Stein Collectors International
Featured Stein ~ September 2020

The Twin Munich Maid Stein

By Joann Ellis
Die Lustigen Steinjaeger von Wisconsin

This is a 1/16L pottery stein, with a pewter lid. The method of decorating is called threaded relief (fadenrelief). It was made in Germany and my guesstimate is somewhere around 1925.

The overall color of the stein is cream with a light grey/lavender coloring at the top. There is a reddish-brown band on the base of the stein. The “Twin Munich Maids” are sitting back to back on a brown chair, or perhaps it is meant to be a steeple. The figure on the left is holding a stein while the one on the right is holding a radish. They each have a blue green keg or barrel on which they are resting the stein and radish. Between their backs are what appears to be twin steins with thumblifts meeting in the middle.

The handle is applied. The hinged pewter lid has flowers around the top point of lid. One appears to be missing its center. Next there is a row of plants with leaves and a bud or flower. The base of the lid has flower blossoms and leaves around it. The pewter thumblift appears to have an acorn between two heart shaped leaves.

The base includes the impressed word GERMANY and a few other marks which are unclear.