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October 2021 Featured Stein

Dümler & Breiden #212 modified for the 1904 Saint Louis World’s Fair
by Michael Finney, member of the Pennsylvania Keysteiners

As October arrives in the United States we soon realize we are approaching Halloween, when masked figures will noisily gather outside our front doors, happy sounds of greeting and laughter, and the challenge of “Trick or Treat!” Everyone knows the threat of a trick is harmless, as the only thing that matters is the sweet treats the visitors will scurry away with. But 200 years ago in Bavaria a noisy gathering outside one’s home was not something to be taken lightly. This month’s Featured Stein article reminds us of vigilante justice carried out in a Feldtreiben. Click the image to read this article.

For more information about Feldtreiben read this article from the September 2010 issue of Prosit.

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