Stein of the Month: June 2003

~ The JWR Senior Stein ~
by Ron Gray

What could be more appropriate for the Stein of the Month in June than a stein showing a Senior for the new graduates? This is one of a four-stein college series made by the firm of J. W. Remy of Höhr (now Höhr-Grenzhausen), Germany.

The four steins in this series and the history of the firm of Johann Wilhelm Remy are discussed in more detail in an article in the Library section of this site. You can jump directly to that article by clicking here.

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The SENIOR stein, one of four in the college series by J. W. Remy.

The two side panels of this stein feature buildings, presumably of a college campus. I first thought these might be actual buildings of some college in the U.S., perhaps an Ivy League school. However, the architecture seems to be more European. Does anyone recognize these buildings?

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