Stein Collectors International
Featured Stein ~ November 2007

~ A Military Souvenir Stein - Post WW II ~

By Steve Dienst and David Cantwell

This stein of the month is an unusual and attractive example of a post World War II US Military regimental souvenir stein. Its 1/2 liter body is made of red-colored pottery and overglazed with gray to imitate a stoneware background which has been hand-enameled with the United States seal, a chain of fighter jets in flight, the date of 1952, and a view of Moot Hall. The underside of the base of the stein is only marked "Made in the American Zone of Germany".

For several years after the Allied victory, there were also English, French and Russian occupied zones of Germany. The vast majority of post World War II US military regimental souvenir steins reflect service time in Germany and utilize stock porcelain bodies. Interesting and unusual finials are often their most distinguishing features. The stein of the month sets itself apart not only by body shape and material, but by origin from a base in England and a very well modeled F-86 fighter jet finial on top of a heavy pewter lid.

Moot Hall was built around 1520 and was still being used as a town meeting place when this stein was produced. Moot Hall is located in Aldeburgh, England, 18 miles from the joint Royal Air force/ United States Air force base in Bentwater. This base was closed in 1992. The U.S. 81st Tactical Fighter Wing was stationed in Bentwater in 1952 and  flew the F-86 Sabre fighter/bomber during this time of the cold war. The finial closely resembles the F-86 fighter. Aldeburgh is a coastal resort which was frequented by the Bentwater servicemen.

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