Stein Collectors International
Featured Stein ~ May 2018

A Great eBay Find

A Miniature Munich Child 4-F Stein

By Fred Ellis
member, die Lüstigen Stein Jaeger von Wisconsin

I am a collector specializing in miniature steins with an emphasis on Munich Child steins.  This 1/8L stein which I discovered on eBay fit both of those areas of interest, although initially I overlooked another important aspect. 

The eBay picture wasn’t very clear. I could tell that the child was sitting on a barrel, which is very common for Munich child steins.  It was one I did not have in my collection, so I bought it, not paying attention what was really on the shield.

To my amazement when I opened the package, the 4-F symbol jumped right out at me. For new collectors the four “F’s” stand for “Frisch, Fromm, Froh & Frei” (fresh, pious, happy, free). Often found on steins, this symbol stands for the Turners, or Turnvereins, groups which practiced organized and often competitive forms of gymnastics and exercise. If you are not familiar with this important part of German history and culture, you  can learn more by reading this article in the Reading Room.

"Two-fers" are always good, but a "three-fer" is even better.

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