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If you have a general question about steins – values, identification, translations, repair, etc. – it should be directed to the broad community of stein collectors by making a post into our forum, SteinTalk. This will give your question wide exposure to other collectors who are usually happy to offer comments, opinions, or suggestions. Don’t forget to check back to read the responses to your post. For questions about value, or offers to sell, SteinTalk offers the means to keep the discussion in the open where varying opinions can be given.

If you want to sell at auction, information about the most prominent auction companies is listed in Sites of Interest. Also on that page you will find links to companies offering steins and related items for sale.

Any SCI officer may be contacted by email on the page which lists our current officers, SCI Officers. Note that ethically, they are not able to respond to questions about the valuation of your steins or offers to sell.

  • Questions concerning the operations, organization or policies of SCI should be directed by email to our Executive Director.
  • Questions about this web site should be directed to the Webmaster.
  • Questions about membership payments, site access (login and password) should be directed to our Database Manager.

SCI’s primary mission is to advance the hobby of stein collecting through research and publication of materials developed by collector/members. Three primary initiatives in that regard are Prosit, our quarterly publication, the series of Featured Steins on this site, and SteinTalk, a forum for asking and answering questions about steins.

  • The Editor of Prosit would be happy to hear from you if you are contemplating submitting an article for Prosit., or if you would simply like to submit comments or criticism.
  • To submit a Featured Stein article, contact the Director of Internet Activities.

And, of course, if you want to join this dynamic collecting community, click here