Featured Stein: July 2012
~ A Monk in the Order of Dümler & Breiden ~
By Dave Lowry

We see here a Dümler & Breiden stein, listed in the original catalog as .5L, mold # 572, "Monk with Radish and Beer Stein". It is the two-color pottery version. It was also available in full color and is usually seen with the banner on the front which is translated below.

Wer Bier trinkt schläft gut,
wer gut schlaft sündiget nicht,
wer nicht sündigt kommt in den Himmel

which translates to:

He who drinks beer sleeps well,
he who sleeps well does not sin,
he who does not sin goes to heaven.

There are also full color versions seen that are special order items, showing a different saying on the front banner or the front banner being a flag or coat of arms shield. But, of course, these versions are more rare.

A monk would be defined as a member of a community of men, leading a contemplative life under the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, according to the rules of the religious order to which he belongs.

The word "monk" is believed to derive from the Saxon word "munuc", coming from the original Latin "monochus", a transliteration of the Greek "monachos", meaning lonely or single, and is suggestive of a life of solitude. There have been many religious orders that have existed through out history and in different areas of Europe. Many members of the aristocracy as well as kings have retired to monasteries to lead a more sedentary and contemplative life as a monk. Monks and monasteries have also at times had a hand in shaping European history.

Dümler & Breiden may not be known as a prolific character stein manufacturer, but the 10 character steins that they are known to have created are very attractive and worthy additions to any stein collection. There are two different versions of the Monk stein, the other being the .25L "Monk" (Mold #654) which was also available in the two-color or full color versions.

Dümler & Breiden's character steins like the rest of their steins, especially the high-relief examples, are very highly detailed. As an example, look at the base of this monk stein shown on right . A very nice stein.

I for one am not crazy about radishes but love beer and steins. The next time you feel like having a cold beer, have one with a Dümler & Breiden Monk # 572 or #654 next to you so he doesn't feel so lonely!!


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