Featured Stein: April 2012
~ Duck Hunt Stein ~
By Ken Stroud

This 0,5 L etched stein depicts the duck hunt. The left panel shows a hound flushing out a duck from the marsh and the right panel shows a flock of ducks in the distance as two hunters take aim and reload their shotguns. The center of the stein is dominated by a large stag with antlers jutting out in relief. Above the antlers is a hunter's horn and the phrase Waidmannís Heil (Hunters salutation). The inlay on the lid shows a lyre. This seems strange for a hunting stein, but the lyre could be associate with the ancient Greek musician Orpheus, who was said to be able to charm all animals with his music.

The text at the top and bottom reads:

    Ein guter Hund, ein ruhiger Schuss,
       (A good hound, a steady shot,)

    Da ist die Jagd ein Hochgenuss.
       (That is the best pleasure of the hunt.)

The stein is marked 1579 on the base and its manufacture has been attributed to JW Remy. Noted JW Remy specialist Lyn Ayers offers a different perspective on the origin of this stein. He acknowledges that this stein was molded and decorated in the JW Remy facility and kiln. However, since the model number conflicts with the master journal (as  many of the etched pieces do), he proposes that it was made by JP Thewalt to market under his name or (less likely) as a special order. The ivory stoneware kiln was co-owned by Remy and  Thewalt and was located on the JP Thewalt factory property until Remy built another kiln on his own property in 1924 or 1925 when their relationship was dissolved. The stein has the earmarks of a JW Remy piece (handle and inlay), but the glaze is atypical. There is no record of JW Remy etched pieces numbered above the 1400ís.

This stein seems as much American in nature as it does German because duck hunting is so prevalent in many parts of our country. It certainly would be a familiar subject if an American duck hunter owned this stein at one time. My sincere appreciation to Lyn Ayers for the information on this stein.

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