Featured Stein: July 2009
~ One of a Kind? ~
by  Rich Cress
This is a 1/4-liter porcelain stein, including a porcelain insert lid. Made in Germany, but done in the Limoges style of porcelain mugs (these are usually seen at antique shows: always lidless, frequently marked JP with an L under the JP, and with a gold rim).

The grapes are a highly unusual decoration for a German beer stein; much more appropriate for drinking wine! It includes a lithophane of a seated man playing a zither for two women. The five-ring hinge tells us that it was made about 1900 or so. No manufacturer's mark, nor is there a capacity mark, leading me to speculate that this may be a "one of a kind."
This article courtesy of the Upper Midwest Steinolgists web site, www.umsos.org

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