Stein of the Month:  November 2006
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~ The Chicken Dance Stein ~
"The Stein Parade" of New Braunfels, TX

Chicken Dance
Sponsor - Bruce Boyer/Ameripoint Title Company
Sponsor - Toya Ohlrich Boyer/Prudential Classic Realty
Artist & Designer, Delaina Hodgden
The small Texas town of New Braunfels, which has a strong German heritage, recently completed a unique project in "public art." In the words of Lynette Clauser, chairwoman of this project:
"Art"? What does that word really mean? Is it strictly oil on flat stretched canvas? Is it only the great masters confined in a museum or painting hanging in a gallery? In the case of the New Braunfels Art League, public art is a four foot tall German Stein AND the ability to awe, surprise and inspire. Imagine the thrill of a child wandering with Mom and Dad as they shop. A little bored, she looks up and suddenly see Stein Meister or Stein 2 D2. She runs over to investigate - and imagine. The woman hurrying on her way to the grocery store turns a corner and there is Ruben-Stein. She stops, awed by the beauty. She takes time to drink it in and wants to know more about Rubens' art. How about the young man sadly walking down the street, trying to sort things our in his mind after a difficult day - he stumbles across Lickten-Stein with its giant tongue. He laughs, realizing that life is sometimes just a matter of perception. This is what public art is about, the effect on our everyday lives.
Over 50 of New Braunfels Art League artists and other artists participated in the Stein Parade Project by designing and/or painting the 4 foot tall, 22 inches diameter, fifty pound steins. The fiber glass art steins were created very skillfully by Frank Keith. Caroline "Stormy" Eveningstorm designed 8 steins and Chris Pfefferkorn designed 7 steins. Dawn and Bill Brockmeier and their family designed and painted more steins than any Art League family. The fundraiser was a three year undertaking, and has recently concluded.

Visit the website of the New Braunfels Art League at where you will be able to view all of the steins in the project. As of this writing, some of the stein are available for purchase, as are T-shirts and beer mugs. Give it a look.

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