Featured Stein: February 2016
~ Two Interesting Elks Steins ~ By Randy Satterfield of the Dixie Steiners
This stein of the month is actually a pair of steins that are closely related. They are Elks Club steins clearly meant for the American market and possibly done on commission.

The text on the first reads "Don't butt in I am a brother of yours". It has a matching lid insert depicting an elk, although it's usually seen with a plain conical pewter lid. The handle is one I've seen nowhere else.
The text on the second stein reads "Best people on earth". The lid is a replacement, soldered to the original thumblift, it appears to be pot metal rather than pewter. Both steins have the same handle. Both hold unusual capacities, the first about .9 liter and the second about .75 liter. Neither have any markings other than Germany on the bottoms. My guess is that they are JW Remy's.