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Featured Stein ~ November 2019

Rabbit Character Stein by Karl Beuler

By John Piet

This month's stein is a rabbit character stein made by Girmscheid, model 1105, and designed by (Anton) Kilian "Karl" Beuler. Beuler was a very prolific designer, with his “KB” signature appearing on more than half of currently cataloged Girmscheid steins. The signature appears on this rabbit character at the bottom of the shield bearing the verse. Beuler was born in Höhr in 1865 and began his career with Girmscheid around 1890, where it is believed he was employed for approximately the next 25 years. However, Beuler is also known to have moonlighted as a freelance artist, selling his designs to other manufacturers. In addition to his substantial output for Girmscheid, Beuler’s “KB” mark has also been seen on steins produced by J.L. Knoedgen, Gilles & Sohn, A.J. Thewalt.

The verse on the front of the stein:

    Wer jagen will geh'n
    muss früh aufsteh'n

The verse around the bottom:

    Bei Bier und Wein,
    gedeiht da Jaegerlatein.

    Those who want to go hunting
    must get up early.


    With beer and wine,
    story telling flourishes.

Beuler's signature mark.

Jaegerlatein can be translated literally as "hunters' tall tales".

For more information on Karl Beuler and variations on his signature mark visit Chris Wheeler's Steinmarks. Information on Girmscheid, and Beuler, can be found in the article Introduction to Girmscheid Steins in the Beer Stein Library.

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