Featured Stein: November 2009
~  Back to Heinrich Schlitt ~
by  Bill Gee
It has been over six years since a stein with the art of Heinrich Schlitt has been showcased as the Featured Stein. Perhaps this is because his work is so well-known while other steins have been featured because they are unusual or unique. Let’s take time again to study and enjoy his wonderful art—in this case the etched Mettlach form 2580 known as “Die Kannenburg Stein” with its conical lid.
The formidable 4.2 liter master, form 2524, gives it the name that is not shown on the one-liter or half-liter versions. The Beer Stein Library says “the Kannenburg apparently does not exist in either literature or reality. However, it has been argued that the name itself can be translated to mean a place where drinkers congregate to discuss their views on political issues.”
Schlitt’s Kannenburg is a mighty fortress with an interesting group of medieval characters. The fine details of architecture and activity around the stein pull the eyes to every inch for scrutiny and wonder—from the workers hauling up the barrels of beer, to the mysterious glove reaching out from the other castle side. What the knights and nobility are discussing we can only imagine, but the jester certainly has something to say—“PROSIT.”

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