Featured Stein: December  2009
~  A Christmas Regimental Stein  ~
by  R. Ron Heiligenstein, S.C.I. Master Steinologist
A regimental stein as a Christmas gift? That’s exactly what Ulan Rieke did at Christmas time one hundred eight years ago this month, when he gave his father the one quarter liter pottery stein that is this month’s Featured Stein. 

On the face of the stein Rieke gave his father, is a charging lancer in parade dress. The inscriptions on the sides of the stein can be seen below and read:

My dear father for a Merry Christmas 1901.

Friendly greetings from your son Ulan Rieke, with the 3rd Squadron, King’s Ulan Regiment 1st Hannover No. 13 in Hannover.

Paired with the small stein that Ulan Rieke gave his father is a tall, one half liter pottery regimental stein he purchased for himself in 1903 “in remembrance of my service time”. This stein has the King’s Ulan Regiment 1st Hannover No. 13 unit designation that is also found on the smaller stein. On the front of Rieke’s stein is a standing ulan in parade dress over an ulan’s epaulet. The two steins are shown side by side below.

Pairs of regimental steins, as described above, are most unusual. When one is found, it is often a gift by a civilian brother to his army brother, who later decides to purchase his own regimental stein before to leaving the service. Obviously, Ulan Rieke was a thoughtful young man. For certain, his father was pleased with his Christmas gift and very proud of his son.



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