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Prosit, SCI’s quarterly publication, contains feature articles on beer stein related subjects, plenty of photographs, news of regional meetings, free advertisements for members in the “Stein Exchange,” and advertisements for stein auctions, sales, and other events of interest to stein collectors. Since our beginning in 1965, more than 5000 pages have been published in Prosit, including most of the historical research about artists and manufacturers of steins which has been conducted during that period.

The current issue is 44 pages including informative and well-illustrated articles provided by our member-authors. Most of these articles address topics that cannot be found anywhere else in print. Members / subscribers can click Members Home to access the digital version (eProsit) of this issue. To view a Cumulative Table of Contents of Prosit, from 1965 to the present, click here!

Membership in SCI and subscriptions to Prosit are offered on a 1-year (4 issues) or 3-year (12 issues) basis. If you subscribe for three years you will benefit from reduced rates. We are pleased to also offer Prosit in all-digital form (known as eProsit) at a further reduced rate. All members enjoy digital access to all issues dating back to 1965; the ability to join a local chapter (there are 23 of them); access to additional resources on our website; access to our research library and archives; and access to our yearly convention. Subscribers who choose an eProsit subscription and forgo a printed copy are able to access and download each issue to any web-connected device that is capable of reading pdf files.

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The Current Issue – What’s Inside
Title Author
Articles December 2020 Author
Saint Nicholas Society Stein Alain Steenbeeke
Mettlach at AMOCA – Part 3a: Myths and Legends Roy De Selms
Mountain Figurals Mike Adkins
Steins with English Phrases Clark Fischer
Buckauer Porcelain and Symbols of Commerce George Schamberger
A Forensic Stein Investigation! Dennis Hunsicker
Repairs: Detraction of a Thing of Beauty? Eric Salzano
Photos From the Road – 55th Installment Ron Fox
A Unique Reservist Plate George Schamberger
The Carl P. Long Stein Fred Irtz, II
Stacked Bullet Regimental Stein Peter Meinlschmidt