Stein of the Month: December 2007

~ The Schierholz Snowman ~
by David Harr and Steve Dienst

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In keeping with the "Holiday Spirit", the stein of the month is the Snowman porcelain character stein by Schierholz. The circa-1900 Schierholz catalog shows this stein as model # 38 in a half-liter size. The stein seen here is actually a quarter-liter version, which is much rarer. We don't know whether Scheirholz offered the Snowman in this smaller size with the same or a different model number.

This Snowman exemplifies the holiday season and gives a view of one of the rare character steins. Those who believe in global warming should be warned that their half-liter stein may soon be a quarter-liter!

Until that day arrives, this stein would also serve well in keeping your brew "frosty".

Members of SCI may read more about the Schierholz factory and its steins in the three-part article, The Schierholz Discoveries.

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