective John Ey Jr.
Headman of the Class – The Peerless One Leonce Miller
Hunter Mountain German Summer Fest Editor
Mettlach Placard Mark, The Robert Wilson
Mixed Emotions John Stuart
New Theory on HR Steins, A Mike Wald
Pass Cups, A Short History Stephen Lee Smith
Pottery, What is it – and Are We Using the Right Jack Lowenstein
Queen in a Stein Castle Leonce Miller
Ratskeller Reference Rack, Book Review: National Types of Stephen Lee Smith
Ratskeller Reference Rack, Book Review: Relief-Moulded Jugs, Jack Lowenstein
Reinhold Hanke – V & B Stein? Mike Wald
Ripley's Believe it or Not! Manusov, E.
Ripley's Believe It or Not!, You Can Drink Out of It! Manusov, E.
Schuetzenliesl or Target Girl Beer Steins Lotti Lopez
SCI – Convention – 24 – Germany – Plans Therese Thomas
SCI – Executive Perspective, The Pat Manusov
SCI – History of Prosit Jack Lowenstein
Something Like Falling in Love Al Hoch
Something New from Ralph and Terry Kovel Editor
We Congratulate Werner Sahm
You Never Know What You Can Learn Stephen Lee Smith
March 1990 Author
70 Years for Rastal Editor
Ask Ron Ron Fox
Book Review: Emyl Jenkins' Appraisal Book Jack Lowenstein
Book Review: Kovels' Antiques & Collectibles Price List – Jack Lowenstein
Collectibles on TV Editor
D.R.G.M. 154927, Another Missing Link in Steinology? Pat Manusov
Drinking Vessels in the Baseball Hall of Fame Mike Wald
It Was “All in the Family” Ron Heiligenstein
Master Potters: Klothilde Giefer-Bahn and Son Roland Misch, G.
Mettlach Plaques 1044/991 and 1044/992: Copied or Copies? Stephen Lee Smith
Monumental Event, A Jack Lowenstein
Numerologists, Please Note Editor
Pewter Beer Stein of Little Historical Importance, A Stephen Lee Smith
Robert Ripley: Stein Collector Paulun, D.
SCI – Convention – 24 – Germany – Plans Pat Manusov
SCI – Executive Perspective, The Pat Manusov
Tale of Two Ships, A: The Real Story Cunningham, D.
Turkish Man Steins, The Sam Brainard
Useful German Phrases Editor
December 1989 Author
“A” Mystery Mark John Gaustad
Ask Ron – New Schierholz Character Steins Ron Fox
Auction Estimates vs. Realized Prices Robert Wilson
Book Review: Antique Steins, A Collectors' Guide Mike Wald
The S.S. Christopher Columbus Kurt Sommerich
Collector's Delight – University of Maine Collection Editor
Faience Steins From Erfurt Therese Thomas
Mini Stein Maker Sam Brainard
Miss Bavaria Leonce Miller
New Collector Exhibits His Steins – Jim Henderson, Melrose, MA Editor
Oberammergau Passion Play, 1990 Editor
Once More, W.M.F. Stephen Lee Smith
F. Santesson, Stockholm Pewtersmith – Part 2 Stephen Lee Smith
Scandinavian Wooden Tankards Boller, J.
SCI – Convention – 23 – Dearborn, MI – Report Editor
Telling the Old from the New: Schierholz Character Steins Mike Wald
True Bavarian Would Probably Rather Drink (gasp) Water Editor
September 1989 Author
Asahi “Super Dry” Beer Editor
Ask Ron – Lithophanes Ron Fox
Beer Bottle Patents Schwersenz, H.
Book Review: Die Deutsche in Amerika Editor
Book Review: Researching the Germans from Russia Editor
Book Review: Three Hundred Years of German Immigration in N.
Echoes from the Westerwald Editor
German Beers – A Beer Lexicon for the Traveler Editor
German History at a Glance Editor
Happy Birthday, HB Jack Lowenstein
He Must Have Been a Hell of a Man Stephen Lee Smith
Hungarian Master, Vilmos Zsolnay Martin Kiely and Gyugyi, L.
Modern Munich Maid Leonce Miller
Nuremberg Beer Stein Distributors Mike Wald
Ratskeller Reference Rack, Book Review: Jugs, A Collector's
Stephen Lee Smith
Ratskeller Reference Rack, Book Review: Mugs and Tankards, A
Stephen Lee Smith
F. Santesson, Stockholm Pewtersmith – Part 1 Stephen Lee Smith
SCI – Convention – 23 – Dearborn, MI – Report Editor
Travel Book Reports: Shopper's Guide to Germany Jack Lowenstein
Unusual Reservist Stein, A Mike Wald
You Don't Have to Spend a Lot… Stephen Lee Smith
June 1989 Author
Apostle Kreussen Steins Leonce Miller
Ask Ron – What should I buy? Ron Fox
Book Review: Art Nouveau Domestic Metalwork from Jack Lowenstein
Book Review: German Military Steins (1914-1945) Sam Brainard
Chinese Connection, The Les Paul
Decorative Decal, The Editor
Development of the Silver and Pewter Craft in Early America Mary Lou Boresch
Differences in Mettlach #171's Arlen Anderson
Another Girmscheid Copy Mike Wald
Heinrich Schlitt on Metal? Stephen Lee Smith
More on W.M.F. Stephen Lee Smith
L. Ostermayr – Another Nuremberg Distributor Stephen Lee Smith
Rare Find, A Sam Brainard
Reminiscing Leonce Miller
SCI – Convention – 22 – St. Louis, MO – Report Dorothy Schardin
Treaty of Portsmouth, The Mike Wald
University of Halle-Wittenberg Stein, The – Mettlach # 2145 James Sauer
March 1989 Author
At the Bottom of the Stein – Lithophanes Editor
Book Review: The Mettlach Book, Second Edition Johnsen, I.
Boot as Drinking Vessel, A Finke, U.
Chronology of the Benedectine Abbey and the “Old Tower” at
Lager, D.
Happy Wanderers, or Over Germany's Hills and Dales with Ron Floyd Dietlein
How To Detect Stein Repairs Ron Fox
It Dates From Around the Turn of the Century… Al Hoch
Mettlach “Siegfried” Plaques, The Hendricks, W.
New From Thewalt Werner Sahm
One For the Book Mettlach Plaque 3 5136-b Stephen Lee Smith
Pillow Fight That Changed History, The Kurt Sommerich
Stein Trivia- V & B # 2833-f and Gaudeamus Igitur Editor
Steins in a Museum – Rhode Island School of Design,
Providence, RI
Ferrara, P.
Still Wanted: Info on Pass Cups Stephen Lee Smith
Tale of Two Ships, A Les Paul and McGeorge, J.
Time of the Regency, The: Bavaria, 1886-1912 Editor
Unusual Stein Department – V & B # 1370 Mike Wald
Very Unique Mettlach Table, A Kopert, A.
Villeroy & Boch Art Nouveau Tableware Dorothy Schardin
Walter of Aquitaine Myers, A.
December 1988 Author
Beer Brewing, Gift of the Gods Barrett, W.
Bulgarian Connection, The Kurt Sommerich and Jack Lowenstein
In Praise of Mugs Martin Kiely
Matter of Good Taste, A: The Correct Drinking Vessel – Or
Leonce Miller
Mettlach Steins with Presentation Lids Ron Fox
Monterey's Custom House Les Paul and Mcgeorge, J.
Museum Quality – Mother-of-Pearl Tankard, Silver Tankard Editor
Novel Lid Attachment, A Schwersenz, H.
Picture is Worth 1000 Words, A Editor
Rookwood Steins Johnsen, I.
SCI – Convention – 22 – St. Louis, MO – Report Peat, M.
Smooth Sailing Leonce Miller
Stella Antique Shows, More Editor
Understanding Regimental Beer Steins Ron Heiligenstein
Villeroy & Boch Presentation Platter Werner Sahm
Who is Patricia Manusov?, Here's some background about your
Ex. Dir.
September 1988 Author
“Handle” With Care Leonce Miller
“Lisl” Leonce Miller
Ceramic Garden, Chapter Two, A Leonce Miller
Correction to the “Dresden Art” Article in March, A Gruskin, M. and Chapman, A.
English “Old Sheffield Hand-Plated Tankards” 1740-1840 Stephen Lee Smith
Fill The Steins To Dear Old Maine Chapman, A. Jr.
Grossvater's Bierkrug Revisited Davidson, L.
In A Pig's Ear Sam Brainard
Loreley, The (But not what you think it is) Editor
Merkelbach Manufactur of Hoehr-Grenzhausen Misch, G.
Munich Hofbrauhaus, The Editor
On the Saar River Editor
One More Time: The Brothers Grimm Wiley, J.
Ratskeller at Wiesbaden, The (Heinrich Schlitt Murals) Editor
Silver Tankard by Jeremiah Dummer, A Ron Fox
Status Symbol – Mettlach Stein # 2038 Leonce Miller
Stein Club's Quintet, A Leonce Miller
Steins in a New Jersey Museum Jack Lowenstein
World War II Memorabilia Roland Henschen
June 1988 Author
Another Rare Medic's Regimental Stein George Schamberger
Beer Steins Designed by Franz Ringer Mark Durban
Brothers Grimm, The Editor
D.R.G.M. Search Goes On!, The – The Iron Maiden Pat Manusov
Drinking Vessels from the Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection Boresch, U.
From General George Washington to General John Cadwalader John Ey Jr.
Here and There Editor
Here's Some Good News! – Heinrich Schlitt Murals in Wiesbaden Ron Heiligenstein
Jeweled Lids: Myths and Superstitions James Sauer
Magical Marks, Haviland Porcelain Editor
March of Nations, The Kurt Sommerich
SCI – Convention – Florida Mid-Winter – 1988 – Report Jim DeMars
SCI – Convention Souvenirs Editor
Skeleton in the House of Boch, The Kurt Sommerich
Special Beers Editor
Stein Talk Sam Brainard
Unusual Stein Department – The Globe Mike Wald
Wanted: Pass Cups Stephen Lee Smith
Westerwald “Proletariat Stein” Found in East Germany Editor
Why is there a Ring through the Eagle's Mouth? Stephen Lee Smith
Wurst City in the World Editor
March 1988 Author
Beer City is Alive and Well Jack Lowenstein
Belle of 14th Street, The Leonce Miller
Book Review: Kovels' Guide to Selling Your Antiques &
Jack Lowenstein
Book Review: Old Household Pewterware Jack Lowenstein
Children's Steins – A Grimm Delight (The Brothers Grimm, that
Kurt Sommerich
It Dates From Around the Turn of the Century Al Hoch
Dresden Art … or is It? Gruskin, M.
From the Westerwald Werner Sahm
German Auction Prices Therese Thomas
Four Hundred Years of Stein Making Ron Fox
Jugendstil is Still in Style Editor
Let's Go Mets! Leonce Miller
Lighthouse Character Stein Editor
Magical Marks, Part 5 – Similarities Jack Lowenstein
News From Berlin – Berliner Weisse Werner Sahm
Silver Coin Beaker, Saxony/Poland, A Stephen Lee Smith
Star Wars Paul Rohe
Two Mettlach Plaques – After Holbein Therese Thomas
Understanding Regimentals Ron Heiligenstein
December 1987 Author
America's “Best of Brew” Editor
Christmas Theme on a Mettlach Plaque Therese Thomas
Cordon Bleu Kurt Sommerich
German Wine Pitchers with Biblical Motifs Stephen Lee Smith
My First Stein (A “tickling” tale) Les Paul
My Most Unusual Stein Addition Kellough, B.
Old/New Slogan George Schamberger
SCI – 21 Years of SCI Conventions Dorothy Schardin
SCI – Code of Ethics Editor
SCI – Convention – 21 – Washington, DC – Report Johnsen, I.
SCI – SCI Chapter Tattoo, An Les Paul
Thewalt Sailor Steins Sam Brainard
Unusual Stein Department – Mettlach # 6 with Double Lid Mike Wald
September 1987 Author
Book Review: Character Steins, A Collector's Guide Les Paul
Do You Know This … About Silver and Pewter? Thompson, C.
Each Bavarian Drinks 240 Liters of Beer Annually George Schamberger
Enough of this Walking – I Want to Drive Jim DeMars
Familiar Looking – But is it? – Triangle Mark Kilmartin, E.
Football Steins Sam Brainard
Giant Regimental Zitelsberger, K.
History Lesson: The Hapsburgs Editor
Mystery Decor – E.C.C. Orcutt, R.
Political Stein of the Weimar Republic George Schamberger
For the Autograph Collector – German Student Signatures on
Mettlach # 2140
Leonce Miller
For the Connoisseur – The
Leonce Miller
A Rare Set of Twins = V & B
Plaques # 3182 and 3183
Leonce Miller
From the Sticks – Wooden
Drinking Vessels
Leonce Miller
SCI – Convention – 21 – Washington, DC – Report Editor
SCI – Correction to Prosit No. 88, Page 1622 – Pewter
Mannikins Tankard
Sigmund Klein, 1902-1987 Editor
Two Stangen-Pokals: A Comparison Pat Manusov
Welcome to the Hofbrauhaus Leonce Miller
Westerwald Beauties Werner Sahm
Westerwald Delight George Schamberger
Whose Mark is This? W. & B. / N. inside an oval Grosvenor, J.
World's First Coca Cola Beer Stein Nagy, B.
June 1987 Author
19th Century Coin Tankard Werner Sahm
750 Years for Berlin Willi Remy, J. Lowenstein
Beer Horizons: An Oatmeal Stout Editor
Beer Trivia Editor
Blackmoor Puzzle, The – Tucher Beer Kurt Sommerich
Chapter Steins Editor
Drinking Vessels on Postage Stamps Therese Thomas
Drunken Monkeys Sam Brainard
March of the Mannikins Kurt Sommerich
Mismatched Character Steins Sam Brainard
My First Stein Schmitt, B.
Norwegian Wedding Stein Johnsen, I. and Krause, K.
Perfect Drinking Vessel? – Silver Wedding Cup John Ey Jr.
Prosit to the Mass George Schamberger
Stein Sleuth at Work – Seeking Information about Bugbee
Pat Manusov
Tales of Old Nuremburg Editor
What Sizes Did They Come In? – Different Sizes of Character
Mike Wald
Why Does My Golden Beer Make Me Feel So Blue? Editor
March 1987 Author
Auction Record – Steins by Richard Riemerschmid Editor
Baker's Regimental Stein Zitzelsberger, K.
Don't Think Small – It Might Be Contagious Leonce Miller
First Cigar, An Unusual Relief Stein, The George Schamberger
Fit for an Emperor Werner Sahm
German Fraternity Steins Ron Heiligenstein
Historical Commemorative Stein Les Paul
Iron Cross Stein Dick Platt
Listing of Schierholz Character Steins Ron Fox
Merkelbach-Goebel Takes Aim at Stein Market Editor
More About Reutter Porcelain Jack Lowenstein
More Lithophanes from the Les Paul Collection Editor
My First Stein Dick Platt
Rare and Unusual Regimentals, Part 8 – Light Cavalry Units Ron Heiligenstein
Reinhold & August Hanke, A Stoneware Exhibit Editor
Schnitzelbank Bergstrom, E.
December 1986 Author
Artists Working Together Poppie, F.
Book Review: Beer, U. S. A. Jack Lowenstein
Correction to “Otto Blum” Article Jack Lowenstein
Historical Zeppelin Stein Paul Rohe
Mettlach PUG Military Decorations Robert Wilson
Nuremberg Tower Expert Speaks Up Kurt Sommerich
Phony Mettlach “Castle” Marks Mike Wald
Rare and Unusual Regimentals, Part 7 – Heavy Cavalry Units Ron Heiligenstein
Schierholz Character Steins Ron Fox
SCI – Convention – 20 – San Diego, CA – Report Pat Manusov
SCI – Executive Director Jack Lowenstein Resigns Lawrence Beckendorff
Tankard's Tale – To Take Someone Down a Peg Neil Barton
Villeroy & Boch Celebrates Editor
Villeroy & Boch Dinnerware Set Shiaras, D.
September 1986 Author
Can a Monkey Actually Make you Feel Good? Pat Manusov
Celebration of Oktoberfest Steins Editor
Centennial for First Mettlach PUG Steins Robert Wilson
Conjecturers Only.. – Tin Lids Bill Bosworth
Does Anyone Know…? Coblenz – Rheinland Mark Laverty, H.
Early German Character Steins Les Paul
Grossvater's Bierkrug Davidson, L.
More on Ceramic Marks: What's New at V & B? Jack Lowenstein
Oktoberfest Sam Brainard
Politics on Mettlach Beer Steins? At Least Once – David and
Goliath # 2718
Therese Thomas
Radish Steins Sam Brainard
Rare and Unusual Regimentals, Part 6 – Imperial Navy
Ron Heiligenstein
Return of the Stein Expert Sam Brainard
San Diego Auction, A Record Setting Event Editor
Musterschutz and Schierholz: The Missing Link Ron Fox
Steins and Paint Sam Brainard
Steins by O'Hara Dial Co. Ron Fox and Mike Wald
Third Holocaust Stein Werner Sahm and Jack Lowenstein
Twenty Years of SCI Convention Steins Johnsen, I.
What's New in New Steins? Editor
June 1986 Author
Another Girmscheid Look-Alike Mike Wald
Bacchus Orgy Leonce Miller
Best Little Brewery in Texas Ed Culbreth
Bierkruge Bayerischer
(Beersteins of Bavarian Breweries)
Book Review: Kovels' New Dictionary of Marks, Pottery and Editor
Emperor's Gold and Silver Werner Sahm
Glass Techniques Ron Fox
Jack Lowenstein's Reply and Answer to the Puzzle – Mettlach
Jack Lowenstein
Kochel Brewery in Munich, 1888-1892, Its History and Name George Schamberger
Mettlach's “Siegfried” Stein # 2394 Editor
Miniature and Children's Steins, Porcelain by M. W. Reutter Jack Lowenstein
Once Again…Paragraph 11 Jack Lowenstein
Pitkin & Brooks Ad offering
Mettlach Steins from $0.50 to $25
Rare and Unusual Regimentals, Part 5 – Unusul Military
Ron Heiligenstein
Siegfried's Sword Transformed by Mettlach Deflon, C. and Robert Wilson
Steinmakers: A “TP” Follow-up – Joh. Pet. Thewalt Roland Henschen
Unusual Stein Department, A Staghorn Tankard Lotti Lopez
Year of the Kings Editor
March 1986 Author
Art in Lithophanes Les Paul
Character Steins by Ernst Bohne Mike Wald
Cobalt-Blue Glass Steins James Sauer
Education of a Steinologist, What is a Crest ? John Ey Jr.
Hobo Steins Sam Brainard
Krug Rodenstein Mcdowell, F.
Manufacturer's Mark Identification – Jug in a Brewer's Star Hanson, R.
Marks from Far Away Editor
Munich Child Go-Withs Jack Lowenstein
Pottery Firm of Otto Blum Misch, G. and Werner Sahm
Prunts, Glass Stein Decorations James Sauer
Rare and Unusual Regimentals, Part 4 – Medical Regimentals Ron Heiligenstein
SCI – Stein Museum, An Idea Whose Time Has Come Les Paul
Sets Les Paul
Stolen Editor
To Cut the Mustard Leonce Miller
Wedding Cup on a Wine Label John Ey Jr.
December 1985 Author
Did You Know …? Editor
Feldherrnhalle SA Stein George Schamberger
German War Booty Paul Rohe
Hops Ladies Sam Brainard
In Muenchen Steht ein Hofbraeuhaus Editor
In Search of J. W. Remy – Part 3 Joshpe, G.
Kanonier Kaufmann: A Family Heirloom Kaufman, E.
Miniature Princeton Mug Jack Lowenstein
New From Villeroy & Boch: Celebrate a 100th Anniversary Editor
Note on the Mettlach Artist, Fritz Quidenus Dry-vonzezschwitz, B.
Once More: Lids on Steins Jack Lowenstein
Peter Duemler Miniatures Editor
Rare and Unusual Regimentals, Part 3 – Glass Steins Ron Heiligenstein
SCI – Convention – 19 – New York, NY – Report Trainer, D.
Silver Drinking Vessels of the Czars Pat Manusov
Stein Makers, The (Joh. Pet.) Thewalt “TP” Mark Roland Henschen
Thank you, Thirsty Knights –
photo of Sig Klein

Pictures of Lithophanes – Hofbräuhaus, old Munich across the
Unusual Stein Department: More on Teddy Roosevelt Mike Wald
What's New from Merkelbach Editor
When History Was Made by Two Barrels of Beer George Schamberger
September 1985 Author
American Ceramics, New Jersey Potters Jack Lowenstein
Animal Character Steins Sam Brainard
Ceramic Glossary Jack Lowenstein
Ceramic Miniatures Jack Lowenstein
Ceramics Under the Microscope Editor
Instant Character Steins Sam Brainard
Lilliputian Bacchus Leonce Miller
Meet Mr. Stein Expert Sam Brainard
Mettlach Mold Variations Mike Wald and Ron Fox
More About Mettlach Pug's Ed Culbreth
Munich Lithophanes Editor
Naehrbier, Kraftbier, Malzbier George Schamberger
One Stein, Two Manufacturers – Target Shooting Festival
Munich 1927
Cate, J.
Rare and Unusual Regimentals, Part 2 – Airborne Services Ron Heiligenstein
Sound of Music (?) – Bremer (Bremen) Musicians Leonce Miller
Towers of Nuremberg Kurt Sommerich and Jack Lowenstein
B. P. O. Elks Stein Bergstrom, E.
June 1985 Author
Addendum and Errata to
“Mettlacher Steinzeug 1885-1905”
Robert D. Wilson
Agate – An Affordable Gemstone John Ey Jr.
Bierberg to Bierdorf: A “Bier” Journey Editor
Book Review: The Stein Book Floyd Dietlein
Collecting the Unusual: Jewish Drinking Vessels and Artifacts Pat Manusov
Good News For Character Stein Lovers Sam Brainard
Historical Find T. Thomas and G. Schamberger
Identical Twins – Mettlach # 2809 Leonce Miller
Mettlacher Steinzeug 1886 – 1905, Addendum Robert Wilson
Mettlachs for Teetotalers Wayne Moyer
Mettlach's Hand Painted PUG's Robert Wilson
New Thewalt Venture Editor
Rare and Unusual Regimentals, Part 1 – Character Steins Ron Heiligenstein
Ulm Sparrow Editor
Photo of Harley-Davidson Stein Editor
March 1985 Author
Art Collection in the Heylshof at Worms Editor
Book Review: Victorian Pubs Jack Lowenstein
Definition of a Stein Widener, J.
Franz von Stuck Editor
History of Collecting Therese Thomas
Holocaust Steins, Part 3 Jack Lowenstein
Identifying Character Steins in ECS Mike Wald
If the Shoe Fits – Bootique Leonce Miller
Just Another Collector – Unexpected finds in Vila Vicosa,
Neil Barton
Mirrors of the Past: Art and Costumes on Steins and Plaques Lotti Lopez
Photos on Ceramic, More on Editor
Plenty of Horns Leonce Miller
Ratskeller Reference Rack, Book Review: Concise Encylopedia
of Antiques
Stephen Lee Smith
SCI – Convention – 18 – Germany – Report Moffett, B.
Some More Munich Symbols Jack Lowenstein
Stoneware Marks, Part 4 – Reinhold Merkelbach Jack Lowenstein
For the Very Thirsty – Photo of Man Holding 8 Gallon Stein Editor
Unusual Stein Department – Cat's Tail Beer Counter Mike Wald
December 1984 Author
American World War I Regimental Steins Don Franz
Beer Stein Nomenclature Editor
Few Facts About Beer Editor
Fit for an Emperor – But Which Emperor? Richard Strom
Hold That Tigerware!!! John Ey Jr.
In Style: Jugendstil – Dr. Graham and Dr. Beate Dry von
Jack Lowenstein
Maine Stein Song Patrick Clarke
Reproduction Regimentals Meinlschmidt, P.
SCI – Convention – 18 – Germany – Report Jack Lowenstein
Those Magic Pictures: Photos on Ceramic Jack Lowenstein
Tief in dem Herzens Texas – Seeking Photos of American Indian
Jack Lowenstein
Toasting/Wedding Cups – Revisited Stephen Lee Smith
Very Interesting Munich Child Stein Surfaces Chapman, A. Jr.
When The Saints Go Marching In Jack Lowenstein
Where Do They Come From? Toby Jugs Editor
September 1984 Author
Creussen Reproductions Riederer, J.
Double Feature Leonce Miller
Friendship Mug J. Joseph Hersh
How Old is That Stein? Jack Lowenstein
How to Distinguish Among Double-Headed Eagles Richard Strom
Hunter Rabbits Sam Brainard
Interesting English Pewter: Two Handles and Two Lids Stephen Lee Smith
Jugendstil and Art Nouveau Dry, G.
Look-Alikes Lotti Lopez and Mike Wald
More HR Steins William Burkle
Oktoberfest Jack Lowenstein
Old Europe Editor
Olympic Beer Steins Editor
Paragraph 11 Revisited Jack Lowenstein
Rare Ivory Stein Leonce Miller
Ratskeller Reference Rack: Antiques And Their Values Stephen Lee Smith
Ratskeller Reference Rack: Pictorial Encyclopedia of Antiques Stephen Lee Smith
Steins, Tankards and Mugs Jack Lowenstein
Thewalt Regimental Steins George Schamberger
Unique Wood Stein Lawrie, I.
Unsigned Artists Leonce Miller
Harley-Davidson Stein Editor
Unusual Character Stein Zeiser, K.
Unusual Stein Department – A Merchant's or Sobriety Stein Mike Wald
Villeroy & Boch Masonic Stein # 1819 Poppie, F.
What is it? A Personal Bierkrug Deckel (Cover) Jack Lowenstein
Where Did They Get That Idea? Holderbaum, B.
June 1984 Author
Advice for Collectors Gary Kirsner
An Invitation for Free Beer – Dixie Brewery Editor
Beer Coasters Editor
Cavalry Regimental Stein Glossary Harrell, Beckendorff, Lowenstein
Fit for an Emperor Leonce Miller
Frog As A Hunter Sam Brainard
From Nuremberg to Nuernberg Kurt Sommerich
Girl Talk – J. Reinemann Steins Leonce Miller
Hussars and Their Reservist
Guenter Merk
More on Anheuser-Busch Gray, B.
Music Box Steins Sam Brainard and Mike Wald
Musketier Walter George Schamberger
Pabst Brewing Company Beer Stein Collection Kulbe, K.
Rhenish Stoneware From The Mary Rose Townsend, C.
Sirens Of The Sea Leonce Miller
Mettlach Brewery Plaque – Becker Bier, St. Ingbert Editor
March 1984 Author
2000 Years – Trier Editor
“Rich ” Man Steins Sam Brainard
Advice for Collectors Gary Kirsner
Art on Steins Mike Wald
Book Review: Phaidon Guide to Pewter Stephen Lee Smith
D.R.G.M. Steins Sam Brainard
Doc Joe's Mirror: Beer in the Ancient Lands of The Bible J. Joseph Hersh
Early (Pueblo) Character Steins Editor
Famous for Beer, St. Ingbert in the Saar Therese Thomas
For the Ladies Jordan, S.
Further Confessions of a Bavariaphile Chapman, A. Jr.
March – July 1945, An Army Diary Ed Hamlin
Mettlach Fire Editor
Mettlach's Adolphus Busch Stein # 2136 Zeiser, K.
Micro-Brewery of Note – Anchor Steam Editor
My First Stein Johnsen, I.
New York Institution, Ehring's at 231st Street Jack Lowenstein
Silver Tankard Editor
Small is Beautiful Jack Lowenstein
Soccer and Its Beer Steins Stephen Lee Smith
Treadwell Pottery Editor
Tribute to a Great Collector: Polly Fabel Floyd Dietlein
Unfinished Business Duemler & Breiden Stein Editor
Unusual Stein Department Mike Wald
Westerwald Tradition Hoffeller, D.
Which Was First?, Part 2 Mike Wald
December 1983 Author
Armament Battalion Regimental Steins Meinlschmidt, P. and Jackson, R.
Author Replies – The Staff of Aesculapius J. Joseph Hersh
Balloon Stein, Commemorating 200 Years of Ballooning Robert Wehner
Buyer Beware – WEKARA Stein Auction Hoax Jack Lowenstein
Luftschiffers, Balloonists and a Luftschiffer Stein George Schamberger
Merry Christmas – Mettlach BAVARIA Steins Zeiser, K.
Mettlach Beer Pitcher Austin, S.
My First (Unusual) Stein Leonce Miller
Rene von Schleinitz (1890-1972), In Memory of the Eleventh Kurt Sommerich
Robe in Germany – MettlachStein # 1915, # 1044 plaque Smith, E.
Staff of Aesculapius John Ey Jr.
Stand Beside Me, Winston John Ey Jr.
Stroh Beer Stein Collection Blum, P. and Jack Lowenstein
Musical (Themed) Stein Editor
September 1983 Author
Bartender Pigs Sam Brainard
Book Review: Big Encyclopedia of Beer Jack Lowenstein
Book Review: Mettlach Book Terry Hill
Doc Joe's Mirror … Of brass steins and caducei J. Joseph Hersh
Free as a Bird Leonce Miller
Heidelberg Gibbon, M.
Innovation, Correction – Norman Rockwell Steins Editor
Sig Klein, Death-head Hussars, American Philatelic Society,
Kurt Sommerich
More on J. W. Remy Character Steins Mike Wald
Oberammergau Passion Play, 350 Years old in 1984 Kretschmer, O.
SCI – Convention – 17 – San Antonio, TX – Report Lawrence Beckendorff
Tale of the Reunion of TP Steins Ron Fox and Joshpe, G.
United States College Steins Mike Wald
Which Was First?, Part 1 Leonce Miller
Yet Another Nymphenburg Stein Wallace, G.
June 1983 Author
Another Nymphenburg Stein Deluisi, J.
Congressional Record: Tricentennial Anniversary Year of Editor
Etched Porcelain Stein: A Prize in Any Collection Franz, L.
Herring Stein Sam Brainard
History Revisited – Chittenango Ron Fox
J. W. Remy Character Steins Joshpe, G.
Joh Maresch – Master Potter Roland Henschen
Mettlach Chromolith Steins Ron Fox
Mettlach Honor-Citizen Mathias Schill: A First-Time Guest Therese Thomas
Mystery No Longer – R. Wagner, Mettlach Lotti Lopez
New From Villeroy & Boch Editor
Reservists' Glasses Meinlschmidt, P. and Jackson, R.
Technology of Brewing … Or, how our favorite beverage is Editor
Those Magical Marks, Part 3 Jack Lowenstein
Three Hundred Years of Germans in America, 1683 – 1983 Richardson, C. and Beichl, G.
To Nikolai Dmitrievich Kosagovsky With Our Heartfelt Thanks John Ey Jr.
Where Is It Now? Editor
March 1983 Author
Doc Joe's Mirror: Stein Collection “Go-Withs” J. Joseph Hersh
Dog Steins Sam Brainard
Don't Forget a Pitcher of Beer Wayne Moyer
For Loyal Service – Villeroy & Boch Ron Fox
Goblins in the Gold-Mine Ron Fox
In Search of J. W. Remy – Part 2 Joshpe, G.
It is a Puzzlement Moore, D.
Japanese Character Steins Editor
Made in America: C. P. Co. Ron Fox
Mettlach…Fact or Fallacy – The Stein Makers, Column No. 68 Roland Henschen
Mushrooms, Anyone…? Lotti Lopez
Muster – as Model, Sample, standard – Mephistopheles Editor
Now That's a German Stein! Robert Wehner
Phony Mettlach Marks Mike Wald and Jim Gruhl.
Production of Mettlach Wares, II Gary Kirsner
St. Patrick's Day Toast Bartlett, K.
Still Another Stein Mystery Wayne Moyer
Those Magical Marks, Part 2 Jack Lowenstein
Untitled Picture of Kaiserin Auguste Victoria Stein Editor
Westerwald Ceramics Museum Editor
December 1982 Author
32 Mettlachs for $75.00 Dan Shiaras
A History Lesson, Three-Kaiser Stein, Part 4 Leonce Miller
Book Review: Mohr's Revised Ninth Edition of Mettlach Steins Robert Wilson
Character Stein Owls Sam Brainard
Heinrich Schlitt Oil Painting Editor
Innovation – Norman Rockwell Steins Editor
Oh We Ancient Steins Joshpe, G.
On the Hunt Stauder, D.
Queen of the Drinking Vessels Gruhl, J.
Ron's Answer Box Ron Fox
Song Steins – The Brick Series Mike Wald and Jack Lowenstein
Stein Makers – Index to Roland Henschen's articles Editor
Things to Look For in Purchasing a Stein, Report on a lecture Hahn, J.
Those Magical Marks, Part 1 Jack Lowenstein
Untitled, Stein Song Editor
What Constitutes a Beer Stein?, Part 2 Ron Fox
Which Cleopatra has the “Tony”? Leonce Miller
Who Was J. W. Remy? Joshpe, G.
September 1982 Author
Apostle of the Four Effs Kurt Sommerich
Avon Calling Wayne Moyer
Book Review: Antique Steins, A Collectors' Guide Floyd Dietlein
Book Review: R. Merkelbach – Spezial Preisliste 1905 Jack Lowenstein
Book Review: Reservistenkruege – Regimental Steins Jack Lowenstein
Capacity Measure Lotti Lopez
Collector's Stein Duch, N.
Comments About the Cherry Tree Tankard Ron Fox
Doc Joe's Mirror: Still Crazy About Glass J. Joseph Hersh
Doctor Book Stein Joshpe, G.
End of an Era Jack Lowenstein
Kreussen Steins at Corning Jack Lowenstein
Mettlach # 2185 Wayne Moyer
Military Monkey Steins Sam Brainard
My First Stein Chapman, A. Jr.
Qu'est-ce que C'est? Kurt Sommerich
SCI – Convention – 16 – St. Charles, IL – Report Scott, J.
Service Memories by a “S. M. S. Kaiserin” Veteran Schintzlein, M. and Stephen Lee Smith
Spanish-American War Mettlach Wayne Moyer
Stein Photorama Mike Wald
Taxpayer Stein Floyd Dietlein
Unique Character Lawrence Beckendorff
The Fuhrer's Own Stein(?) Editor
What Constitutes a Beer Stein Roland Henschen
June 1982 Author
Another Stein Puzzle Driscoll, R.
Ceramic Garden From the Land of the Kimono Leonce Miller
Christian Warth, An Unknown Artist? Oswald, U.
Collecting Relief Steins Mike Wald
Commemorative Steinology in Miniature Blitz, H.
HR Stein Blanks, An Expert Opinion Mike Wald
Mettlach Steins in Argentina Therese Thomas
My First Stein Hall, M.
New Mettlach Mark? Wayne Moyer
Nymphenburg Porcelain Gruskin, M.
Rare and Unusual Munich Stein Jack Lowenstein
Ron's Answer Box Hinge, PUG Ron Fox
SCI – Convention – 2nd Florida Mid-Winter – Report Jim DeMars
Stein Photorama Mike Wald
Steinmaker: Duemler & Breiden Lotti Lopez
Steins, Winged Wheels and the L. A. W. Schultz, L.
What's New in Character Steins Sam Brainard
March 1982 Author
Doc Joe's Mirror, Favrile Glass J. Joseph Hersh
Hot Stuff – Gooseman Lithophane Editor
HR Transfer Stein Don Franz and Joshpe, G.
My First Stein Neil Barton
Other Side – Mettlach Punch Bowls # 2814 and 1888 Leonce Miller
Pewter Guild Tankard Neil Barton
Reichsteiners Sponsor Museum Trip – Corning Glass Center Editor
Rhead Reflections, Selected by Paul Evans Evans, P.
Steinologist's Guide to Old German Print and Script Roy DeSelms
Bavarian Humor – Battle of Bad Kissingen Kurt Sommerich
Untitled: Photographs of Character Steins Editor
Photographs of Mettlach Items # 1174 and 2757, 2715, 2781 Mike Wald
Villeroy and Boch Memorabilia Editor
World's Largest Stein Editor
December 1981 Author
Capacity Mark Mystery, The Editor
Chess Anyone? Barton, A.
Kannenbackerland, The (Reprint) Editor
Little Goose-Man, The Kurt Sommerich
My First Stein Jack Lowenstein
Nazi Regimental Steins Art Hechler
Purity Law, The Kurt Sommerich
Real Live Munich Child, A Editor
Some Stein Notes Louis Foster
Still More “One and Only's” Editor
T. W. Mystery Mark Solved Stephen Lee Smith and Mckittrick, C.
Toasting Cup, The J. Joseph Hersh
September 1981 Author
Eisenbahn Regimentals Art Hechler
Fantastic Ivory Stein, A Editor
Giant Drinking Horns Roes, H.
My Reservist Meinlschmidt, P.
On To Moscow! John Ey Jr.
Prophetic Motto, A Holderbaum, B.
Regimental Steins: A Brief History Cunningham, D.
S vs. J vs. I Editor
Some Facts About Pan, Papageno, and Papagei Bryson, J.
Some Unusual Mettlach Figurines Hanson, R.
Steins at the Smithsonian Strom, D.
The One and Only Largest Stein in the World Ladanyi, D.
V & B Thumb Mug, Part 2 Hanson, R.
June 1981 Author
Faience, Facts and Phonies Ron Fox
Fraud Notes John Ey Jr. and Jack Lowenstein
Introducing Heinrich Schlitt Arthur Maethner
Let's Dig Old Vic Kurt Sommerich
Meissen Musterschutz, The (Schierholz) Manusov, E.
Mystery of the V & B Thumb Mug Solved? Hanson, R.
Rhine Stein, The Leonce Miller
Second Holocaust Stein, A. Jack Lowenstein
Stop Collecting? Klein, S.
Turkish Man and Alpine Man Mike Wald
Unusual Glass Mark – Munich Child Anderson, B.
Unusual Skull Character Stein With Red Devil Handle, An Lotti Lopez
Worcester Historical Musdeum, The Editor
March 1981 Author
Attn. … All Devotees of Till Eulenspiegel and Owners of V & B # 2582 O'Neil, J.
Exemplary Creussen Apostle Tankard Werner Sahm
George Washington and the Cherry Tree Tankard John Ey Jr.
Keramik-Museum Westerwald Lotti Lopez
Mettlach's Argentina Steins Hermida, J.
Music Box Mettlach Neil Barton
Navy Regimentals Art Hechler
Non-Conforming Mettlach Braarud, L.
Some Answers To … What Does It Mean Editor
Stein Identification System Editor
Three Kaiser Stein, The Meinischmidt, P.
Villeroy & Boch Bavaria Stein Therese Thomas
December 1980 Author
Confessions of a Stein Collector Klein, S.
Developing a New Stein Collector, Or, Starting Them Young Louis Foster
Heinrich Schlitt Paintings in the Munich Ratskeller Jack Lowenstein
Lithophanes Do Come in Color Zeiser, K.
Mettlach's “Percent” Mark Ron Fox
Norbert White Drinking Horn Collection, The J. Joseph Hersh
Once Upon a Stein Berner, C.
Regimental Machine Gun Steins Art Hechler
Regimental School Steins Ron Heiligenstein
Stein King of Germany, The Bill Bosworth
What Does It Mean? The “S” mark Klein, H.
September 1980 Author
Another SCI First: The “HR” Stein Book Editor
Book Review: Mettlach Steins and Their Prices, R. Mohr, 1980 Edition Editor
Confessions of a Stein Collector – Two Famous Personalities – 4F Klein, S.
J. M. Davis Gun Museum, The Editor
Kreussen Tankard Editor
Thewalt – The Old and The New Jack Lowenstein
Variable or Not So Variable German Mark, The Editor
June 1980 Author
Alligator Handle Steins William Burkle
Archbishop's Tankard, The Neil Barton
Boston Beaker Zoeblein, B.
Chemist's Stein, The Jack Lowenstein
Confessions of a Stein Collector – 4F Steins Klein, S.
Decorations on Silver and Pewter Vessels – Germany Lotti Lopez
How to Flatten a Stein Jack Lowenstein
Pewter Jack Lowenstein
Protecting Your Collection Jack Lowenstein
Rare and Beautiful Guild Tankard, A Kotanyi, E.
March 1980 Author
Chancellor Bismarck's Tankard Editor
Collection of Characters, A Mike Wald
Confessions of a Stein Collector Klein, S.
Family Tree, A Leonce Miller
French Have a Word For It – GRESRHENANA Love, F.
Heinrich Schlitt Stein, A Robert Wehner
Hofbrau Haus II Leonce Miller
Lindenwirtin, The Kurt Sommerich
Pewter Steins… Still Available at Good Prices Stevenson, J.
Report on What's New at V & B Gruskin, M.
Rubaiyat Tankard, The J. Joseph Hersh
Twenty-five Years Ago, Stein Ad in Hobbies Magazine Lotti Lopez
Twins? How Can We Judge Value Roland Henschen
Villeroy and Boch Fuddling Cup, A Torzillo, J.
Watch the Waistline! – KPM and Mettlach #1152 Leonce Miller
December 1979 Author
And a Child Shall Lead Them Leonce Miller
Another Marzi & Remy Figural
Stein – Alligator
Confessions of a Bavariaphile Chapman, A. Jr.
Frog Mug Johnson, L.
Light at the End of the Tunnel – Lithophanes, The Manusov, E.
Mettlach Ceramic Museum, The Bill Bosworth
More on Kaiser Steins V & B # 1890 Mike Wald
More V & B BAVARIA – #3078/437 Matt Gruskin
Mettlach Probes Ron Fox
SCI – Prize Contest – The Search for Heinrich Schlitt Editor
Some Double Goodies – 4F and the Munich Child Editor
September 1979 Author
“Kannenburg” Pumpkin, The 1-Liter Editor
Be Your Own Artist Leonce Miller
Companion Collectibles Floyd Dietlein
Date Your Mettlach Steins Robert Wilson
Doc Joe's Mirror – A Gertrude Stein J. Joseph Hersh
Marzi and Remy Inlaid Lids Love, F.
News From Nuremberg – F & M – Nuremberg Kurt Sommerich
Other Occupational Steins From Villeroy and Boch Roy DeSelms
Stein Lamp Zeiser, E.
Stein Sagen – No. 2 – Burg Stolzenfels Terry Hill
You Asked For It – Another KB Castle Stein Leonce Miller
June 1979 Author
Don't Touch Paul Clark Jr.
Harrell Scores Second Victory Ron Heiligenstein
Holocaust Steins, The J. Joseph Hersh
Interesting Find, An Stevenson, J.
Lennox Beleek Mug – Golf Walter Lewis
Marzi and Remy, Steinmakers Extraordinary Lotti Lopez
Oldies But Goodies – V & B Marks O'Neil, J.
Pressed Glass Miniature Mugs Goudket, L.
Westerwald Pottery: A Brief History and Overview Roland Henschen
March 1979 Author
Admiral Beatty Tankard, The Patrick Clarke
Art of Plique-a-Jour Enamel and the Russian Stein Editor
Chinaman Character Stein Editor
Enamelers Art, The Medow, N.
Faberge, Russian Goldsmith and Craftsman Johnsen, I.
Happy New Year – 1896 John Ey Jr.
Inca Stirrup Jugs Joe Hersh
Mettlach Ware – Wall Shields $3.00 Editor
Salt Glazing in Hoehr-Grenzhausen Editor
Stein Sagen – No. 1 – The Bride of Rheinstein Terry Hill
Visit to Creussen, A Jack Lowenstein
December 1978 Author
Adventure of American
Bavaria V and B Stein #3678 Olson, R.
Doc Joe's Mirror J. Joseph Hersh
Laurel and Hardy Steins Editor
More Beer Coasters Depicting Drinking Vessels Jack Lowenstein
Musical Toast, A Jack Lowenstein
Number 2052 Villeroy and Boch's Baby Stein William Sullivan
Oh, Your Ritter's Mustache! Roy DeSelms
Stahlhelm Stein Paul Rohe
Three Mettlach Kaiser Steins, The Smith, E.
To Bridge a Gap Leonce Miller
You Know, the Metal on the Back! Daugherty, D.
September 1978 Author
Another Type of Stein Bank Earl Christy
Do-It-Yourself Laurel and Hardy Steins? Paul Rohe
Fine World War II Stein, A Paul Rohe
Psychology of Collecting, The Jack Lowenstein
Seven Swabians, The Scott, R.
Villeroy & Boch Advertising Miniatures Roschow, F. and Lippa, T.
June 1978 Author
HR and Mettlach Heidelberg Roschow, F.
Mettlach Marked “Bavaria” Ehlert, D.
More on Muenchner Kindl J. Joseph Hersh
Musterschutz Character Steins (Schierholz) Ron Fox
Phanolith Stoneware By Villeroy & Boch Jack Lowenstein
SCI – Convention – 12 – Germany – Stein Editor
Stein Bank? Mike Wald
Unusual Gnome – Mettlach
Mike Wald
March 1978 Author
A Covey of Mini-Steins Jack Lowenstein
Fort Flieger Editor
Great Seals of Munich, The Jack Lowenstein
How to Read a Book Stein Roy DeSelms
Joy of Stein Collecting Ron Heiligenstein
Protect Your Steins With Photo Documentation Manusov, E.
Regimentals – Old or New Mario Pancino
SCI – Convention Steins from the Beginning Editor
Twins? Not Quite Heimannn, J.
December 1977 Author
“Dickens” It Is!, The J. Joseph Hersh
Another Bavaria Stein #3080 Wayne Moyer
Beer Coasters Depicting Beer Steins Jack Lowenstein
Gambrinus Leland, C.
Kreussen Stoneware Jack Lowenstein
Mettlach Combination Set #1469, 1475-1480 Editor
No Plastic For Stein Collectors Milkowski, B.
Reading About Steins Editor
Return of the Russians, The John Ey Jr.
Villeroy and Boch, Yesterday and Today Therese Thomas
September 1977 Author
A Find, Is A Find, Is A Find! Mettlach 1344 Editor
Copies, Variations and Redrawn Designs Editor
Giant Size 1161, V & B's Most Expensive Stein William Sullivan and O'conner, J.
Happy Cavalier Character Bill Levitt
Lopez Bibliography Editor
Miniature Covered Tankards by Karl Faberge Editor
One Fine Stein Leads to Another Morrison, J.
June 1977 Author
Made in the U.S.A. John Ey Jr.
Mettlach Occupationals, The Patrick Clarke and O'conner, J.
New Information for Character Stein Collectors Lotti Lopez
Recent Stein Articles Editor
V & B Describes Current Production Methods Zimmer, K.
Your Beer Mug – Part 4 Brown, B.
March 1977 Author
Eyes Have It, The Medow, N.
Kaiser's Own, The Mario Pancino
Last of the Czars, The John Ey Jr.
Mettlach Pass Cup #2169 Tisdal, H.
Rare and Beautiful American Belleek Steins James Sauer
S on V and B Steins, The Leonce Miller
This “Cheuh” Tusdal, H.
Two Munich Steins Jack Lowenstein
Visit to Gross Highland Winery, A Fehr, M.
You Must Be Nuts John Stuart
Your Beer Mug – Part 3 Brown, B.
December 1976 Author
Here's One For the Book Stein Lovers Mario Pancino
Kreussen or Saxony? Niehaus, O.
Mettlach and the Cornell Alumni News, Then and Now Egan, M.
Miniature Drinking Vessels, Steins and Toby Jugs J. Joseph Hersh
Sheafer Collection Editor
Silver – You Could Get Stuck John Ey Jr.
St. Peter's Stein Rippert, W.
V and B Chromolith Technique – One Theory, The Jack Lowenstein
Your Common Stein Dick Platt
September 1976 Author
Annaberg Krug, The – Rebuttal Roland Henschen
Octoberfest in Munich Chapman, A. Jr.
Reading About Steins Jack Lowenstein
Schlitt Murals in Wiesbaden Arthur Maethner
Stein Salute to Our Bicentennial, A Editor
V & B Dinnerware – #3321 Owen Niehaus
V and B Thumb Mug Editor
Your Beer Mug – Part 2 Brown, B.
June 1976 Author
17th Totenkopf (Death Head) Hussars Mario Pancino
Book Review: Villeroy & Boch Mettlach 1885-1905 Heimannn, J.
Falstaff Sells Collection Editor
Numismatics in Drinking Vessels J. Joseph Hersh
Old Tower on Stamps, The Jack Lowenstein
Sacrifice of Iphigenia, The John Ey Jr.
Sepp's First Letter Stephen Lee Smith
Steins Made by T. Maddocks Sons Mike Wald
Thirsty Kinghts – Mettlach & JWR Leonce Miller
To Read Editor
V and B Goblet #521 Leonce Miller
Who and What – Part 2 (Kreussen) John Ey Jr.
Why Just Steins? John Stuart and Belis, J.
March 1976 Author
650,000 Liter V & B Editor
Annaberg Krug, The – Part 2 J. Joseph Hersh
Astrology Stein, The J. Joseph Hersh
Companion Naval Regimentals Mario Pancino
First Topicals Report – Munich Child Jack Lowenstein
Judgment of Paris and the Trojan War, The John Ey Jr.
Reading About Steins Jack Lowenstein
WEBCO Adds Sudds Jack Lowenstein
Who and What – Part 1 (Kreussen) Jack Lowenstein
Why Not Beer Mugs? Crocker, T.
Your Beer Mug – Part 1 Brown, B.
December 1975 Author
Alt Heidelberg du feine William Sullivan
Annaberg Krug, The – Part 1 J. Joseph Hersh
Ceramic Definitions Roland Henschen and Lotti Lopez
Faience: How Old? John Ey Jr.
Introduction to Regimental Steins, An Mario Pancino
Nutmeg in Your Beer? Hommel, M.
Unique Antique Glass Drinking Vessels John Ey Jr.
September 1975 Author
Breaking the German Code, or DAE. TRVSC. AN. CON. EC. SVN. Al Hoch
Capo di Monte Drinking Vessels J. Joseph Hersh
Drinker's Paradise – Collector's Dream – Villeroy & Boch Mettlach Leonce Miller
Lid(le) Difference, A (Mettlach #1069) Editor
Regimental Steins Mario Pancino
Royal Vienna Made in Germany John Ey Jr.
June 1975 Author
Mettlach Steins, Fact and Fiction – Corrections Arthur Gilbert
Cornell University Steins by Mettlach, The J. Joseph Hersh and Cummings, A.
Drinker's Paradise, A – A Collector's Dream – Who Made It? Leonce Miller
Faience of the Netherlands John Ey Jr.
It Pays to “Root” Stephen Lee Smith
Marks vs. Dollars Jack Lowenstein
Munich Museums Jack Lowenstein
Sears Mettlach Editor
Stein Similarities – Artillery Regimentals Mike Wald
Turnverein Commemorative Steins Deluisi, J.
Wanted in the Worst Way – Mettlach #1069 Gruber, J.
March 1975 Author
Cerevix Defined Kurt Sommerich
Collector's Lore – Fact and Fiction John Ey Jr.
Hang-Over Hieroglyphics Al Hoch
Who Has This One? (Mettlach #3119) Griffith, P.
Your Stein: Old or New? Lotti Lopez
December 1974 Author
Two Book Steins Mike ald
Crocker Rides Again (Stein Collectors Guild) Tom Crocker
Gertrude Stein, A (Mettlach tower, not castle) Editor
Mettlach Museum Piece Jack Lowenstein
Mettlach Steins – Facts and Fictions Gilbert, A.
Pate-sur-Pate Lorelei Dennis Wilson
Rosary Hill College Stein Collection, The Gruber, J.
Steinology (Pottery, Stoneware, Porcelain) Jack Lowenstein
Villeroy and Boch Original Prices Cerciello, R. and Jack Lowenstein
Windmill Wager Cup John Ey Jr.
September 1974 Author
German Earthenware Steins Lotti Lopez
Hoehr-Grenzhausen as a Pottery Town Werner Sahm
Mettlach's Mettlach #1723 (Warth) Jack Lowenstein
Quarter for a Mettlach, A Editor
Will the Real Schultz and Dooley Stand? Love, F.
June 1974 Author
Avoid Being Bitten By This Alligator Mike Wald
Blackjacks and Bombards Koester, D.
Drink and Laugh John Ey Jr.
Exquisite Capo di Monte Steins, The J. Joseph Hersh
Mettlach Artist (Schitt) Draws Cartoons Richard Ehlert
Porcelain Character Steins (Elephant and Rhinocerous Editor
Prost to Prosit Liselotte Lopez
Trumpeter of Sackingen Revisited Jack Lowenstein
March 1974 Author
Creussen Steins of Mettlach J. Joseph Hersh
Termination of stein production at Mettlach? Editor
More on Stein Collectors Guild Editor
Trompeter von Sackingen, Der Jack Lowenstein
Which Twin is the Copy? Mike Wald
January 1974 Author
Checkpoint – Terminology for Condition Editor
Nürnberg or Nuremberg Arthur Maethner
Mettlach Punch Bowl #3088 (Noah's Ark – Schlitt) Hansen, J.
Stein Collectors Guild Defunct Editor
December 1973 Author
Cast of Characters, A Editor
Notes on Notre Dame (Secrets of the Stein) Article Editor
Old English Tankards Rosser, M.
Owls on Steins Arthur Maethner
Pewter Character Steins anon.
Secrets of the Steins – Part 2 Brinkley, A.
Some Thoughts on Present-Day Faience Stein Collecting Editor
Stein Photography Jack Lowenstein
October 1973 Author
Articles and Books Brought to Our Attention Editor
Baby V & B (Webfoot State) Editor
Nurnberg Funnel Steins – Part (letter) Jack Lowenstein
Secrets of the Steins – Part 1 (Notre Dame) Brinkley, A.
August 1973 Author
Mystery Mark Explained (D.R.G.M.) Stephen Lee Smith
Nurnberg Funnel Steins – Part 1 Love, F.
June 1973 Author
Cameo Is….., A Jack Lowenstein
Drinking Boots Editor
Mettlach Tureen and Tray #2806 Editor
SCI – How to Fight the High Cost of Steins Editor
SCI – Questions & Answers Editor
Twins? Mettlach Pouring Pitchers Editor
September 1972 Author
Berlin (KPM) Factory Marks Editor
Book Review: Character Steins, Pictured and Priced Editor
Porcelain Steins Lenker, R.
SCI – Stein Content Tom McClelland
June 1972 Author
SCI – New Management for SCI Editor
March 1972 Author
Falstaff Produces Westerwald Stein Replica Editor
SCI – Commemoratives Become Collectors' Item Editor
SCI – Stein Content Tom McClelland
December 1971 Author
Book Review: Regimental Steins of the Bavarian and Imperial Editor
How to Use New Regimental Book Editor
Investigation of a Pottery Regimental Editor
Kreussen Steins Jack Lowenstein
Regimental Stein Collecting Gets Boost From New Book Editor
SCI – Stein Content Tom McClelland
September 1971 Author
Biggies – Did People Really Drink From Those, The Heavy Editor
A Glass Beauty Fred Ehlers
June 1971 Author
Book Review: Mettlach Booklet Shows V & B Quality Editor
Eat Your Heart Out! – These are the Prices of Yesteryear Editor
Legend of St. Hubert Hanson, R.
SCI – Stein Content Tom McClelland
Twelve Suggestions for Successful Antique Buying Editor
March 1971 Author
Great Stein Auction, The Jack Lowenstein
Is This Apostle Stein A True Kreussen? John Ey Jr.
Mystery Marks – Do You Know Any? Editor
Religious Motif on Drinking Vessels, The John Ey Jr.
SCI – Stein Content Tom McClelland
Wick-Werke of Hoehr-Grenzhausen Editor
December 1970 Author
Kreussen Steins – Fact or Fancy? John Ey Jr.
Reinhold Merkelbach Marks Editor
Reproduction of a Kreussen “Apostle Krug” Editor
SCI – Stein Content Tom McClelland
September 1970 Author
Heidelberg: A Popular University City Editor
Kammerer's Korner Kammerer, G.
SCI – Stein Content Tom McClelland
June 1970 Author
Faience Steins – Tin Enameled Earthenware Lenker, R.
SCI – Stein Content Editor
March 1970 Author
Book Review: Mettlach Steins and Their Prices Editor
Book Review: Steins and Prices Editor
Book Review: The Complete Antiques Price List Editor
Rare Stoneware Mettlachs (BAVARIA) Editor
December 1969 Author
Steins Are Fascinating! J. Joseph Hersh
September 1969 Author
SCI – Stein Content Editor
There's Nothing Quite Like the Bill Schwartz Steins Editor
June 1969 Author
Black Forest Mettlachs Editor
Mettlach 2002 To Be Given as Door Prize Editor
SCI – Stein Content Tom McClelland
March 1969 Author
Is It Smallest? Joe Beard
It's All How You Look At It – Two-faced Stein is Devilish Editor
Mettlach No. 2869 is One of the Rarest, Most Colorful Editor
Von Schleinitz Collection, Plus Others, Goes on Display in Editor
December 1968 Author
Japanese Not Producing V & B Editor
SCI – Stein Content Tom McClelland
Very Plain – But Rarest of the Rare John Ey Jr.
September 1968 Author
History of the Munich Child Jack Lowenstein
Kammerer's Korner (Wisconsin Neville Museum) Kammerer, G.
SCI – Stein Content Tom McClelland
June 1968 Author
Nothing Definite on Jap Mettlachs Editor
SCI – Stein Content Tom McClelland
March 1968 Author
Are Mettlach Steins Being Reproduced in Japan? Editor
Kammerer's Korner Kammerer, G.
Ray Sanders Has Favorites Editor
SCI – Letters John Ey Jr.
December 1967 Author
Kammerer's Korner Kammerer, G.
Rudin Adds to Big Mystery Editor
SCI – Stein Content Tom McClelland
Two Ways to Slow Down on Stein Collecting Editor
World's Strongest Stein Collector to be Honored in Brooklyn Editor
September 1967 Author
Biggest? Editor
Kammerer's Korner Kammerer, G.
R. J. Schaefer Stein Collection, The Editor
SCI – Stein Content Tom McClelland
June 1967 Author
John O'Conner Collects in a Hurry Editor
Kammerer's Korner Kammerer, G.
SCI – Stein Content Tom McClelland
Where's the Biggest Autenreith, G.
March 1967 Author
Book Review: Mettlach Steins and Their Prices Editor
Dr. Long's Steins Appear on TV Editor
Old Abbey is Mecca For Steins Editor
Pouring Krugs Have Companions Editor
December 1966 Author
Kammerer's Korner Kammerer, G.
Old Steins Are Being Reproduced Editor
SCI – Stein Content Tom McClelland
September 1966 Author
Carved Ivory Tells Its Own Story of Quality Editor
Kammerer's Korner Kammerer, G.
Russ Rudin's Favorites are Ivory Beauties Editor
SCI – Stein Content Tom McClelland
There's Not a Mettlach in Mettlach Editor
June 1966 Author
Demand Up and Supply Down – So Prices Rise Editor
Honest-To-Goodness Character Steins Must Have Facial Editor
SCI – Future Editions Will Cover? ? ? Editor
Second Lady Buys a Stein Hankenson, D.
March 1966 Author
Collector Tells of Buying Many Steins at Auction Jack Lowenstein
SCI – Stein Content Tom McClelland
Stein Article Draws Comments Editor
December 1965 Author
Character Steins Editor
Regimentals Were Traditional Personal Steins For Proud Mohr, R. and Firbanks, E.
SCI – Stein Content Tom McClelland
Why the Lids? – Yes, Lids Kept Brew Bug-Free Editor
September 1965 Author
Accessories Set Off Steins Editor
Book Review: 1899 Mettlach Catalog Editor
Book Review: 1901 Mettlach Catalog Editor
Book Review: Guide to Mettlachs is a Must for Dedicated Editor
German Coaster Ads Editor
How I Became a Stein Collector Tom McClelland
Once Upon a Stein Editor
Regimentals Will Be Featured in Christmas SCI Bulletin Editor
SCI – German Name Given to Stein Quarterly Editor
SCI – Unusual Correspondence Club Helps Collectors Share, An Editor
SCI – What's in Future for SCI Members? Editor
Stein Club's First Members Show Interest – Rudin, Dr. Editor
Why the Lids Editor
Westerwald Museum, A New Editor