Stein of the Month: November 2000

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~ A Saltglazed Student Stein ~

The stein to the right is a student association stein with typical "heraldic" design featuring a shield containing the arms of the society, together with helm and mantling. The association Zirkel features prominently on the shield.

Most student association steins are painted over a transfer which provides the outline of the design. The transfer includes the shield, helm, mantling and crest, leaving the decorator to paint the detailed arms on the shield and add the correct colors. A similar technique is used for relief student steins, where the Wappen is formed in relief, and the decorator adds the colors and the detail of the arms by hand. (As an example of this customization, "The Mettlach Book" shows several Mettlach 280Z relief steins which have been decorated for different student associations.)

Of course, the stein shown here is not quite so simple, since the details on the shield are formed in the relief.

This stein is for Palatia Bonn. When the arms are seen in full color, the plumes surmounting the helm are purple, white and red (left to right). The four quarters of the shield contain, clockwise from top left, a rampant lion against a purple background, the striped flag of the society (again, purple, white and red, top to bottom), crossed swords and the date of founding of the society (August 10, 1838), and finally, in the lower left, the Zirkel. The added figure at the center is presumably a well-known building in Bonn. Below the arms is the motto "FORTIS UT PALMA FLOREBIT".

The inlaid lid shows a seated Gambrinus, sword in one hand and overflowing beer vessel in the other. The inscription on the pewter rim is from Fuchsmajor (supervisor of new members) M. Pfeffer von Salomon to A. Plagemann. Both of the names are followed by the Zirkel of Palatia Bonn, and the inscription is dated for the summer semester (18)78.

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