Stein of the Month: March 2001

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~ A Jugendstil Student Stein ~

Designed by Paul Wynand and produced by the Westerwald firm of Reinhold Merkelback, this stein displays the Kolnische braun (Cologne brown) glaze that was so popular during the Jugendstil period. This stein, bearing a student's sword with an oak wreath and a short verse, was specially designed for the 1909 Studentkunst (student arts) competition held at the Stuttgart Landesgewerbe Museum. Wynand, a sculptor and trade school teacher from Höhr, was awarded third prize in this competition for another of his entries.

Paul Wynand, along with other well known artists like Ludwig Hohlwein, Richard Riemerschmidt, Franz Ringer, Peter Behrens, Albin Müller and Henry van de Velde, were all engaged by the Westerwald stoneware industry as they sought new directions in this period of artistic turbulence. Wynand was easily the most prolific of these artists when it came to ceramics. His works are found in blue and grey, the soft, honey colored, almost translucent brown glaze shown here, and the braun geflammt glaze, a speckled brown effect achieved by firing in an oxygen-rich oven.

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