Featured Stein: December 2008
  ~ A Political Pair ~
Last Month

In light of our recent Presidential election, and these politically charged times, the GOP Elephant and Democrat Donkey are a wonderful addition to the emerging line of new character steins. This political pair was conceived and brought to production by Master Steinologist David Harr. With inspiration from his wife Martha, who has a deep interest in politics, David appropriately developed these desirable American figures.

These timeless pieces feature the well-known partisan icons that we have come to know. Both figures perch themselves atop soap boxes, and confidently stand ready to support their party. Their Uncle-Sam like appearance is enhanced through traditional US colors, stars and stripes. David has produced a limited edition batch of these steins which feature several unique accents. From the gold stars to the white-columned handles, these versions are certainly eye catching.

David has a limited number of these political figures, as his line has only 100 produced pairs. They can be found at www.charactersteins.com along with a number of other modern and antique wares or call him at 508-472-4424 for more information. So whether you are a staunch political supporter, or just the every-day “Joe,” they will be right at home in your collection.

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