About SCI


Stein Collectors International is a non-profit, member owned and operated organization dedicated to advancing the state of knowledge and the appreciation of beer steins and other drinking vessels. Founded in 1965, Stein Collectors International (SCI) is dedicated to the study and understanding of the art, culture and manufacture of beer steins, drinking vessels and related items, from antiquity to modern times. Since its inception, SCI has grown and matured into a premier collectors club. SCI is comprised of a worldwide membership of collectors who share a common interest in their hobby. They share enthusiasm and knowledge through membership in over 20 regional chapters. In order to advance the state of knowledge about our favorite hobby, many members conduct research in the original methods of production and decoration, identification of manufacturer’s marks and artists, and the use and meaning of the wide variety of themes and symbols which are used to decorate steins. Their contributions through articles in our quarterly journal, Prosit, and chapter newsletters are a resource for all collectors.

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