Stein Collectors International
Featured Stein ~ August 2019

~ Same Stein, Different Materials and Makers ~

By Ron Fox

On occasion, you will find two steins with the same shape and design. It becomes interesting when they are made by different manufacturers and in different material. The obvious question is how are they linked and why are they the same? The answer is that an artist created the design and sold the artwork to two different stein makers. Because of the different materials, it would be easy to overlook their likeness.

I have had the glass stein for almost 20 years. I found the copper stein about a year ago and did not realize their similarity until a few months later. They were in different parts of my collection and it wasn't until I was polishing the copper stein that I noticed their likeness. Now they are proudly displayed next to each other on the same shelf.

The first stein is made of green blown glass and has a transparent enamel floral design around the entire body. The mount is made of brass and has a matching green glass inlay with same design.

The second stein is made of mixed metals with the body made of copper having the same design as the glass stein in a silver overlay. The handle and lid also have the same shape as the glass stein

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