Cumulative Table of Contents
for Prosit from 1965 to the current issue

Each section of the table below provides the Table of Contents for one issue of Prosit, dating back to the first issue of der Gemütlichkeit in 1965. The header for each section includes a link to the pertinent issue of eProsit (restricted to SCI members who are logged in). Articles which deal with SCI announcements, convention plans, chapter news, obituaries, or subjects which are clearly past their "use by" date are not included in this Index.

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September 2021
SCI's 54th Annual Convention - Wilmington, DE
Convention Committee
American Beleek - Controversial NY Third Panel Sheriff's Jury
Salvatore Mazzone
New to me! An Unknown Reiter Finial
George Schamberger
Meet Master Steinologist George Schamberger
Joe Haedtke
An 18th Century Faience Stein
Salvatore Mazzone
The Evolution of VBM Surface Decorations - Chromolith, Etched, PUG, etc.
Roy De Selms
VBM Etched and Glazed - What is it really?
Walt Vogdes
Book Review - The Artistry of J.W. Remy Steins by Lyn Ayers
Critter Surprise Steins
Clark Fischer
Modern German Politician Character Steins
Walter Swett
Four Wetterau Scratch Steins
Mike Adkins
Photos From the Road - 57th Installment
Ron Fox
Steins and the Sport of Kegeling
Randy Satterfield
June 2021
The Telegrapher's Stein NOT!
SCI's 54th Annual Convention
Convention Committee
Bombs, Raging Cannons, Three Stages of Intoxication
Ron Hartmann
Meet Master Steinologist Roy De Selms
Joe Haedtke
A Barett Maker Stein
George Schamberger
Photos From the Road
Ron Fox
Canadian Cold War Steins
Chris Young
A Totenkopf Gem
Andy Jurgovan
The Evolution of Mettlach Relief, Cameo and Phanolith Wares
Roy De Selms
A Long Way From Home
Burkart Reineke
An 18th Century Muskauer Armorial Birnkrug
Salvatorre Mazzone
Christian Symbolism on Creussen Apostle Seins
Mike Adkins
March 2021 Author
A Munich Child Stein Story George Schamberger and Walt Vogdes
Werner's Farewell Bill Gee
A Visit to Stift Sankt Florian Tom Levenson
Meet Master Steinologist John Harrell Joe Haedtke
Mettlach at AMOCA - Fairy Tales, Folklore, Fantasy Roy De Selms
Portrait Lids Randy Satterfield
"Former" - A Rare Occupational Stein George Schamberger
Finding Gustav Thinwibel Salvatore Mazzone
"White" Glass Steins Walt Vogdes
Gambling Dice Beaker Martin Kiely
What is a Crest? editor
A Bacchanalian Procession Stein Salvatore Mazzone
Free Beer Stein with Order of Beer Ron Gray
Detachment to the NCO School Peter Meinlschmidt
December 2020 Author
Saint Nicholas Society Stein
Alain Steenbeeke
Mettlach at AMOCA - Part 3a: Myths and Legends
Roy De Selms
Mountain Figurals Mike Adkins
Steins with English Phrases
Clark Fischer
Buckauer Porcelain and Symbols of Commerce
George Schamberger
A Forensic Stein Investigation!
Dennis Hunsicker
Repairs: Detraction of a Thing of Beauty?
Eric Salzano
Photos From the Road - 55th Installment Ron Fox
A Unique Reservist Plate
George Schamberger
The Carl P. Long Stein
Fred Irtz, II
Stacked Bullet Regimental Stein
Peter Meinlschmidt
September 2020 Author
What a Surprise Andy Jurgovan
What Story Does This Stein Tell? Frederick G. Irtz II
Soldier's Regimental Souvenir Pipe Bowl George Schamberger
Meet the Master Steinologist - Phil Masenheimer Joe Haedtke
A Regimental Stein with an Unusual Center Motif Peter Meinlschmidt
The Stein That Got Away Tom Levenson
Feline Figurals Mike Adkins
Photos From the Road - 54th Installment Ron Fox
Black Jacks, Leather Bombards, Leather Tankards Martin Kiely
100th Jubilee Kaiser Franz Garde-Grenadier Rgt. #2 Ron Hartmann
Biere Arlen - We don't often find our name... Arlen Anderson
Simon Peter Gerz: The Black Whale at Ascalon Ronald E. Gray
Why Steins Have Lids: A Lost Cause Ronald E Gray
My Mystery Stein Salvatore Mazzone
Oktoberfest 2020 - COVID Canceled! editor
June 2020 Author
As Seen on eBay Rich Cress
Meet Master Steinologist Ron Fox Joe Haedtke
A Regimental Stein with Rare Side Scenes Ron Hartmann
V&B at AMOCA: German Culture of the 19th Century Roy De Selms
Three of a Kind Alain Steenbeeke
Eduard von Grützner Paintings Ron Gray
The Rarest Variant of Pioneer Regimental Steins Peter Meinlschmidt
Six Steins Depicting the Tyrolean Revolution Bob Hurley
Early German Stoneware: Altenburg Mike Adkins
Brewery Related Tavern Steins Brent Laswell
Update: Billiken or Balligan? Ron Gray
Tigerbräu Brewery: A Stein Mystery Rhoda Fry
Lindenwirtin: Hostess of the Linden Tree Inn George Schamberger
March 2020 Author
SCI's 54th Annual Convention, Charleston, SC Convention Committee
Billiken or Balligan? Ron Gray
The Famous Blaue Brief, or Blue Letter George Schamberger
Photos from the Road Ron Fox
Early Stoneware: Creussen and Annaberg Mike Adkins
Meet the Master Steinologist: Jerry Berg Joe Haedtke
Identical Steins, Different Materials Dennis Hunsicker
A Handpainted English Wedgwood Tankard Bob Hurley
Big Stein, Small Boat Peter Meinlschmidt
December 2019 Author
SCI's 54th Annual Convention, Charleston, SC Convention Committee
Photos From the Road, 52nd Installment Ron Fox
Meet the Master Steinologist – Terry Hill Joe Haedtke
Max von Heider Rich Cress
Further on Max von Heider & Söhne Walt Vogdes
and… Further on Max von Heider & Söhne Walt Vogdes
JW Remy Sets and Series Lyn Ayers
An Introduction to Elkington Electrotypes Eric Salzano
Extremely Rare Reservist Steins Related to Bezirkskommando Peter Meinlschmidt
Long Live the Coppersmith George Schamberger
18th Century Wheel-Engraved Glass Stein with Biblical Theme Bob Hurley
A Newly Discovered Addition to the Mettlach 1526/1502 Series Terry Hill
Bergbrauerei Beer Stein Tells a Story Rhoda Fry
Diesinger Update Arvid Frende
September 2019 Author
Note From a Small Island Chris Dodd
Steins Unlimited: The Home Museum Eric J. Wallace
Why Do Steins Have Lids? editor
Multi-Chapter Mini-Convention – York, PA Eric Salzano
History Portrayed on Mettlach Wares at the AMOCA Museum Dr. Roy DeSelms
Wanted: Mystery Soldier on Beer Steins Bob Hurley
Weapons of “Ein Mass” Destruction editor
Chapter & Verse editor
Update: The Beer Stein Library Status AMOCA
My “Hard Rock” Stein Mark Rossmann
Osterfeuerrad Stein George Schamberger
Coat of Arms of Seckendorf George Schambeerger
The Saga of Burg Rheinstein Peter Fahrendorf
A Note From the Database Manager John Strassberger
William Tell, A Story on a Stein Ron Hartmann
An Introduction to Guild Pieces Eric Salzano
House of the Steins Istvan Szemere
Manning Bowman Pewter Fraternity Steins Randy Satterfield
Meet the Master Steinologist – Lyn Ayers Joe Haedtke
A Poem: Don't sing about it, drink it! George Schamberger
June 2019 Author
Book Review – Animal Shaped Vessels From the Ancient World Editor
2019 Annual SCI Convention – The Plans for San Francisco! Convention Committee
Germany's Crystal Road Mark Rossmann
Imperial Supply Train Units Peter Meinlschmidt
Reservist Steins of Supply Train Units Peter Meinlschmidt
B. Shackman & Co. (old ad) Ron Fox
Old Repairs to Drinking Vessels Martin Kiely
Pewter Overlay on Glass Steins Ron Hartmann
Photos From the Road Ron Fox
Meet the Master Steinologist – Ron Heiligenstein Joe Haedtke
A Large Historical Punch Bowl George Schamberger
“Various Subjects” Steins and Marzi & Remy Randy Satterfield
Talking About Glass: An English Glass Stein James B. Sauer
March 2019 Author
2019 SCI Convention – San Francisco convention committee
California, Here We Come! Steve Steigerwald
The Mystery of the Starbucks Logo Ron Fox
Photos From the Road Ron Fox
SCI's Formative Years and Formal Awards editorial staff
Meet the Master Steinologist – Les Paul editorial staff
Two Historic Heidelberg University Steins John Schaefer and Walt Vogdes
Mixed Emotions John Stuart (dec.)
The First Known Submarine Reservist Stein Peter Meinlschmidt
History of Heligoland in a Nutshell Peter Meinlschmidt
A Bavarian Regimental with Wartime Service Dates Don Strack and Peter Meinlschmidt
Weihaiwei Tankards Martin Kiely
December 2018 Author
A Party of Six – A Tradition Denny Matheny
Photos From the Road Ron Fox
Amazing Tankards Ron Hartmann
First Colored STANHOPE Picture? Tomasz Meca & Peter Meinlschmidt
Würtzburger Hofbrau – A Rare Brewery Stein George Schamberger
Additional Information on The Pillow Fight Stein George Schamberger
Cleaning Your Silver Steins and Lids Rich Cress
Richmond Convention Photos Martin Estep
American Football Steins, Mugs and Pitchers John Lamb
Serendipity: A Schierholz Revelation Walt Vogdes
You Can Drink Out of It! Gene Manusov (dec.)
September 2018 Author
History with a Twist Roy Orrock
Convention Plans – Back to German in 2019 Beatrix Adler
The Devil's Paintbrush Leonard Englert
Photos From the Road Ron Fox
Knight, Landsknecht or Cavalier? Who is on Your Stein? Bob Hurley
Influence of “Rules of Competition” Seen on Your Steins Steve Breuning
Chapter & Verse
Teutonia Männerchor Steve Donohue
Beer Brewing and Bottling in Lindenhurst, NY Lorraine Merz
June 2018 Author
S.S. George Washington Jack Strand
Yale Trophy Jack Strand
2018 SCI Convention – Richmond, VA Gambrinus Stein Club
Photos From the Road – 47th Installment Ron Fox
Paragraph 11 Mark Finally Solved (1982) Terry Hill
Governors Foot Guards Anniversary Stein Alain Steenbeeke
A Survey of the Stein Production of JW Remy Lyn Ayers
1/8 Liter Munich Brewery Advertising Steins Andy Jurgovan
Masonic Mystery Solved Allan Fogel
A Present Day Heinrich Schlitt Irv Johnsen (dec.)
Frau Wirtin Hatte Einen… Ron Hartmann
Portfolio Northwest Orient
Beautiful Porcelain Works of Art Walt Vogdes
I Bought This Beer Stein the Other Day… Jon Hoffmann
March 2018 Author
A Sample (Probe) Heinrich Schlitt Stein Istvan Szemere
2018 SCI Convention in Richmond, VA Gambrinus Stein Club
The Stoneware Firm of J.W. Remy Lyn Ayers
Confessions of a confused stein collector Chris Wheeler
A Really Funny Saying George Schamberger
A New Book: The Mettlach Regimentals Peter Meinlschmidt
Photos From the Road – 46th Installment Ron Fox
A Tale of Two Steins Jerry Berg
The Origin of North American Football Martin Kiely
The Beer Business and Its Bevy of Beauties Lorraine Merz
A Cigar Maker's Regimental Pipe Bowl Holmes Semken
Talking About Glass Steins James Sauer
Erhard and Sohne Martin Kiely
Silver Drinking Vessels of the Czars Patricia Manusov
December 2017 Author
A New Publication – The Mettlach Regimentals Peter Meinlschmidt
St. Florian – Fires, Faith and Firemen Lorraine Merz
Photos From the Road – 45th Installment Ron Fox
Hail to Heidelberg Michael Schutz, Ph. D.
The Most Beautiful Dairy in the World – Molkerei Pfund in Dresden editor
The Bennett Brothers and American Pottery Ron Gray
The Prodigal Son in Pewter and Bronze Dennis Hunsicker
September 2017 Author
Photos From the Road – 44th Installment Ron Fox
Liebig's Seltzer Bottle by V&B Mettlach Bob Wilson & Roy De Selms
German Military Occupational Gift Pipe Bowls H. Semken & G. Schamberger
A Westerwald Pressed Stein with a Story George Schamberger
Charles Marion Russell Appreciates the Beer Stein Steve Breuning
Thuemler Manfacturing Company Update Ron Gray
My Stein Collecting Passion Jeff Arduini
My “Portland” Stein Hermann Merz
June 2017 Author
Merkelbach & Wick Stoneware American Eagle Flask eBay
My Kind of Town… Chicago Is! Meister Steiners
Hof-bräu Haus, New York City, August Janssen Wirt Lyn Ayers
Mettlach Crystalline Glazes II Robert D. Wilson, Roy De Selms
Vintage and Rare… Really? John Strassberger
A Stein Seller's Dictionary of Terms no credit asked or given
Increasing Interest in Steins Through Chapter Show & Tell Karl J. Schmitt
Book Review – Long Live the Occupational Stein Collector book by Phil Masenheimer
Photos From the Road – 43rd Installment Ron Fox
A Cold War Regimental – Col. J. A. Seitz, 291st Field Artillery Bn. Walter Swett
Mettlach, Hotel Astor, I. Strauss & Sons, the Titanic and Zuni Indians Harvey Goldson
A Brief Look at a Rare Naval Stein Donald Strack
A Hard to Find Occupation on a Pipe Bowl George Schamberger
A Filigree Glass Tankard Martin Kiely
Mettlach Immortalizes Spitzbergen Hotel Robert D. Wilson
A Historical Perspective of Spitsbergen Walt Vogdes
My Frog Frank Francese
March 2017 Author
SCI Convention 2017: Our Kind of Town! Meister Steiners Chapter
The Soap Maker's Nischenkanne Phil Masenheimer &
George Schamberger
Photos From the Road Ron Fox
Beer, Wine and Spirits Jack Strand
Very Unusual Scandinavian Wooden Tankard John Johnson
Holger Dane – Danish King Under the Mountain editor
A Motorcycle Regimental Stein James Lien
A Reservist Stein with a Surprise Ron Hartmann & Peter Meinlschmidt
Russian Fairy Tale Steins – Revisited Steve Breuning
A Weather Frog as a Stein Lid Decoration James B. Sauer
Never Say Never Rich Cress
More Early Steins Ads an ongoing collaborative effort
December 2016 Author
Glass Steins: A Collecting Perspective Walt Vogdes
Glass Techniques Ron Fox
Raspberies, Strawberries, Jewels, Cobalt James Sauer
Copper Wheel Cut Engrved Glass Ron Fox
Colored Overlay Glass Steins James Sauer
Talking about Glass Steins: Flutes James Sauer
A Bohemian Cut, Stained and Engraved Glass Stein Walt Vogdes
An Extraordinary Bohemian Engraved Pokal Walt Vogdes
Photos From The Road – #41 Ron Fox
Glass Regimental Beer Steins Ron Heiligenstein
Unusual German Glass Regimental Beer Steins Siegmund Schaich
A Hungarian Glass Stein Istvan Szemere
An American Cut Glass Stein Lyn Ayers
Tankards, Mugs, Jugs, Steins: Researching Gail Bardhan
Caring For Your Glass Collection N. Astrid R. van Giffen
September 2016 Author
2016 Convention Recap Editor
Golden Age Mettlach Steins Made for the Gilded Age Steve Steigerwald
Super Rare Side Panel on a Bavarian Regimental Peter Meinlschmidt
A Special Order ü¼mler & Breiden Stein Randy Satterfield
Photos From The Road – #40 Ron Fox
For a birthday present, an Antique Bicycle Stein Karl J. Schmitt
New Book on Heinrich Schlitt – appeal for photos Istvan Szemere
Kanonier Maurer's Mementos of His Service Time Ron Hartmann
New Acquisitions for the SCI Library Lyn Ayers
An Unusual Lid Attachment Editor
June 2016 Author
A Simple Verse George Schamberger
The D.R.G.M Stein No. 154927 Steve Smith
Book Review: Particular Steins, Interesting Stories, Istvan Szemere Steve Breuning
Book Review: Job-Jumping Through Life, Tom McClelland Steve Breuning
Just How Many Schierholz Are There? Steve Morris
Colonel Skelton's Adventurous Cold War Career Joe Christensen
The Heidelberg Tun Andy Jurgovan
Reinheitsgebot Rich Cress
The Chancellor's Stein Al Myers
Snuff-Taker, Tyrolean Man, Sausage Man, Charlie Weaver John Johnson
Das Strassburger Münster und Der Cölner Dom Ammelounx, DeSelms, Wilson
Strassbourg Favorite – Choucroute Garnis Editor
Oberammergau, The Passion Play and Anton Lang Martin Kiely
Unusual Swiss Stein Ron Fox
Gebrüder Bauscher of Weiden, Famous German Restaurants Wheeler, DeSelms, Strand, Vogdes
Old Stein Advertisements Ammelounx, DeSelms, Wheeler, Vogdes
August Saeltzer Kreussen-Style Steins John Johnson
An Early Third Reich Stein George Schamberger
March 2016 Author
The Mysterious Earlier SCI Tom McClelland
Photos from the Road Ron Fox
Munich's Auer Dult Mark Rossmann
Friedrich Ludwig Jahn, Turnverein, 4F Erste Gruppe
On Loooking Back Carl Klafs
Martin Pauson – A Special Go-With John Strassberger
Fox Handle Steins Steve Breuning
A Few Thinkgs to Know About Oktoberfest editor
Dümler & Breiden 1024 – The Balkan Wars Randy Satterfield
An Interesting Majolica Stein Ron Hartmann
Kiebitz, Peewits and Eggs editor
The Jever Kiebitz/Peewit Pokal and Bismarck George Schamberger
Das Weygange Museum in Ohringen George Schamberger
Catskill Mountains Jack Strand