How to Place Photos in SteinTalk

How to Place Photos into your Post

We do not offer hosting services for your photos, but a digital photo which is publicly accessible on the internet can be inserted into your post.

There are a number of ways to make your photos accessible on the internet: Flickr, Google Photos, Photobucket, iCloud, Shutterfly, Dropbox, Microsoft One Drive, Google Drive or your own Facebook account. The number of choices continually evolves, and there are far too many possibilities to explore them here. If your need for online photo storage is only occasional, try using your own Facebook account.

IMPORTANT: Your photos must be publicly accessible. Most sites require a sign-in to view photos, but offer a separate option to make them open to the public. Before trying to post a link to your photos, log out, then try the link. If you can’t view the photos while logged out, no one else will be able to view them.

The process of inserting an image into a post involves determining the url (web address) for the image, and then adding that url to the post using the img control button.

  1. Using your browser, navigate to the image and copy its url  (web address, starting with “http://”)
    In Google Chrome – right click on the image, then click “Copy image address”
    In Firefox – right click on the image, then click “Copy Image Location”
    In Explorer – right click on the image, click Properties, then highlight and copy the image url appearing in the pop-up box
  2. Return your browser to the post you are creating.
  3. Whether a new entry or a reply to someone else’s post, click the img control button appearing at the top of the text entry box.
  4. Paste the url of the image in the pop-up box and click OK.
  5. Enter a short description of the image in the second pop-up box, and the url of your image will appear in the text box.
  6. Compose the rest of your post and click “Submit”. The image will appear within your post.

SCI reserves the right to delete images which in our sole opinion are unsuitable for our site. If you do not understand and accept this condition, please do not post any images.