Featured Stein: March 2010
~ An Austrian Majolica Stein ~
by  Serguei Artiouchkov

This stein was produced by Austrian company of Rudolf Ditmar (1881 - 1919) around 1890-1900. There is a mark at the bottom that is hardly seen in the picture below but is actually recognizable. The Austrian steins are quite rare - they were not made in large quantities. R.Ditmar pieces represent some special collector's interest because of their rarity and excellent quality. 

R.Ditmar Majolica steins have a look all of their own. They are made of earthenware with an opaque tin glaze which covers the entire body. They come in both colored glazed relief and over-the-glaze transfers. This stein is made with a multi-colored glaze and depicts a relief decoration of baby Bacchus laying on a beer barrel tasting a brew.

For more information on the Rudolf Ditmar and his Majolica steins, there is an excellent article by Ron Fox in the March 2006 issue of Prosit.

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