Featured Stein: March   2011
~  Anheuser-Busch Jaycee Credo Stein ~
by  Charles Brownfield
An interesting Budweiser stein recently found its way to me which I was curious to research because of the profound message it seemed to carry. What I discovered was more fascinating than I had anticipated for reasons that will shortly be obvious.

The stein is a special event stein issued in 1994 commemorating the 50th anniversary of the United States JCI Senate (the Jaycees). A national organization devoted to community service by young business and professional people. The stein is a First in a Series, although I have not seen anymore.
The stein is thick beige porcelain with a colorful lithographed decoration, 5 1/2 inches high, and stamped on the bottom with an A&Eagle logo. The central design features the first line of the 65 word Jaycees Creed. “We believe that faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life”. It is portrayed against a backdrop of blazing yellow sunlight, flanked on both sides by winged cherubs, and the logo of the U.S. JCI Senate above the Budweiser “bowtie”.

The story behind the Jaycee Creed is inspiring it was written in 1946 by C. William (Bill) Brownfield with whom I  may share a somewhat rare family
name, but am unable to find any family connection. He was a Jaycee activist and deeply devout Methodist lay-minister from Ohio. He rejected formal ordination for himself because of his doubts about there being any “one true faith”. He thought good people of different religions were alienated from each other by such doctrinaire beliefs. Unable to embrace the ministry with the commitment he felt necessary to be ordained, he chose, instead, to make his living in business, never compromising his high ethical and moral standards. This shortened story loses a lot about the complexity of Bill Brownfield, his personal struggle with Multiple Sclerosis, his horrendous 
business setbacks, his optimistic leadership role, and his initial resistance to putting any mention of religious faith in the Jaycee creed, only to be inspired to write the stunning first line (which appears on the stein) during a 20-minute solitary drive in the country.

What a surprise it was to discover such depth of meaning in the story behind a simple beer stein! The Creed of the Jaycees is a guideline for the “good life” in a free society, whether or not one is, or ever has been in the Jaycees.
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