Stein Collectors International
Featured Stein ~ June 2022

It's About Time!
By Salvatore Mazzone ~ Florida Sun Steiners

The monthly Featured Stein column of the Stein Collectors International website has existed since 1999. In all those 23 years it has never featured a Friederich van Hauten stein. I thought it was time to rectify that. Picture 1 shows one of two Friederich van Hauten glass steins in my collection.

The stein is instantly recognizable as being produced by Friederich van Hauten by its beautifully done, heavily enameled portrait of a knight and its surrounding decoration, the intricate pewter work, its graceful design and its outstanding quality. An eagle's head and beak form the front of the fancy lid and pouring spout. If that is not enough to identify it as a Friederich van Hauten, the company's Prussian Eagle logo adorns the pewter base. The clear glass body is likely Theresienthal, although there is no way to know for certain. The stein has a 2.5-liter capacity and stands 17 inches tall; it's a beauty!

Founded in Bonn, Germany, in the early nineteenth century by Friedrich van Hauten's father, the company really took off when Friedrich took the reins in 1851. When Friedrich died in 1894 his son Fritz took over the business. In 1896 the company won the prestigious award of Hoflieferant Seiner Majestät des Kaisers und Königs von Preussen (Court supplier to his Majesty, the Emperor and King of Prussia), which was bestowed by Kaiser Wilhelm I himself1.

The firm acquired blank bodies for decoration from several glass and stoneware companies. In addition to producing designs of its own creation, it accepted special orders for custom decorations from well-to-do families and members of student organizations.

For more information about the firm and its steins, the reader is referred to two excellent Prosit articles: (1) Fox, R and Lamb, J, Steins by Freidrich van Hauten, Prosit June 2003; (2) Vogdes, W, Friedr. Van Hauten of Bonn, Prosit March 2005.

Although the firm's output did not come close to matching that of the large stein making factories of the time, its work was of the highest quality, commanded premium prices, and is highly sought after by collectors today.

1 Friedrich van Hauten (und Albert Springmann) / (Friedrich) Van Hauten Sohn, Inhaber Fritz van Hauten, Stein Marks,

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