Stein Collectors International
Featured Stein: August 2023

A Catholic Business Association Stein
by John Piet

Catholic Business Stein Featured this month is a .4L glass stein, which would be called a "Seidel" rather than a "Krug". Although it appears to be a student association stein, it has nothing to with schools or students. It represents an association of Catholic merchants and tradesmen.

The association was founded in 1877 in Mainz from a merger of Catholic commercial and lay fellowships with the name Verband der katholischen kaufmännischen Kongregationen und Vereine Deutschlands. (The Association of Catholic commercial congregations and associations in Germany). This was a Catholic community of women and men, employees, traders, craftsmen, members of the liberal professions and the public service organized in many local communities nationwide.

In 1938, during the National Socialist era, this association, like other Catholic associations, was banned, but was re-established in 1947. In 1965, its name was changed to Katholisch-Kaufmännischer Verein (KKV) (Catholic-Commercial Association).

The association's motto, "Ehrlich im Handel, christlich im Wandel is written above the coat of arms and translates to "Honest in trade, Christian in conduct".

Below is a banner showing the original symbol of the KKV as seen on the stein, and the current modernized symbol next to it. The old symbol shows a caduceus, which identifies with merchants, and an anchor and cross, which symbolize firmness in faith. The associations new symbol shows a modernized cross and anchor, leaving off the caduceus which is sometimes associated with thieves as well as merchants.



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