Stein of the Month: September 2001

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~ A Nicely Decorated Glass Stein ~

The stein shown at the right illustrates some of the magic which is achievable with glass. This stein was mouth-blown and shaped by hand in amber-colored glass. The handle and decorative prunts were added after the body was formed, using a complementary blue colored glass. At this point the glass blower was done with the piece, and it was passed to a glass cutter who added a floral design between the prunts using small copper disks to etch the glass. This stein was further customized with an inscription below the rim: "P. Fischer z. 22 Geburtstage d. 12.3.87. ge?. v. K.M." - a gift for P. Fischer's 22nd birthday from K.M. Now the fully decorated glass was ready to leave the glass shop and go to the pewterer, who finished the piece with a nice lid and thumblift. Closeup photos of these decorative techniques are shown below.

The handle and prunts are both made of blue glass. The simple floral design was copper-wheel etched between the star-shaped prunts. Top, the inscription for this birthday gift. Below, the blue prunts show a more greenish color against the amber body. Note the relief profile, as well.

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