Stein Collectors International
Featured Stein ~ March 2019

A 1½-liter Stein by ... JW Remy?

By Joe Haedtke

The firm of J.W. Remy (JWR) produced a variety of steins between 1864 and 1966, but their etched steins (Reetmachte) have arguably become their best known. While many have inferred that JWR was attempting to capitalize on the less expensive and lower quality etched stein market when his firm started production, these etched steins have grown into a unique favorite among collectors.

The stein shown here has a capacity of 1.5L and features the characteristic chocolate brown glaze around the top and bottom rims. The stein, with form No.  1213, was likely produced around 1900.  

The body of the stein shows a man and a woman playing music, while another woman prepares a warm meal in what appears to be a guesthouse (Gasthaus). The lid depicts two owls with the word “Prosit” written in a banner.

The text around the top and bottom rims reads:

Sind wir von der Arbeit Müde, Ist noch Kraft zu einem Liede.
which translated into English reads
“If we are tired from work, there is still strength for a song”.
This phrase can also be seen on another JWR stein, No. 617; however, that stein depicts a different scene.

Although unmarked as to manufacturer, this month's Featured Stein displays all the characteristics of having been made by the firm of J.W. Remy, and collectors routinely attribute these steins to that firm. However, these steins have been surrounded by ambiguity, as they have striking similarity to others produced by Johann Peter Thewalt (JPT). Evidence developed by Master Steinologist Lyn Ayers points to a very close relationship between the two firms, which might explain these similarities. The uncertainty of attribution is further complicated by several irregularities, including the facts that JWR catalogues do not list form numbers above 1009 for etched steins, that the majority of these steins are unmarked, and that none of them bear a JWR mark although a minority bear a JPT mark. Despite this ambiguity, this article is based on the presumption that these unmarked steins were manufactured by JWR.

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