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Stein Collectors International
Chapter ZOOM Meetings

Chapters are encouraged to use SCI’s ZOOM account to conduct chapter meetings during this time of social distancing and meeting restrictions due to COVID-19.

What is Zoom? ZOOM is a cloud-based video conferencing service you can use to meet online with other participants – either by video, audio, or both, all while conducting live chats. Particpants may join a ZOOM meeting using a desktop computer, a tablet, a smart phone, or a landline phone. If your device has a camera, at your option you can be seen (and heard) in real time by the other participants (see illustration). ZOOM also allows PowerPoint presentations or videos – anything you can display on your device – to be shared with the group.

I’m ready to go, just give me the meeting login credentials!

Not so fast, tell me more about how to use ZOOM.

To schedule a ZOOM meeting, or for additional information, contact either

  • Joann Ellis (920-319-6694, sci2015secretary@gmail.com) or
  • Celia Clark (936-828-6539, crro26@gmail.com).

Please login to meetings 15 minutes before the scheduled start time. This will give you the opportunity to resolve any connectivity or login problems as well as greet other attendees before the start of the meeting.

Please mute your microphone unless you intend to speak to the group. A cough, a dog bark, a spontaneous exclamation (“Damn, I spilled my beer!”) or any background noise which is picked up by your mic will interrupt the speaker and be heard by everyone!

Featured meetings
February 21 – Walter Swett – Oktoberfest Steins, Lustigen Steinjaeger/Meister Steiners mtg.
March 13 – Roy De Selms – History and Evolution of Mettlach Wares, Pacific Stein Sammler mtg.
March 14 – Jerry Berg – Wooden Steins – Stave Construction, Carolina Steiners mtg.

Meeting Schedules  (ET: Eastern      CT: Central      MT: Mountain      PT: Pacific)


February 2021

Feb. 21 1PM CT
Lustigen Steinjaeger/Meister Steiners
Contact: Joann Ellis

Feb. 27 1PM CT
St. Louis Gateway Steiners
Contact: Ted Ball

March 2021

Mar. 13 noon PT
Pacific Stein Sammler
Contact: Alain Steenbeeke

Mar. 14 2PM ET
Carolina Steiners
Contact: William Griffen

Mar. 20 11AM ET
New England Steiners
Contact: Alan House

Mar. 21 1PM ET
Pennsylvania Keysteiners
Contact: Michael Finney

April 2021

No meetings currently scheduled