Stein of the Month: December 2005

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~ Enameled in Regensburg,
not Eisenach ~

article and photos by
SCI Master Steinologist John McGregor

As I've reported elsewhere, both the Regensburg and Freising factories sold blanks to the August Saeltzer workshop where they were decorated. However, both factories also enameled some pieces on their own. Evidently, based on the number of surviving pieces, the Regensburg factory only produced a very small number.

The main difference in the pieces decorated by Saeltzer and Regensburg is that the Saeltzer pieces were decorated with works of art and the Regensburg pieces were simply painted. While more simply done, the Regensburg pieces are very attractive as evidenced by the subject of this stein of the month.

You'll note that the lower handle attachment is curled just as they were in the 16th and 17th centuries. Regensburg was the only modern (after 1850) factory to actually curl the end of the handle. All other factories used faux curls molded into the handle.

This is a small piece, approx. 1.0 liter and was probably manufactured during the Zinkl-Thenn period, 1875-77.

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