Featured Stein: October 2010
~ Heinrich Schlitt on a Non-Mettlach Stein ~
by George Schamberger
On my recent yearly summer travels to Germany and Switzerland, I was surprised to find a non-Mettlach 1L. stein with this famous Heinrich Schlitt dwarf design. With only a mold Nr. 480 to go on,  I could not identify the maker. However, it does have a distinct handle. In the middle there is a what looks like a finger ring with a round stone joined by two leaves. With a little detective work and some help from Frank Loevi in examining steins with similar handles, it appears that this stein may have been made by Matthias Girmscheid. See the two handles from known Girmscheid steins on the left in the figure below, compared to the handle on this stein shown on the far right. 

This version is more complete than the Mettlach version (Catalog number 2133, shown to the left), since it has a verse of what the gnome is thinking to himself:

     “Von dem Stoff möcht ich mich zu todt trinken” 

This translates as: 

  "From this stuff (meaning beer) I would like to drink myself to death"

Obviously the gnome didn’t mean it, since he seems to be alive and well. I assume the design was sanctioned by H. Schlitt, since this stein was made during his lifetime. 

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